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I share this preference at times. At times I disappear somewhere quite for months to learn, focus, get stuff done. Most people I know doing that have a) no pets, b) only what's truly necessary. Have a look at some examples of packing lists below. It's a great experience on it's own to learn how little you truly need. The couple behind http://8milesfromhome.com/ is traveling with a dog and the couple behind http://almostfearless.com/ and http://thewirelessgeneration.com/ are traveling with kids. So are the Bakers of http://manvsdebt.com/ and many many others. So it seems possible.

[1] http://tynan.com/gear2014 [2] https://levels.io/the-100-thing-challenge/ [3] http://www.tropicalmba.com/digital-nomad-packing-list-2014-l...

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