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Show HN: Music Player for Dropbox, Mega, and Google Drive (itunes.apple.com)
38 points by maz29 on July 11, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

Hey all,

Creator here. The entire app is free this weekend. This includes in-app purchase to remove limits.

Would love if it allowed stream playing, no downloads. That is a feature that should be built in on the Google Drive app, but isn't.

Hey the app is able to either stream or download songs.

Hi Maciej, Does this allow offline playing mode?

Also, can you make it work for previous versions of iOS? like 6.0 so Ipod 4 gen will work.

Yes, it does offer offline mode. I didn't have any plans to make it backwards compatible since 87% of all devices are running iOS 7+. If there turns out to be a large demand, I will definitely look into it.

I really like this idea and was willing to try it out but with this iOS7+ limitation I guess it's dead end for me. I think there are still many millions of pre iOS7 users out there that won't be able to try this app out. How hard is it to make it compatible with other iOS? The XCode compiler doesn't do this for you?

A lot of the features and frameworks used are for iOS7+. Hence it would be a major rewrite.

Very nice app. Lovely interface and easy to use. I think this will replace the app I've previously used. I would request a feature to browse music by folder structure as is in dropbox. I use dropbox/drive to store song collections, but not strictly albums.

Also I was looking for a nice app to browse dlna/mpd library on my network and something that works like this would be perfect. Although I acknowledge that would bring your project off in a totally different direction!

Good work and thanks for the special free offer!

What is a typical situation for someone storing music in Dropbox/Mega/Google Drive? What is used to play the music on the Desktop.

Looking forward to trying this out though. I currently use iTunes Match but really enjoy Dropbox for photos. If this is as robust as it looks, and I could find a filesystem based music player that works as nicely as iTunes, then it'd be under consideration for longterm use

There are a lot of different use cases. For me personally i upload audio files that arent available on streaming services suchs as Spotify or rdio. Then i am able to stream/download them in the app. To play the songs on my laptop/desktop i just set the Dropbox/Drive folder as a music folder with Spotify.


App looks really cool. I'm loading some music up in Dropbox to try it.

But first, I see music coming up that I don't believe I have anywhere -- John Lennon, Bob Marley, etc. It's not in my iTunes library or Dropbox. What's going on?

Hey first thanks so much for downloading the app. I really appreciate it! If the app is importing music that you didn't know you had then those songs must be in a hidden/obscure folder. Either that or some songs aren't tagged incorrectly. The app tries to read id3 tags for every song. If they are set incorrectly, then that could be your issue.

Any plans of adding S3 support. Would be great for uploading a larger library. This paired with something like ArqBackup could auto upload your library to S3.

Great app! I sent you a feature request in-app about adding another cloud service, hope you got it and consider it! Thanks!

works great.

Thanks so much for downloading! There is a feedback feature where you can make requests suggestions.

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