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I've been wanting to read this. Sweet: https://gist.github.com/g-P/cbdfd4a4b982ba8fa04b

The github page for the book has a makefile that creates a pdf of the book.

The book was written for both computer and pdf, so you should really build the PDF from the code to get the parts of the text that have been altered for print. If you just PDF the html, you end up with some weird things from the interactive parts.

You can find the build targets here: https://github.com/marijnh/Eloquent-JavaScript/blob/master/M...

Attempted to make a PDF from the makefile. I don't have some of the fonts needed - am I out of luck?

Yes, it's currently trying to build the pdf with the No Starch house style, which contains commercial fonts. Setting up a plain-LaTeX build for the pdf is near the top of my list of things to do (but I'm taking a holiday first).

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