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As a discussion of any programming language grows longer, the probability of a bashing against such language approaches 1.

Any similarity with Godwin's law is mere coincidence.

There are languages that everybody hates, and then there are the languages nobody uses.

There are languages whose communities everybody hates, but it doesn't seem to be that everybody hates Ruby or Clojure or whatever. Just that everybody hates their trendiness.

I haven't found the Clojure haters yet but I can find a Ruby hater without looking too hard.

Curious about the hate. As far as languages go Ruby is as coherent as it gets.

All the reflection and abuse of mixins are pretty worthy of hate.

That's like saying you hate lisp because of macros or that buffer overrun exploits are reason to hate C. That's just shitty programmers doing shitty programming.

Buffer overruns are a completely valid reason to dislike C.

Clojure is the language I hate the least!

I believe C++ is not hated universally and is still used like everywhere.

To better word the original saying: "There are languages that the minority of geeks that like to quarel about languages hates, and there are languages that nobody uses -- but for both cases, the millions of programmers out there could not care less".

No language is hated universally, even JavaScript got some love[1].

[1] http://javascript.crockford.com

Fair enough... it's not hated universally, but it is hated passionately by some.

This is sadly true, on so, so many levels...

And then there is C#. (implication being that I almost never see anyone hating on C#, and yet C# is really used a lot, obviously. Hey, I was probably gonna have to add this part to the post as an edit, anyway; might as well get it out of the way.)

Just learn and code in c#.. Really tense... Code work in visual studio but compile output diff.string and array kinda weak to me..I love pup because of string manipulation.(string) (int) casting both in php and c# also..still learning c#.

Ok. I can't argue with that. C# is actually pretty nice.

Although I suppose one could rant about it being so deeply tied to Microsoft and the .net architecture.

As any discussion grows longer, the probability of an utterance in the discussion meeting any particular description increases monotonically with a limit of 1.

The similarity between your observation and Godwin's law (and every possible observation of similar form) is not coincidence.

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