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You can get some of the best fonts from Google Web Fonts here http://brick.im/ with ligatures etc.

This is gorgeous and seems to work very well. Thank you!

I use some Google Web Fonts and I was interested, but when I went here:


And I clicked on a few fonts, I kept getting 404s. Any idea?

It's because GitHub Pages (where the Brick site itself is hosted right now) runs an outdated version of Jekyll that doesn't support Collections yet.

You can track the issue here: https://github.com/alfredxing/brick/issues/62

It looks like it's supposed to link to the downloadable original source, but it's missing. To use the font just click the little + button and then the 'Bucket' button in the menu.

They're supposed to link to a font-specific specimen page where you can see exactly how the font renders and take advantage of some content-editable headings and paragraphs.

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