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HN Hiring mapped (gaganpreet.github.io)
132 points by rullopat 1068 days ago | hide | past | web | 26 comments | favorite

Interesting, if honest mistake: railsmachine.com is hiring in "Remote, USA". If you look that up, it actually exists as an aptly named wide spot on the road in Oregon.



I've seen Remote, USA used on several occasions on popular job boards that didn't support the option for telecommute or working remotely. It's a great hack that seemed to gain in popularity with the tech sector specifically. Luckily for all of us, it's far more common that remote jobs are explicitly listed as such nowadays and this workaround is diminishing.

Tesla Motors, Stationary Storage Group, Palo Alto - shows up on the 'Intern' filter, but it explicitly says they're not looking for interns at this time.

Seems nobody is hiring interns for RoR or JavaScript backend/full-stack in Europe. Pity :(

Why restrict yourself to one/two stacks/languages?

What do you mean?

I am 20 years old and I can't have XP with 20 stacks/languages, although I am quite open to learning new stuff. Sadly, there are only so much technologies in demand where I am located.

I think what he means is you don't necessarily need to have experience with the particular stack before hand (and they probably don't expect interns to). You can pick it up on the job

True, but I don't want to do enterprise Java or PHP, so there isn't anything else left for me in my region :(

So as a weekend project to learn a certain framework, I thought i'll build a Whoishiring frontend -- to make things easy for someone seeking a job (filtering via location, role, etc, tracking etc).

So some market fit: Would you be interested as a user (is this better than looking at 100s of comments on the monthly posts? Easier than Ctrl-F and looking for terms?)? This will be to whoishiring posts, what ProductHunt is for Show HN.

they already did it :) http://hnhiring.me/

This is too sparse, and not much more usable than the actual hackernews thread. I'm thinking: All metadata go through 2 steps -- machine learning (for best guess) + confirmation/correction via crowdsourcing. * Filtering by location. * Filtering by role * Filtering Remote/in location * Filtering by technology. * Some UI enhancements to pin roles, and save for later. And UI to share with someone. * Devs setup criteria and be notified monthly for matching openings.

So there's definitely space for improvement :)

Very fun to cruise around the world and see what areas are boiling over with opportunities. Perhaps unsurprisingly San Fran, London and NYC were my winners.

I was surprised by the density of opportunities in the Gulf of Guinea.

Someday I want to visit (0,0), lots of interesting things happen at the center of euclidean earth.

The Republic of Null Island, "like no place on Earth":


I really like this library for clustering map pins:


Unfortunately it doesn't seem to handle multiple pins in the same location very well, you can sometimes zoom all the way in and still have a cluster circle - making it impossible to click on individual items.

This is awesome. It doesn't seem to deal well with jobs posted in multiple locations - mine from April only shows up in DC when it was for both DC and Boston.

Great work. I also really like the json files that it produces https://github.com/gaganpreet/hn-hiring-mapped/blob/gh-pages...

Makes it easier to play with data analysis on the hiring threads in R. http://pastebin.com/TpLfSKjP

"None" looks like a cool location at the center of the map with many openings :) Joke aside, you did a great job, this looks nice.

I'm pretty sure there's been at least one company in Loves Park, IL (by Rockford, west of Chicago) that I'm not seeing on there.

Which month is it looking at when it first opens?

How do I add to this map?

My employer is hiring as well, and we're not listed, but we would like to be!

On the 1st of every month there's a "Who's Hiring" thread, eg https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7970366

Just post there.

Interesting that only Toronto and Vancouver are present for Canada.


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