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This isn't for your entertainment. Please set aside your emotions and contribute to stopping this. Are you registered to vote?

Who could you vote for in the US to stop this?

Well George Miller is my current congressional representative, and he scores an A on the EFF's scorecard, so I vote for him. Also, in a lot of the primaries that I've seen, there's at least one candidate who is anti-mass surveillance.


Way to miss the joke, champ. Never mind, though.

As it happens, I am not a US citizen. I have no recourse to the ballot box or indeed any other entity to affect the NSA's actions. I, and the other 6.5 billion of us, have very little option but to sit back and watch this story.

Have you effectively encrypted all the things yet?

Or are you in the 'I am not interesting' camp? Because, you might be interesting one of these days. Are you going to snare us all in your net?

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