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I'm 32 now and come from a branding/marketing background. I have a degree related to mathematics and accounting (accounting can be interesting, but most part of it is boring). I came to Canada from China. So my previous experience is close to useless here.

I'm building my first app now. And it has been delayed as hell (already cost me one year full time on it, my family live on our previous savings) since I'm the only one to work on it. There are just too many things needed to be done. UI design, information architecture, strategy... The most challenging part is writing code for both ends. I have almost zero knowledge of programming. Even most of the tasks/concepts seems easy, however, there are simply too many to learn and practise. It goes worse when they come together. But I still want to ship my app, because I want to use it and I'm fascinating to test the idea. I want to see the result. Even with the worst result, I'll gain enough skills and cases to start a career in programming.

So just hang in there, no one is able to learn programming for you. If you don't fix question A today, it will be still there tomorrow and get in your way. Little by little, I think you'll see some results in 6 months. It's not a short period. But compared with our life span, it is worth it. Like others said, building something is a good way to have a learning/practice path. Good luck to you and all fellows in the same boat.

If you would elaborate what specific challenges you are facing learning, I am sure someone here wouldn't mind giving you advice.

I do use google/StackOverflow a lot. Here are some concepts and code I was struggling with:

1. How server works

2. Http related concepts

3. Auth mechanism and password security, which encoding method to go

4. Database options, neo4j/mongodb/sql

5. Language options, ruby/js/golang

6. Framework options, emberjs/flask/martini/rails

7. Testing

Above are just some challenges I faced. As I mentioned previously, a single part in any field is not difficult to grasp, but to understand X, learners like me probably have to go further to have some idea of prerequisite knowledge. The time and energy on this can not be neglected. It also takes time to have new knowledge fully absorbed (or to a useful level). Before that, things can be chaos in my mind.

Perhaps my way to learn and practise is not very efficient. I did make progress, though. It's just a bit slow. I'm about to finish my client-side coding in a couple of months. Hopefully, I can ship before winter.

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