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Cool Old Terminal – Awesome emulator (github.com)
24 points by ionicabizau on July 29, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

The fonts on CGA / EGA / VGA were pretty brutal.


    MDA:  9x14
    CGA:  8x8
    EGA:  8x14
    MCGA: 8x16
    VGA:  9x16
ANSI.SYS had some font manipulation, but not much. There were ways of loading different fonts for the terminal but I can't remember what they were now and they felt like a bit of a kludge back then.


> Arch Linux [Install Instructions]

There's already an AUR package:

    $ yaourt cool-old-term
    1 aur/cool-old-term-git c2fca95-1 (2)
        A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display.
This project looks good though - if just for the novelty factor. Thank you and I'll go install it now :)

If you like actually want an old terminal hit me up :-)

Why it doesn't have Unicode in its fonts? I want to print Central European characters in this...

Or can you recommend some "retro" fonts with unicode?

Makes me think of the 'pip-boy' display in Fallout: New-Vegas video games ... pretty cool!

Arg someone make a Windows version of this ASAP

It might compile for Windows since most of the dependencies it uses does have Windows ports.

What constitutes a "rip off"? It's hardly a rare or unique idea to emulate vintage monitors or terminals. Not to mention this is free and open source, rather than Cathodes paid/closed model.

While I own, use and love Cathode, I'm glad to see this project. Cathode has several annoying bugs and only a few developers to work on them. It is poorly optimized and slays battery. With a community of developers I think this has potential to exceed Cathode, if it hasn't already.

Open source clone, rather.

For Linux, which Cathode does not support.

Why is it that it's considered the norm for similar software projects or open source clones to coexist except when one of those projects runs on Apple hardware; and then everything else is considered a rip off and looked down on?

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