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How does one even make use of >1Gbps internet in a residential setting? Do they sell 10 GigE routers for consumers? Are there any desktops or laptop out there with 10 GigE? I think the answer is no.

The fact that you can get a 1 Gbps link to the internet is amazing. This is pretty much the fastest LAN connection you can get. The difference between LAN and WAN will be gone before too long (other than latency).

>Do they sell 10 GigE routers for consumers?

Not yet. But the cost of 10Gbe is dropping quite rapidly.

Routing even 1Gbps with NAT, etc. is actually a little difficult. But you can drop a 10GigE card into your desktop and get 10Gbps for at least one machine that way.

(They seem to cost in the $500 range these days. I'd pay $500 for a 10Gbps link to the Internet. What would I do? I have no idea.)

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