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That is capitalism tho. It doesn't make sense for rational actors to build out more than 1-2 separate sets of fiber in a given area.

We need municipal fiber that gets leased to ISPs :/

Then you have to convince the government that the cost of laying the fibre is worth it.

It's the current battle down under right now.


We have 20 states here that passed laws banning the choice for cities, counties, etc.

And I'm not talking about National Broadband. I'm talking about city-level investment. I don't think we should have a whole Nationwide network built out. We already have that with plenty of competition. Its the FTTH that is the issue and that is something a city can do or ignore, at their option.

Isn't the current battle that municipal fiber is a government overreach into an area that should be managed by the private sector? /s

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