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Quoc Le’s Lectures on Deep Learning (pitt.edu)
149 points by oversc0re on July 12, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

mmh. watching the first and parts of the second video. Isn't he a bit slow i.e. to detailed ? Does anybody know the background of the audience in the room ?

If you are talking about the part on unit test, yes that was a bit extended. I guess he was just trying to cover up his silly mistake (nothing wrong, only human!). Also I think the audience mostly consisted of student researchers who are probably not used to the idea of writing unit tests.

brilliant! thanks for this.

This is great. Thank you.

Wow Quoc works at Google. Google keeps attracting all of these amazingly talented people. Also wonder if regular software engineers get to work with such people at Google.

Quoc no longer works at Google.

No, he still works there. It is Andrew Ng who quit Google and joined Baidu.

According to the video he is going to switch soon.

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