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Yes, children on both sides were killed in the last several days, and yes, the residents of Gaza are certainly worse off -- as they have been for the past many decades -- than most Israelis (mostly through no fault of Israel's). I really wish this conflict would end as soon as possible, and I'm actively trying, in my very modest civilian capacity, to advance a peaceful resolution. But let me assure you that no genocide is taking place.

I share the same hopes for peaceful resolution pron, and I personally, truly, appreciate your endeavors. If there's any way we can combine efforts to reach the same goals in balancing the odds, I'm more than willing to invest my time (among other resources) in that. I'm afraid, though, that deep geo-political agendas govern this conflict and any if not all civilian initiatives are dwarfed compared to these forces at play. I have witnessed, first-hand Israel's destruction, from the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the 80's, Qana genocide in the 90's to the attacks on Lebanon in 2006 and I'm more than familiar with this entity's capacity of destruction; making it hard to believe that these are non civilian targeting attacks with the purpose of self-defense.

> reach the same goals in balancing the odds

Did you seriously just write that? As in you are trying to have more Israelis killed so there will be balance?

Tell me I misunderstood you.

Whatever those geopolitical forces are, unfortunately for the Arabs in the Middle East, Israel is the very least of their problems. There are far more destructive (and far, far more lethal) forces in the region, and the Arab-Israeli conflict is the least violent one in the Middle East by an order of magnitude.

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