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You're being downvoted because you're not adding anything to the conversation.

If you have _specific_ things you dislike about Trello, or advice for people to make it look more how you'd like, then _that_ would be something that people would be interested in (and vote up).

Yep, you're right, bad morning, I know better. At least my other account is now dead - just takes one thread!

What? Trello's UI is like the only web UI that doesn't totally suck!

Care to show us how you style Trello?


I consider myself pretty adept at UX and have no real issues with Trello and it's been quick to learn and use for our technical and non technical staff alike. It may have slight issues but nothing in the scale your comment suggests.

Perhaps you could elaborate on some of your issues with the UX/UI, instead of trolling everyone who disagrees with you.

Ad hominem over something entirely pointless. You must be a joy to work with.

Sorry, bad morning, but you do realize that you just did exactly what you scolded me for doing, right?

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