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I think an even better example would be Nadal v Djokovic on the 2012 Australian Open final. According to Nadal the best game he ever played and consolidated Djokovic as one of the greats. And you could see how one lifted the other up to do better and be better. Such an amazing game.


That game was such a amazing thing to watch, I would be hesitant to assign a winner or loser to that game, I would say both won the game.

I remember at the presentation ceremony the players were finding it difficult to stand due exhaustion and Nadal started his speech[Post match] with a 'Good morning' since it lasted so late into the night.

What about Nick Kyrgios defeat of Nadal today at Wimbledon?

Quote from Kyrgios before the game:

"Between us, we have 14 Grand Slams, so it should be a great game".

The guy's got a great future.

Well, one man can only dominate for so long.

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