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Looks like they just copied another feature as usual from some competitive OS and made it sound like something new.

I swear there is no weaker criticism on tech forums than people complaining about how technology X is lame because it has some nifty feature that competing technology Y has been doing for a long time, which is always followed by a complaint that whoever made technology X is guilty giving the false impression that they are 100% responsible for inventing whatever that feature was, by virtue of the fact that they don't include a long list of thank yous to said competitors in their marketing materials.

In previous decades, this argument was every bit as silly when someone used it to claim that Windows sucked because the Mac came first, or that the Mac sucked because the Xerox Alto came first, or that the Xerox Alto sucked because the Analytical Engine came first, or that the Analytical Engine sucked because the abacus came first, or that the abacus sucked because fingers came first, or that fingers sucked because...well, I don't know. Maybe there were a bunch of flagella graybeards on the forums who would get super pissed anytime someone made a positive comment about fingers without acknowledging the evolutionary contributions of their species.

can you name that OS?

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