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It's not the size of the U.S banking system at all. It's the role of the dollar as the world's reserve and trade currency that gives U.S authorities a special gatekeeper role as most of these transactions have to technically touch New York.

Linking national security to this role and levying completely disproportionate fines as in the BNP case is clearly an abuse of the special powers the U.S has.

The role of the dollar is a function of the size of the US banking system.

And the BNP fine is kinda light for funding genocide, if you ask me.

There are double standards at work here. If BNP is guilty of funding genocide, then what happens when Somalians stop being able to afford food because the last banks stop routing money there? This is already about to happen in the UK where the last bank is trying to lose their Somalian remittance business and being blocked by a lawsuit filed by immigrants.

Not to mention that the government handing out these fines is responsible for far more devastation than any bank.

The role of the dollar is not simply a function of the size of the U.S banking system. It has many historical and structural reasons. But be that as it may, my point is that the U.S has that special role and shouldn't abuse it for political purposes.

And about genocide: I think we both know that the set of countries against which the U.S has imposed sanctions is not equivalent to the set of countries that have committed genocide. It's a list of political enemies of the U.S.

Not all countries on the list have comitted genocide and there are quite a few U.S allies and trading partners that have committed genocide or other brutal human rights violations. They are not on the list because it's politically convenient or very lucrative.

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