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San Francisco and Toronto, Fulltime

We're PagerDuty, changing the way people interact with machines that have gone wrong. Everyone you know uses us, and now we're expanding into the rest of the world. There are over a dozen positions we're looking for right now.

If you read HN, you might want to be:

* Our data warehouse engineer ( http://pduty.me/1iRhj3a ) or work on our Business Systems ( http://pduty.me/V7Vstc ) If you want a front row seat to how a successful startup grows.

* Our team in Toronto is possibly the best Scala shop in Canada: http://pduty.me/1lOHgQf

* We're hiring web developers ( http://pduty.me/1sUtuAm )

* And we recently opened an evangelist role ( http://pduty.me/1rcO8Kh ) which is all kinds of exciting.

We pay well, you get to work with good people, on problems that matter. And if you live in SF, we're very easy to get to (much of the office bikes to work). I'm dave@pagerduty.com if you have any questions.

For all other jobs, visit: http://pduty.me/jobshnjune

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