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That's very possible, but I doubt anyone would make something new using it. As far as I know, it's used only in cases when switching is too difficult.

I'm aware of several prominent companies in the Pittsburgh region that were on centralized mainframes and now use Micro Focus or some other "modern" COBOL for their core systems. These aren't legacy but are actively developed and extended. To look at the screens, etc., you'd likely never guess that the underlying code is COBOL. If it does the job and serves the business well, why switch?

> If it does the job and serves the business well, why switch?

That's of course understandable (for keeping legacy systems), but new systems deployed with using Cobol is not so expected.

We established that your limited experience in the business hasn't exposed you to a lot of what is going on outside of what is reported in HN. Why do you insist in on flaunting that fact?

The reasons for using COBOL in any new project weren't explained, so whatever was "established" is irrelevant to the discussion.

I was at a Very Large insurance company last month where they discussed a suite of new Cobol applications they were deploying and what infrastructure they were going to need to deploy them (very large $$$ worth, btw). They could have done it in Java (and do many things in it), but believed that because of their experience and the critical nature of the apps, Cobol was much less risky. As a tangent, they tried at one point to change their development language to Smalltalk (because at the time it was what the cool kids wanted to use), but we don't mention that in their presence.

Once your experience in development evolves beyond buzzword-bingo web apps and obsession with faddish language features, you find all sorts of real work being done in uncool things like Cobol, Ada, Fortran, VB, etc.

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