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I think if the focus is mobile you can try setting up a very lightweight page with the latest events (with a cache in front, something that is updated every 1min or maybe 5min should be enough)

They need real time. 5 minutes is not "real time". Twitter is real time.

They need to meet their audience where their audience can meet them. Just about every phone nowadays can access Twitter in an immediate and obvious way. Twitter will meet their audience where their audience needs to be met.

Actually the definition of real time is: it meets the time constraint of your problem. It doesn't matter if this time constraint is 1ms, 1s or 1h. Of course it's harder to meet a 1ms time constraint so most problems fall into that category.

Hence, if their time constraint is 5min, fine by them, otherwise the question stands: what is their constraint.

And Twitter is not real time (this is obvious if you ever used it - it is more visible in the mobile version), there's no guarantee that if a tweet was sent by an account A in time T and the timeline of someone who follows A is opened some seconds later that tweet will show up.

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