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My team tried it several times over the first 1 - 2 years it was out. I have not tried it recently. That said, at that time, we could never get it to stick. It was good for high level stuff, but like all project management software, we ended up constantly working to keep it in sync with reality. This was especially acute when using github because for any stuff that was code-related, we were basically duplicating tickets and tracking in both places. So github tickets were the real source of truth and Trello always lagged. Once that happens, the non-code milestones start to suffer as you start wondering why you're doing all this in the first place.

Tracking issues in github (and we use FogBugz as well) has the benefit of being where the "rubber meets the road", so it's effortless and transparent to keep up to date. Merging non-code tasks (e.g. design work) with code is still something we struggle to track and keep tabs on.

Sems like a potential opportunity for either Trello, or a third party?, to provide an easy way of combining github issues/commits with Trello lists.

I definitely gave this some thought, I think it's not so straightforward though. There is a bit of an impedance mismatch between the things that a bug tracking system emphasizes and captures and the things a project management system captures. Simply porting bugs over isn't a clean solution and can lead to confusion among non-developers when the bugs are highly technical. Github makes it especially hard because there is no support for dependencies so you can't roll up a bunch of individual technical tasks under one umbrella without lots of extra effort.

To be clear: while I can describe the problem, I honestly don't have any ideas what the most elegant or clean solution is. I have never found a satisfactory solution. I end up keeping lots of stuff in my head and writing summary emails.

You could hook GitHub up to Trello pretty deeply with Zapier (https://zapier.com/zapbook/github/trello/).

We implemented Trello + Github sync with Waffle.io and it was as close to perfect we could get without spending a bunch of time writing our own code to do it. It still wasn't perfect however and I spent a lot of time making sure things were in-sync, which on a normal schedule wasn't a huge deal, but when fires popped up would become a very small priority.

I'm surprised no one has built a better way to do this. We tried syncing with Zapier first (a company I absolutely love), but if I recall correctly it was a one-way sync, and we needed it to go both ways.

Is there anything like this but for plain old internal Git, and/or for a privately hosted GitLab instance?

I had this exact issue - my entire workflow revolves around GitHub (and by extension, GitHub Issues). Eventually found waffle.io and have been using it ever since, as it's quite Trello-like.

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