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ASK YC: Startups hiring in Vancouver, Canada
8 points by papasmurf on Nov 15, 2007 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
Asking all Canadian YC readers - How is the job market for someone looking to join a startup in B.C, Canada and how does one go about looking for these jobs?

Muchos Gracias.

I think the best idea is to go to all the meetups that happen in Vancouver and talk to the people.

Do you happen to know of any that have a good reputation?

We're VC funded startup with a strong team looking to add a capable developer. RoR, C++, and math skills a plus. Contact jobs { AT } somethingsimpler { DOT } com.

Are you looking to join a startup (as an employee) or are you looking to do a startup (partner)?

lanej01 - good Q. I am looking to join a VC funded to somewhat established startup.

Too bad. I'm in the Southern Gulf Islands in the really early stages (planning and prototype development) and I'm looking for a partner (or two).

lets talk by email > [k s j h a l l a] gmail ... :)

Message sent. Hopefully Google doesn't spam filter other @gmail accounts :)

I'd be very interested in this information as well if you happen to come upon it.


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