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Good read. The most interesting fact to me was that it takes 3 days to 100% confirm a transaction.

I thought bitcoin was slow, but this really gives me hope.

>I thought bitcoin was slow

I don't know what standard people are using to reach this opinion.

Credit card:

• Transaction goes through to pending state within 5-30 seconds. Chargeback is easy in this state.

• Transaction is fully confirmed in 60 days.


• Transaction goes through to pending state within 1-2 seconds. Chargeback may be possible in this state.

• Transaction is fully confirmed in a few minutes.

Technically it takes 60 days. Not sure from what basis. I would assume that 60 days countdown only starts on the 2nd or 3rd day, so that would make it 63 days.

There are many ACH transaction types (called: SEC cods).

The post I wrote generally applies to PPD SEC codes, which are generally used when debiting a consumer bank account.

The 60-day rule applies to PPD SEC codes.

There's another ACH SEC code called CCD, which can be used when debiting a corporate bank account. For CCD codes, an 'unauthorized' return must be received within 48 hours, instead of the 60-days.

Here's a full list of ACH SEC codes:


   "... no later than the opening of business on the banking
   day following the sixtieth calendar day following the   
   settlement date of the original entry"
From my notes, quoted from the NACHA spec a few years back.

So, settlement date is the next day (mostly). + 60 days, then the next morning that banks are open. So, if 60 days is Thursday, Christmas Eve, then the next Monday morning is the cutoff.

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