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Location: Bay Area, CA. Prefer BART accessible workplaces.

Remote: Probably not

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Django (backend), C, Mongodb, LaTeX, git, and a tiny bit of Ruby/Rails

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8s9b39mxbxa1ioc/resume.pdf

Email: pwmiller74@yahoo.com

I'm looking for a junior/mid level dev job at a not-too-large but not-too-small company I can make my home. Ideally, you'd have an engineering team of at least 5-10 people and a product that is bringing in money (even if you're not profitable).

I'm open to different languages and frameworks, provided you can give me time to ramp up on unfamiliar technologies.

My previous experience (1.5 years) is with a small hardware company writing software for manufacturing and testing fiber optic switches. I've been off work for a while due to some medical issues, but I'm as sharp as ever and ready to get back on the horse. If you're a web company, I'd prefer to work in a more backend focused area. Outside of web dev, I'm open to pretty much anything.

Send me an email and I'll definitely get back to you. :) I'm very willing to do technical/programming challenges if it looks like we might be a good fit.

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