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At least in iOS 8 the developer can add actions to send the user to the correct part of the settings app.

And let's hope the review process is very tight about this. If I deny you some permission, you shouldn't be able to pester me every time I run the app to turn it back on. Some apps (cough Facebook cough) are already REALLY bad about this.

It probably depends on the app what makes sense. If the app is useless without the permission then not giving the user a way to get working is a bug. So if a camera app asks to use the camera each time that is proper behaviour but if it asks for access to contacts every time it is started it should probably be rejected.

It might be that the fuzzy edges of Apples approval system can be beneficial if some good judgement is used.

I denied location access and Facebook never asks me anything more than once.

The Facebook “Messenger” app pops up a full-screen modal pestering you to enable notifications EVERY TIME you start it, if you choose to keep them disabled. I prefer to batch electronic communications and check them a few times a day at most, and find the constant nagging to change my communications style pretty infuriating. I ended up deleting the app.

ok, but given that Messenger is about, err.... real time messaging it is probably very important to have push notifications enabled.

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