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I think the best way to learn about monads is to write a monad tutorial. If nothing else it is a rite-of-passage.

Please don't do this. We have enough problems communicating this concept as it is.

Please do write one. Please don't publish one. Writing is a great way to think.

Without yet really understanding monads, I've come to realize that their only real problem is the name -- being named after some rather obscure (for most!) category theory concept -- that itself seems just about as simple and trivial as monads are. I find they are a little like the y-combinator in that regard.

I'm not sure if what we need is category theory in elementary school, or a different framework for discussing monads as it relates to programming -- but I'm almost convinced the confusion has to do with the language used to describe them.

Programming is a very practical art that sits on top of the much more abstract art of mathematics. It's useful to know orders of magnitude, graph theory, statistics, logic... but the art by which these concepts are animated and put to use is rather prosaic. And the discipline of computing has forged a set of concepts that are "appropriately abstract" (much, I think due to Knuth) -- but monads seem to lie just outside the grasp of many programmers. And I don't think it is because they are a particularly intrinsically hard concept.

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