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It's not all about space saving. You can get soup in cuboid packs, but I don't think it keeps as well, plus it's only good for smooth-textured soups that you can pour. If you have any kind of chunky or textured soup (which lots of people like), then opening it means unfolding/cutting the whole top of the container, which has a higher risk of spillage and requires more hand strength (for a kitchen scissors vs. a can opener). You do see it more commonly for things like chicken stock or other 'base' ingredients for cooking at scale.

Space saving matters a lot during shipping, on shelves not so much. The first job I ever had was stacking shelves in a supermarket as a teenager and I was so bored I would pass the time by calculating the volumes that fit on palette, on display and so on :) 25 years later not much has changed - most supermarkets still stack products 2 high and 2 deep or 1 high and 3 deep (depending on how stackable the product is), not least to limit the potential for mess. Smaller volumes usually have higher margins, so what's economically efficient for the supermarket isn't necessarily what's efficient in terms of volume.

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