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NeoVim Newsletter Issue #2 (neovim.org)
136 points by xt on July 5, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

I am impressed by how fast Neovim is coming along. I wonder how much faster it would progress if there were more donations? Perhaps those that use it everyday in their jobs or for personal use could donate the cost of the text editor that (Neo)Vim replaced, e.g. Sublime Text?

The fact that the money seems to be being spread around seems to be working well for the project.

The newsletters and general strategy seem great. I was concerned at first that this was a cranky contributor that decided to take his toys and go somewhere else for some superficial feature. After reading the first few updates it's clear that they're initially concerned with the basic foundation of the app (e.g. refactoring, modernization, and testing), which is wildly at odds for a superficial vanity project. I came away thinking that they really love the editor and have its best interests at heart for a modern implementation. Good luck to them!

Check NeoVim meetup in San Francisco http://www.meetup.com/vim-ed/events/185434372/

Why hold a competition for colourscheme when it obviously should be Jellybeans?

  > Why hold a competition for colourscheme [...]?
Because it will distract the attention of bikeshedders away from anything actually important.

s/Jellybeans/Solarized Dark/

You spelled Zenburn incorrectly.

You mean Tomorrow right?

Ah, I see what you did there. You typed Jellybeans instead of base16. It's an odd typo, I'll admit, but I've seen worse :).

You may have spelled xoria256 wrong there.

JellyX: A delicious collision of Jellybeans and Xoria256


You mean inkpot.vim.

Glad to see this moving along.

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