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as wreegab pointed out earlier

> So in fact there is really a public list and a private list it appears (through the x-adblock-key header), while the public list is presented as all there is to "acceptable ads".


No, there is no private list, it's just the public one. You can check out the key header whitelist here: http://cheme.com/ Visit this site with "Acceptable Ads" enabled and disabled and you will see the difference. Notice the "data-adblockkey" in the source. This was publically announced in their "Acceptable Ads proposal" forum here and later added to the public list: https://adblockplus.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=17699

> Visit this site with "Acceptable Ads" enabled and disabled and you will see the difference

Nowwhere did I say pages with the x-adblock-key were not respecting the "Acceptable ads" setting.

I said that there are more whitelisted sites than just what is presented as the only list in the section titled "How can I see what you are allowing?" on ABP's reference page regarding "acceptable ads" [1].

[1] https://adblockplus.org/en/acceptable-ads#list

That's right, you didn't say that. You said there is a "public" and a "private" list. To me this sounds like the "private" one is somehow hidden from the public and cannot be seen which isn't the case.

I don't necessarily trust the adblock developers. The whitelist can say that a sitekey is only used on certain sites, but how can I know it isn't also being used on others? If sites want to have their ads white-listed, they should be less sneaky about it and just add `ad` to the class, making it possible for the users to prove that only that ad is whitelisted.

There is no list of sites which utilize the header and do not appear on the main allow list.

It's a whitelist for parked domains...

In what world is a page full of nothing but advertisements considered "unintrusive" and deserving of whitelisting?

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