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We are planning new features for those products, but we've already been selling those things for over a year: https://trello.com/business-class https://trello.com/enterprise

We also have no plans to make an in-house solution. While the tide has not 100% turned, in most places at big companies like Amazon and Microsoft, they can already use SaaS solutions (you sign a big contract, but even if your app is on AWS, msft employees can use it). For the companies that cannot, the added complexity to development and support is likely not worth it (for us).

Somewhat off-topic, but on https://trello.com/enterprise, you say that you provide "24 x 7 x 365 incidence response" where I think you mean "24 x 7 x 365 incident response".

Regardless of what word comes next, it should probably be "24 x 7 x 52".

Since a business closing does not typically occur in week-long increments, probably not. "24 x 7 x 364" is generally understood to mean one day off a year (usually Christmas Day in the US), and "24 x 7 x 51" would not be clear at all.

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