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Location: Wisconsin; actively looking to relocate to a warmer climate.

Remote: No.

Willing to relocate: Yes, please.

Technologies: C++, C, Python, OCaml, Verilog, bus analyzers, JTAG debuggers, o-scopes, and whatever else gets the job done.

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4aVktLek0w0bnRDLVZlTTRCX1U...

Email: wi.is.cold@gmail.com

I'm a software engineering generalist, but my skills run pretty deep in both systems engineering and embedded programming. I'm comfortable working at any level from handful-of-KB bare-metal microcontrollers to Linux kernel drivers to complex multithreaded application design, and I enjoy the variety of working in multiple domains.

My most extensive experience is in block storage peripherals. I've written drivers for a variety of storage protocols and I've designed and built the software architecture for products that move data from storage device A to storage device B at improbably high speeds. But I'm not really looking to get pinned down as a "block storage guy," and would prefer to branch out in a different direction and learn some new technologies along the way. Maybe you have something interesting?

I'm not really looking for yet-another-web-startup opportunities. An attractive position will have challenging problems to solve, a meaningful product to deliver, and a team of smart engineers getting it done. It might involve a physical hardware component, but that's not a requirement. If you are building something on a Node stack, you should be prepared for me to not take you seriously.

Bonus points for use of functional programming languages with strong static type systems.

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