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Pay pay pay pay pay pay pay.

I have all of that and pay nothing. It builds up otherwise very rapidly.

For example the company I work for currently churns out a mere $16k a year for JIRA now that the pay pay pay has caught up...

You have to pick your poison: build up subscription costs, or build up support costs to maintain your own deployments. Depending on your budget, the number of users, the need, the support contract with the vendor, and your priorities, the costs can go either way. That's the premise that both ___ as a service and ___ proprietary software selling support contracts are built upon.

Or avoid the tool treadmill to start with...

That is my philosophy.

Managing licenses sometimes has a large overhead as well.

How many users do you have on that JIRA instance? Guessing it's ~500, which equates to around $32 per user/y, which is actually fairly cheap considering the value add the developers would get out of it.

105. We had to pay for the 500 tier for that.

Fuck all extra value. 395 seats for nothing. Not only that, it's a pile of crap. It's slow, unreliable and requires so much configuration to bend it into an acceptable shape that it has cost probably 20 days' work on top of that and requires someone to spend 2-3 days a month on it. It has also gone down twice due to workflow failures and indexing bugs which have taken a day to resolve bouncing back and forth to support (they are actually quite good). We also integrate with Crucible which barely works on a good day and we've resorted to restarting it twice a day to stop it leaking memory and hanging. Plus it takes 9 whole days to index our repository after an upgrade!!!

And we can't go hosted because X isn't available and Y isn't available. Also hosted LOST a load of people's data a year or so ago.

Believe it or not, including the pricing strategy and administrative overhead we could have wrote our own tailored software for less after 3 years.

Bad product selection on our part, but despite the marketing and general buzz around Atlassian being the opposite, it stinks as a platform. Nothing but pain.

Would you be interested in a custom built product based on your needs?

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