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It took me a while, but I believe this might be one of the few times that a stacked line chart would better serve the purpose. Total throughput is the addition of the 5 "per-connection throughputs." Thus, during the peak, we see ~2 Gb/s for all 5 servers, totaling ~10 Gbps. In the top graph, we see 1-3 Gbps for the 5 servers, totally ~10 Gbps. It would be more clear if a "total throughput" line were added or the author used a stacked line chart, since we're looking at both total throughput and fairness.

Right, but I mean the start and end of those graphs. That shows 6+ Gbit for one flow without Fastpass, and around 4 Gbit with it.

Yeah, that's fairly poor. It should be 10 Gbps for the first 30 seconds.

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