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Ask HN: Mac app to automatically upload a screenshot?
1 point by dewey on July 15, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
Hello HN,

I'm only asking this after searching for this for a few months now without finding a suitable software for this simple task, I even considered writing something myself but haven't had the time for that yet and I'd have to script something. I'm not familiar with Objective-C.

What i'm looking for is a simple app which will upload screenshots created with the default Mac OS shortcuts (ctrl + shift + {3,4}) to my own server and copying the link to my clipboard if the upload was successful. That's it.

Apps that I tested but don't fit my needs: - http://www.getcloudapp.com/ > not self hosted

- http://www.capturedapp.com/ > no public key auth, short URLs

- https://web.archive.org/web/20101210225932/http://mikeable.com/apps/ > The one I'm using for a few years now, no public key auth, abandoned, no sftp.

The most promising one:

- http://fileshuttle.io/ > Missing public key auth, short URLs, slow developement. Best case scenario: Fork adding these features

I'm searching for a tool with the following requirements:

- simple and lightweight

- retina ready

- using the default Mac OS screenshot shortcuts

- Moving screenshots from the default location (Desktop) to a specified directory or deleting them after a successful upload

- sftp / scp upload using public keys in ~/.ssh

- uploading to my own server, no third party service

- (optional) menu bar icon with a history of the last 5 screenshot links for easy access

- editing features are not needed

- Direct link in clipboard (https://example.com/2014-2348-2342-2342.png)

- A long/not easy to guess and unique filename.

Thanks for any recommendations, I'm happy to pay for an app if it fits my needs.

Just do it with Automator.

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