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With products like CityDesk, FogBugz, and Copilot failing or seemingly meandering, it didn't really seem like much would come of it.

If you ever get lost trying to go to their office, tell a cabby to take you to the New York Stock Exchange, which they're adjacent to. They do not pay the rent with Broadway shows.

tell a cabby to take you to the New York Stock Exchange

More like Stack Exchange!

This is actually my favorite opening line to use at talks: "My name is Kasra and I run the mobile team at Stack Exchange. The first response I always get after I tell people that is 'why does the stock exchange need mobile apps?' and I'm here to explain that to you today, except you know, with the right company name."

He really does do that...

hey pvam

Yes, an interesting definition of failing (I'd be happy to fail like that). Incidentally, you may be pleased to know that I continue to use the FogBugz homepage / website as my go-to example of great 'websites that sell stuff'.

Thanks! I am indeed quite pleased when the Creekers get recognition for all the great work they do.

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