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I think you need more whitespace on your website. Even the very top banner looks cluttered, with the logo super close to the name, and both right above the buttons, and all of it right above the image. No space to breathe, especially when you mouse-over the buttons.

Farther down, I'd work on the "You need PaperBox if..." section - the way the right bullets are aligned under the "p" (on my screen) makes it look like the title is not centered. I might add more vertical space before the bullets, and potentially also move the bullets all closer to the center / allow them to be more than one line.

The last section, with the colored fonts and images, looks better than the earlier parts. I'd play with adding a little more vertical space before each header and image.

Hope some of this advice is useful to you. I know you asked for advice on the fonts, but I thought since you're looking for advice I might as well offer some.

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