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Magic Tools – A list of game development resources (github.com)
60 points by ellisonleao on July 21, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

Some more engines:

- LÖVE: http://love2d.org (Lua)

- Polycode: http://polycode.org (Lua / C++)

- SpriteKit (Obj-C / Swift)

(almost engines)

- Cinder: http://libcinder.org (C++)

- Processing: http://www.processing.org and http://www.processingjs.org (Java/JS)

- NodeBox: http://www.nodebox.net (Python)

- PyGame: http://pygame.org (Python)

Hey trueduke, can you open a pull request with that entries? Would be great!

Very nice collection!

I was recently starting to do a similar collection: https://github.com/albertz/Coding-Game-Intro

Although mine is more headed to become some game coding tutorials, probably C++ with SDL, Lua, or so. But that hasn't even started yet.

Very nice albert! There is some links on this list that isn't on the magictools one. Would you mind to contribute with us?

Also: http://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/1rs1s1/what_are_som...

Which I find to be more streamlined and focused on game development.

Heh _pmf_ , not everybody uses reddit.

I assume that's why he said "Also" rather than "Instead".

A couple more:

Particle Designer - http://particledesigner.71squared.com/

Bitmap Font Generator - http://www.bmglyph.com/

Great list! If you're interested in rapid-prototyping a platform game, check out a game that I'm working on called Beta.

There's a free trial download at www.betathegame.com

Could use a mention of jpct http://www.jpct.net/

hey lawlessone, you can fork and contribute :)

Are these all free or open source? Including the license for each tool would be useful.

Some of they are free and some not. I will think a way of adding their licenses.

licensing is a must, especially for the game engines themselves

It should have continue with the tradition and call it Awesome Games

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