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> Do remember the function of a corporation. It's to make money for its stakeholders. If it's a publically traded entity, its job is to increase shareholder returns at all costs. This goes to the point above. It's not personal, it's business. Humanity is, sadly, often just collateral damage.

Important reading on this:



Overall this engine has brought great prosperity. A company makes a lot of money when an external group of people find its services valuable so they keep giving this company money. A "job" is a way for you to be productive for other humans. This is primary, everything else secondary. Take joy in this fact of being useful. Being paid is a sufficient condition - for everything else there is family, friends, hobbies, pubs etc. An unprofitable company may have "happy employees" ignoring this fact but ultimately, society at large decided to allocate demand to other companies whose services and products society found more valuable. So, I don't know why an unproductive division consisting of people feel entitled to resources from everybody else? The end result of this is lay-offs. A company that doesn't trim down when demand goes down is jeopardizing everybody else's job. You end up like France & Italy, with bloated unproductive companies, or even worse, Greece, eventually bankrupting the whole country. This is far more pathological. On the other hand, breaking the law is breaking the law. Some companies - more accurately, people in them break the law, and should be held responsible.

I understand that layoffs are traumatic and put people in hardship. The correct way to solve this problem is a social safety net, free and universal healthcare & education, and access to new opportunities via specialized training. The wrong way to solve it is force companies to retain people.

In other words, we can all help unemployed people by paying more taxes to transfer resources to them to get them back on their feet. But people of course don't like that idea.

I vote for fluid labor markets for an efficient economy + strong social safety net.

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