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Xively (formerly Cosm) is a similar service: https://xively.com/dev/

Unfortunately, Xively is neither free, nor open source.

Xively was one of the services we used as inspiration for Phant / data.sparkfun.com. Before they were Xively they were Pachube and things were easier to work with and free. Then Xively gobbled up Pachube and things got all business-y. Thus Xively has been an example of how we didn't want to build it.

Glad to hear it! I've been looking for a viable Pachube alternative since Pachube got gobbled up.

Try ThingSpeak on GitHub... Lots of active development and growing community.

It makes me very happy to hear this. I've always been sad that the initial promise of Pachube being an open place to store and exchange data was subsumed by corporate overlords.

This is as close to the mindset of the original Pachube as I've seen in a long while.

Nice work!

Very nice and thanks! Writing a replacement for Xively/Cosm/Pachube was on my TODO list, but now I don't have to. I'll take this for a spin later, and hope to contribute if there is anything I have to offer.

Nitrogen is a good alternative in this space that is free and open source: http://nitrogen.io

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