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only it's not capitalism. It's crony capitalism / government enforced oligarchies where there _is_ no market rate...

Microsoft was a government enforced ogliarchy too? :/

Sure. Software patents are an obvious case of State enforced monopolism.

Software patents aren't what created Microsoft or its monopoly. Apple, Linux both survived just fine. They just didn't control a ridiculous percentage of the market.

It's a little disingenuous to claim that Apple and Linux 'survived just fine'. During Microsoft's height, Linux was in its infancy, and Apple would have likely died were it not for Microsoft's $150M investment in Apple mere weeks before it was to file bankruptcy.

Though, I'll agree that software patents weren't what created the MS monopoly (though they are certainly using them now to try and hold on to their current market). There were many factors that led to MS's monopoly, some of which the government (and/or its negligence) was party to.

No it isn't but the phone/cable/cell system very much is.

MS Office is a government imposed monopoly on several places. But even where it's not government imposed, it's imposed by society, a real problem that should be fixed by governments.

My point was natural monopolies do exist w/o government intervention so its kinda BS to claim capitalism doens't create them.

How do you propose governments should fix the "society-imposed monopoly"? Why would society be interested in having governments that grow their role to such tasks?

the government very easily could have imposed an academic rich-text file format that was available for all platforms... and bypassing the whole .doc/.pdf closed fiasco... :/

Maybe 10 to 20 years ago it was, but seriously MS Office doesn't even run on the majority of computers (phones & tablets) today.

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