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Ask HN - Is there a business model in IM bots
4 points by marshallp on Sept 6, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
Does anyone know if there is a business to be had in building bots, like alicebots, on IM networks, apart from contracting with large companies such yahoo, msn , aol bots, or there branding purposes etc. I'm talking about direct to consumer use. Does advertising or do usage fees work.

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I do not know if anybody does it, but b2c should be a really nice market to get in to, I can see bots paid for by the 'case', by savings realized or by sales made.

One possibility would be helpdesk stuff and diagnosis work, for instance in troubleshooting machinery.

Telesales might also be interesting but the 'close' would probably have to come from a human.


I see only see b2b play here. Making bots to enhance customer support live chat (like on digi-key)

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