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Tell that to people of Eastern Europe, where 10 years ago it was a free-for-all build-your-network without any regulation or state intervention.

At one time I had half a dozen ISPs at my door to choose from, from companies with 100 subscribers to corporations with half a million household customers. Thank you, Capitalism, for offering me a gigabit connection for $16.8 per month (btw, my ISP just reduced their price from $18 per month a couple of months ago).

Seriously, how the hell do some people think that local authorities imposing restrictions/roadblocks on building of new last-mile alternatives is "capitalism"?

The local authorities don't really provide roadblocks in many, many cities. Its FUD. I linked to a tiny ISP lower that provides gigabit to like 200 city blocks.

The problem is lack of desire to invest because its expensive and incumbents exist.

http://fiber.usinternet.com/coverage-areas/ <- this company for instance

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