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Great post, but "data genetics"? It would be nice if they didn't misuse the word genetics — this site has nothing to do with genetics.

Thanks, but it's just a name. Just like you are not really a buffalo :)

Joking aside. DataGenetics is the consultancy company I set up when I was doing that line of work. It was all about spotting trends/patterns/explanations in data (sort of like the DNA), and the term described the work I did. A lot of the work I did was related to video games, and what the characteristics (chromosomes) were about games and how they performed. When selecting a business name, you can chose to attempt to describe your business function in the name "GreatPokerHands", "DataGenetics", "CheapTickets" or you can try an obscure reference "Amazon", "King", "Zynga" and then spend additional money educating people on that brand and what it represents. (Amazon sell things online, and has nothing to do with the river. If we listen to Jeff, he says the name was selected because it started with the letter "A", so will appear first on lists).

I continue to blog under DataGenetics as I own the domain, and have followers there. It's a hobby. Not every post is about data, either, it's just a place I put my thoughts. It's my hobby.


While I ultimately understand your point, I don't believe the name explains your business in the least bit, I believe you found a middle road which is neither self-descriptive or abstract in the way the name 'Zynga' is.

The name you chose is not obscure or esoteric, but rather uses two words associated to information and relies on the reader to make the connection that your business has something to do with information. The problem, however, is that 'Genetics' refers to a specific domain of information -- this leads the reader to believe that the 'Data' (an ambiguous term for unordered knowledge) refers to datums regarding 'Genetics' (the specific form of data which biology/inheritance are so concerned).

The first thing that popped into my mind when reading the name was "Must be a biotech/bioinformatics group.".

I don't want to sound critical; i'm not trying to. I've been linked a few articles on that blog and enjoy the content -- just trying to give you some (probably) useless data on how John Q. Public may encounter the site.

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