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I recently (Feb 2014) had the opportunity to evaluate different iBeacon hardware for a project.


* "ok" price

* horrible customer communication

* in reality to want to sell you their services and not the iBeacons.

* not configurable (proximity id, major, minor)

* really long shipping time to europe (4 weeks)


* "ok" price

* nice form factor (small)

* not really iBeacon compatible. They say you can flash their beacons to make them compatible, but i haven't found out how since their support is not responding.

* not configurable (proximity id, major, minor)


* good price

* great support

* major, minor configurable. proximity id not

* form factor kinda bulky

* they seem to be able to deliver huge amount of beacons


* great price

* great support

* nice form factor (same as stickNFind)

* fully configurable (proximity id, major, minor)

* the company is relatively young

Can't say anything about the battery life yet, but the batteries were replaceable in each case.

Here's another one that combines Arduino http://blog.onlycoin.com/posts/2013/10/3/coin-arduino-ble-de...

Read our blog post on iBeacon battery life http://www.marconilabs.com/ibeacon-battery-life-does-size-ma...

Best, Pieter

Awesome summary! Thanks!

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