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This is actually what I've always wanted in a browser. An intuitive way to do Back/Forward that handles multiple branches. :( I'm really surprised someone hasn't done something good with this in a major browser.

I haven't tried it, but a quick search turned up this Firefox extension, History Tree: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/13316

I came here to say that. When I go back in my browser, I want it to show me the site I was looking at scrolled to where I was scrolled in the tab I was looking at.

Why leave your browser at all, in that case? I just have about half a dozen desktops, and instead of closing an application I move to a different desktop. With suspend-to-ram and/or hibernate, I never have to worry about restoring application state.

Vim supports undo trees. In addition to the :earlier and :later commands mentioned elsewhere in the comments, there is the :undolist command which lists the tree, and :undo n which jumps to a numbered point in the undo tree. If only it were easy to take the vim undo implementation and bolt it onto any program...

I always thought http://www.irider.com/demo/index.htm did this well. Costs money though.

There is a firefox addon that colors tabs according to which tabs you opened them from, which is not exactly what you want, but still useful nonetheless.

Well, tree-style tabs allows them to be nested that way. It's my favorite extension.

The web browser uses a stack which is why you can't have multiple branches. You can blame that on Tim Berners-Lee or Marc Andersson, I'm not sure which twit set that precedent.

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