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If your grandfather is still with us, please can you persuade him to share his story with the world "the man who designed the beer can" has got to be one of my must reads :-)

Edit: of course if he no longer is, my condolences, but please tell us what you can remember.

I'm in the process of recording my grandpa talking about his life. He actually doesn't say much about the bottom of the can. Basically that he went back to his shop and sketched out some ideas based on the technical specs he knew they needed, and just kept building prototypes until it worked. I'm going to try and get him to tell me more about it this weekend. Here's a short recording of him talking about a fix he did for the military: https://soundcloud.com/jscheel/frank-scheel-ammunition-work

Seconded; please share the story, or if your grandfather feels like it, maybe do an AMA on Reddit. That will be one hell of an amazing read! :).

I'll ask him and see if he's up for it.


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