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I wanted to use Kiln but then they silently stopped supporting the server version and removed it from their webpage. Good that I had not started with it before that happened.

We use FogBugz, hosted in house (can't have our data out in the open for several reasons) and with some custom plugins to integrate with other in house systems like serial number lookup. I recently learnt that they most likely kind of cancelled that codebase too, but did not tell anybody. They just stopped to provide updates and also removed the excellent and powerful ability for plugins with the "performance update" enabled (instead they but popular plugins directly in their code):

http://help.fogcreek.com/fogbugz-release-notes http://help.fogcreek.com/7562/fogbugz-plugins

The only info I can find on the future of FogBugz is here:


A VM is not really a solution for me for several reasons, especially if plugins are gone and our own will not work. I can only speculate, but it really looks that way. (They send newsletters to customers and announced the "performance update", but never talked about how and when this would come to "FogBugz for your Server")

I wish they were able keep the version for your server with plugins and without VM around.

Yeah we're long-time in-house Fogbugz users as well. We wanted to move to a local Kiln but it wasn't available any more so we rolled our own Git setup. I see why running things as a cloud service makes sense for Fog Creek but unfortunately it's not for us.

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