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This doesn't feel any harder to me than 2048. The same basic strategies seem to work about as well on both.

I find the same basic strategies don't hold up as well. It seems much easier for me to foul up because I need 3 in a row, rather than just 2.

Yeah, this variant forces you to clean up the (mental) heuristic you use you decide how best to combine blocks. With 2048 you could generally muddle your way through provided you ensured high blocks were in some corner. Here, because of the 3 combination, quite often I'll have a pair of high numbers blocking an entire row from shifting -- an issue you'd never have in the original.

Totally incorrect! The same strategy hardly working, i.e. the strategy of keeping the highest tiles on one corner of the board.

I think here it is more important to manage better the free space

This is strategy! http://243game.com/243won.png

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