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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (July 2014)
304 points by whoishiring on July 1, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 493 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords INTERN, REMOTE, or VISA if the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. Feel free to post any job that may interest HN readers from executive assistant to machine learning expert to CTO.

Please do not post recruiting firms or job boards.

Weft - http://weft.io - Cambridge/Boston, MA (office is in central sq.)

   ====== What we do =========
Strategic Maritime Risk Planning (waze for ships, https://www.waze.com/)! We’re working in the largest, least sexy, most invisible industry in the world — 90% of everything has been on a ship at one point in time.

The problem -> To try to decrease costs, carries have been increasing the size of container ships. The only problem there is that as container ships get larger, the variability in the global supply chain goes up (e.g. a large ship being late causes a headache to more people than a small one).

How we fix it -> We track every ship on the water and run a bunch of analysis on our data sets so that we can help our customers smooth out the rough edges. (One company we're working with spends 6.5 mil every month on “late fees” because of these rough edges).

   ===== How we do it ========
Web/data stack -> clojure + postgres/cassandra/redis/rabbit + ruby on rails + hadoop/EMR + node (we’re a SOA shop)

Mobile -> iOS, android in the near term

Algorithms -> a dizzying mixture of oldschool and newschool techniques ;-)

   ====== And the rest =======
We've got some very interesting partners and customers (ranging from telcos to enterprise software providers to regional and international logistics companies). We also have some top tier investors (a16z)!

Looking for help on mobile, frontend, and data science sides! Would be thrilled to find a CTO to grow the tech side of the company with me, but I'm also happy to find engineers who just want to build great things.

If this sounds interesting, please shoot me an email at marc@weft.io!

We have a 'Who is Hiring' thread over at DataTau (http://www.datatau.com/item?id=3398). Looking for data scientists? Feel free to crosspost there. We have a good chunk of the data science crowd there.

Posted :-)

Bloomberg - San Francisco (full-time, no remote, no relo, visa ok)

I am looking for the first few individuals to join a team of two building something special in SF. Bootstrapping a team from scratch requires a type of person who thrives in a startup atmosphere and can wear many hats. Ideal candidates have had plenty of experience scaling up or building large distributed systems and/or building products for developers with a large user base. Full-time Bloomberg LP employment with generous benefits and compensation commensurate with experience.

Who we are:

We run a worldwide network with somewhere around 35,000 circuits in 180+ countries. We ingest anywhere from 45-60 billion "ticks" daily aggregate from feeds in all of these countries. We normalize, scrub, and then re-distribute all this data to customers in all of those countries in an efficient manner. The Terminal provides analytic and visualization tools to work with market data, as well as the same tools to work with news and alerts. On the news side, we ingest over 80,000 news feeds (e.g. WSJ would be one "feed") from around the world and do the same kind of processing, applying ML for sentiment and topic classification, machine translation, etc. The web side (bloomberg.com, businessweek.com, Government, Law, etc) uses mostly Rails stacks and everything you would expect to find in a web shop.

If you want to join a team in the single digits and work for one of the most profitable software companies in the world, contact me -- andrew@ishiboo.com (personal e-mail)

If Andrew Paprocki says a particular role at BB is interesting, it's probably amazing.

IBM Watson - www.ibm.com/watsonjobs - many locations Watson Group is IBM's $1B dollar bet on the cognitive computing space building upon the Watson technology developed for the now famous Jeopardy challenge.

If you have talent, skills and experience in the areas of: * NLP, * ML, and * Cloud Services,

we invite you to join a team that is working on ground-breaking and exciting projects.

We have aggressive growth plans and are looking to hire over 300 researchers and developers in 2014 alone!

Working @ Watson means: - Working first-hand with renowned industry leaders in NLP, ML, Speech Recognition - Contributing to products that have meaningful impact e.g. helping find cancer cure, helping doctors diagnose and treat patients better, helping people make wise investment decisions etc. - Having IBM's deep customer base and R&D investment behind you

We are hiring mostly in the US – Watson Group HQ are in East Village NYC (checkout our new headquarters http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/watson-hq.h...) In addition, we have openings in NY, Boston, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Austin, Prague and Dublin. Remote work is an option as well.

If you want to be part of a team that is growing fast, keeps things real, and is focused on getting things done rather than 'managing' things, do talk to us.

Check out all the openings at www.ibm.com/watsonjobs for a variety of positions including cloud developer, software engineer, dev-ops engineer and many more.

I don't see any jobs in Prague in the list, am I looking wrong?

Also, I have background in (research) AI, reasoning, semantic web, and experience (software engineering) around hadoop and search/information retrieval, (education): machine learning, medical informatics, biology of the cell. I see many possible matches in the US-based jobs. Is there an option for a broader application where you would suggest a good match?

Would it be possible to perform some of the roles offered for US in continental Europe or truly remotely?

Are all of IBM's operations at the Watson center in Yorktown Heights moving to Manhattan or are these really two separate groups? I ask as someone who is interested in applying.

These are two separate groups - Watson Group will have presence in both Manhattan (HQ) and Yorktown Heights

REMOTE developer positions at Twin Technologies.

Contract and full-time positions - currently seeking front-end, node, and scala/java developers.

We are an elite consultancy called Twin Technologies. We're about 25 FTEs and 40 contractors. I settled here after working in multiple startups, contracting for a larger consultancy, and even co-running my own consultancy and incubator. I came back to Twin after a year hiatus because this is really as good as it gets. The leadership is fantastic, and work-life balance is deeply ingrained in the culture. On top of that, I can honestly say that I enjoy working with my entire team and look forward to our three yearly get-togethers.

We're very selective with who we hire, but if you're reading this then it's a good start that you're on Hacker News. We've got some big projects in the pipeline and need to find the right people to join us ASAP. Drop us a line if you're interested. Also drop me a line is you have any general questions about tech consulting. Write to careers@twintechs.com and please include "HN" in the subject.

Wrote Andy for 'general questions about tech consulting', he replied back with an earnest, helpful response. Seems like a great person to work with.

CircleCI (https://circleci.com/jobs) - fulltime, SF or REMOTE, international OK, VISA-transfers OK

More than anything, we try to make CircleCI a great place to work. You might love it too if you like:

- working with great people who you can learn from

- to work on developer tools

- building a product that customers love, and pay for

- working with Clojure and ClojureScript

- flat, transparent cultures (we're inspired a lot by Valve and similar companies) [1]

- to work remotely, or to have your own private office in SF [2]

We're hiring lots of roles, esp in engineering, design, dev-success, and dev-marketing.

[1] http://blog.circleci.com/kindness-is-underrated/ [2] http://blog.circleci.com/silence-is-for-the-weak/

Check out https://circleci.com/jobs for details

Twin Technologies, Inc… REMOTE in the US (Prefer people in DC/Baltimore/Albany or Philly area, but open to US), www.twintechs.com.

Twin Technologies, Inc. is a technology consulting services firm using software to help organizations achieve new heights in productivity and profit while strengthening brand and image. We feature business optimization solutions that optimize company-to-consumer conversations, workflows and transactions; digital media management and collaboration solutions delivering video across multiple channels and devices; and user experience design that unlocks rich and intuitive user experiences.

We are looking for amazing Senior Engineers and Project Managers. Front-End (HTML5, Javascript, Responsive,eCommerce). Back-End (eCommerce/Java/Scala/Ruby/PHP. Project Managers (Scrum Master/Product Owner/Software Team Leadership). Jobs can be reviewed and applied for here: http://twintechs.com/about-us/contact-us/careers/ or you can email me direct at laurie.cheverie@twintechs.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lauriecheverie/

Factual - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Facebook, Yelp, Trulia, and Newsweek.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings and apply directly via Jobvite: Los Angeles/SF Bay Area Software engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oQR1Vfwn&s=Hackernews

Periscope - fulltime in SF. Visa-transfers OK.

Periscope is a data analysis tool that uses pre-emptive in-memory caching and statistical sampling to run data analyses really, really fast. Customers typically see a 100x-10,000x speedup of their analysis queries on the day they install.

We also write the popular High-Performance SQL Blog (https://periscope.io/blog) which gets tens of thousands of monthly uniques, and espouses our marketing philosophy of helping analysts wherever we can, whether or not they end up buying.

We’re hiring marketers, designers and engineers! See:

* https://www.periscope.io/outrageous-marketer

* https://www.periscope.io/user-experience-designer

* https://www.periscope.io/data-obsessed-engineer

We’re a team of 4 ex-Google and Microsoft engineers and PMs. We have venture funding, paying customers, > 25% m/m revenue growth, and a spacious loft apartment in SF to work out of.

Email me (harry@periscope.io) if you have questions!

StoryWorth (https://www.storyworth.com) FULLTIME, SF, YC-funded

I'm hiring for two founder-level roles at StoryWorth: Head of Marketing and Partnerships, and Head of Community.

StoryWorth makes it easy for people to privately record their family stories. Each week, we email our customers a question about their life, for example “What do you remember about your grandmother?” or “Tell me about the day you got engaged”. All they have to do is reply with a story, either by email or by phone. We save their stories and share them privately with their family.

We have a launched product with paying customers across the country who love our service. This is an opportunity to be part of the founding team that is going to help every family in the world record their story for generations to come.

You're a good fit for these roles if you crave a ton of responsibility on a small team. You'll get to define your strategy, and then you'll actually get to execute on it. If you're the kind of person who learns by doing, you'll be learning faster than ever before.

If you're interested in either position, I'd be happy to tell you more about each specific role. Send me a short note about yourself at nick@storyworth.com, I can't wait to hear from you!

awesome company!

Front-end developer, npm, Oakland, CA: https://npmjs.org

We are the most popular package manager for Node.js and we're completely rebuilding and redesigning our website. We want somebody who cares a lot about CSS and HTML to join our team as our second full-time front-end developer, working with a world-class design firm to make our site more useful for the millions of JavaScript developers who visit it.

We are not a typical early stage startup. We believe that working sensible hours and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones is the best way to ensure long-term productivity. We care deeply about making tech a more inclusive and diverse place.

npm is an open-source project, including our website.

For more details, http://npmjs.com/jobs/

"We care deeply about making tech a more inclusive and diverse place."

If we assume that other companies listed here will abide by employment law i.e. non-discrimination in hiring, what is your selling point? That you care more than other companies do? That you engage in diversity outreach programs?

Or are you sending a subtle message that white heterosexual male programmers who like watching sports need not apply?

Given that the Gnome foundation ran out of money because they diverted donations to women's outreach, rather than focusing on the core mission of programming, I think it's fair to ask especially as your founder was embroiled in a controversy over gender neutral pronouns, if you intend npm to be a pure technology company or some kind of activist organization?

"Given that the Gnome foundation ran out of money because they diverted donations to women's outreach, rather than focusing on the core mission of programming"

This is, shockingly, incorrect:

1) The GNOME Foundation did not run out of money. 2) The reason for the financial issues was not that money from donations was diverted to women's outreach - instead, corporate donations that were intended specifically for OPW were not received before outgoings to students were due. Money from existing reserves was used to cover the shortfall, most of which has now been made up as the original donations have been received. 3) The GNOME Foundation's charter does not define a core mission of programming. One of its roles is to promote development of the GNOME platform, and recruiting developers from a pool that's been largely ignored by the free software community is an excellent way to do that.

That's three fundamental factual errors in 25 words.

Sorry, you're being sligtly misleading.


"The GNOME Foundation had a temporary lack of reserves due to processing the funds for the Outreach Program for Women (OPW). Due to a very fast and generous response from the Free software community, the foundation now has over three months of operating costs, which is more than enough time for the pending invoices to be paid."

In plain English: They ran out of money because they used money which people had donated for software development to pay for the women's outreach program. Instead of waiting for the corporate downations to arrive, they prioritised the women's outreach program over everything else.

As for the GNOME charter, "The GNOME Foundation will work to further the goal of the GNOME project: to create a computing platform for use by the general public that is completely free software."

Nowhere does it say that the GNOME foundation is going into the business of diversity outreach. So why should people donating to the GNOME foundation, who expect the money to be spent on building the GNOME platform/desktop, instead see it goto an outreach program?

Running out of money would imply that there was, well, no money. Which was never the case. The Foundation has significant cash reserves, as you can easily verify from looking at its public accounts.

The outreach program has resulted in a significant increase in the number of developers working on the GNOME project, which improves their ability to build the GNOME platform. The charter doesn't say that they'll sponsor developer travel to conferences either, or the purchase of hardware in order to improve integration. Why are you hung up on a specific example of spending money in a way that improves the project, but not any others?

Employment law only covers so much. For one, people are still discriminated against on the basis of their belonging to a protected class - it just can't be done overtly. For another the laws don't cover everything.

I appreciate that you feel the phrasing is antagonistic; but I hope you can appreciate that to me it is deeply reassuring and gives me much needed hope.

Searching for employment for me is very stressful (as it is for most people I imagine). I'm non-typical in a few ways, and some of them are rather visible. I have to worry about and have experienced judgment/reluctance to hire me based on those differences. It is nice for me to know ahead of time that an employer is not just looking for people who fit a certain mold.

It's not just about women, LGBTQ, people of color, etc either. One of the ways I am somewhat non-typical as a developer is I'm a high school dropout. It's relatively common for developers not to have a college/university education, but overall it's still not the norm and there are places that will discount you on that basis (especially outside the major tech hubs). Sure, a lot of postings will add that nice qualifier "or equivalent experience"; and that's great. This goes a little farther though, and lets me know that not only will they not hold my lack of a piece of paper against me, they won't hold my alternate path in life against me either.

I can appreciate that it might seem like it goes without saying to you, or might ring hollow... but honestly I've found there are places that don't care about diversity/inclusiveness, or are even hostile to it. Also, I do actually appreciate just the effort of hanging that little sign that says "this is a welcoming place".

This is totally inappropriate here - take it somewhere else. I see no problem with them saying that being inclusive is something they care about...

I think its appropriate for somebody to figure out if a potential employer is likely to fire them because of personal donations or political beliefs.

Given what happened with Brendab Eich its clear some organisations are more activist and polticial than tech. The recent history of npm's founder (and those at Joyent) suggests he will discriminate if he doesn't like your politics.

So why bother wasting time and effort trying to interview and get a job at such a politically charged environment?

Dear Darth Google,

We do not believe that our commitment to equality, inclusivity, and diversity constitutes a "politically charged environment".

Nevertheless, please feel free to not apply to this job if you worry that your politics would not be a good fit with the culture at npm.

I remain hopeful that we will manage to survive without your valuable contribution.



Isaac Z. Schlueter, President and CEO, npm, Inc.

I remain hopeful that we will manage to survive without your valuable contribution.

Isaac, you are my new hero. Seriously.

LOLOLOL "Dear Darth Google"

Since when was "we want our employees to respect one another and not harass each other" considered "political beliefs"? Fuck off with your childish manbaby bullshit nonsense shitgarbage. Get the fuck out of our industry if that's how you're going to act. You have the emotional maturity of a walnut.

You know what? Don't even bother responding. You're gonna think you're clever, but you'll actually be responding with trite garbage that we've all heard, literally, hundreds of times before. People like you are climate change deniers, or creationists. You have tons of information and resources right in front of you, but you never bother to pay attention. Then suddenly you're the idiot asking why monkeys still existed if humans evolved from them.

What a ridiculous self-righteous rant.

Brendan Eich did not harass any of his colleagues yet he was forced out of his position because of his personal beliefs.

Maybe you should "get the fuck out of our industry" and focus on your fight for social justice. "People like you" are ruining the software industry.

If the dudebro frat brogrammer scene is the "software industry" you're trying to keep from being "ruined", then I say we ruin it as fast as possible.

And yes, Brandon Eich got run out of town because of his political beliefs. They ran contrary to the stated beliefs of the organization he was going to run. When you're the CEO of something as public as the Mozilla Foundation those sort of things will be scrutinized. If he was just running Brandon Eich Consulting, LLC no one would have thought twice about it.

Thanks for your support for us white cis men. I don't know where we would be without your bravery and courage. /s

As a gay guy, I congratulate you in your inclusiveness, npm. I'm not interested in working on front-end at the moment, but if I were you would have gotten my attention. Thank you.

Thank god we have people like Darth Google looking out for the white guys.

Because discrimination is funny if it's against white males!

Khan Academy — Mountain View, CA (we also love interns, and remote is a possibility)

We're a small, non-profit tech startup bringing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Here's a testimonial we received last wweek:


I just want to thank you soooo very much in high school it was very hard for me and I hated studying also even thou my mother told me it would help me I never listened and now I am in college and this website helps me so much with algebra/health and so much more when I start working again I want to give back to you for helping me out in college and becoming a Doctor because you can never say never :)


Every month we get hundreds of letters like this from people in all walks of life who are thankful for our free, high-quality educational content. Most of you reading this are familiar with Sal's videos, but we also have hundreds of videos by other teachers, partnerships with organizations like MoMA and the California Academy of Sciences, and a huge library of interactive exercises. Over 20 million math problems are done every week on our site.

You'll be part of a small team working alongside both "celebrity" devs (like jQuery creator John Resig and Google's first employee Craig Silverstein) and many more who you haven't heard of but who are also really awesome.

We're especially looking for new product designers (of all types) but we also have many engineering positions open as well as some positions for a teacher and contract question writers.

Apply at https://www.khanacademy.org/careers and mention that you're coming from HN. Feel free to email me at alpert+HN@khanacademy.org if you have questions about applying or about KA in general. Unfortunately we can't sponsor visas right now unless you're from Canada, Australia, or Mexico.

Don't take me wrong, I really appreciate Khan and I've learned quite a bit from his videos, but I am not seeing the technical challenges in running the website. My opinion is the challenge with Khan's academy is not a technical one, but how to scale the teachers/presenters. Khan is a great teacher, very knowledgable and engaging, but how do you find people like him to take over the other subjects.

A few things we're currently working on building:

– The next version of our personalized learning dashboard [1] to make the UI more consistent across subjects and to help people learn better

– Improved knowledge models so we can better know what you know and don't know [2]

– Better tools for our content creators to allow them to make thousands of engaging, interactive exercise problems without knowing how to code [3]

– A major revision to our iOS app to let students practice skills on the go (or in a classroom with iPads!)

– Infrastructure improvements to make the site more reliable and faster for our millions of visitors every month [4]

There's a ton more that we want to do but haven't had a chance to even think about yet. Not all of our work is technically interesting, but a lot of it is, and it's easy to find technical challenges if that's what you're looking for.

(As for new content, we're working on partnerships with other organizations [5][6] and have many new content creators in other subjects [7]. We're obviously working hard to find ways to make more great content.)

[1]: https://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/58354379257/intr...

[2]: http://mattfaus.com/2014/05/improving-khan-academys-student-...

[3]: https://github.com/Khan/perseus

[4]: https://twitter.com/soprano/status/474729636710985728

[5]: https://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/90372763660/new-...

[6]: https://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/65072185996/khan...

[7]: https://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/89105955375/more...

Another example of something technically cool that we built recently is tinyquery, a pure-Python reimplementation of Google BigQuery suitable for very small data sets, which we're using for (fast) integration testing when building pipelines on top of the BigQuery API:


Is there any requirement for iOS remote position? Is the remote position required more skills?

DuckDuckGo (remote or local in Paoli, PA). If you're a DuckDuckGo user who is excited about what we're trying to accomplish, then check out our hiring page at https://dukgo.com/help/en_US/company/hiring

In particular, we're looking right now for:

-1 or 2 Back-end (Perl) engineers.

-1 Front-end (JavaScript/CSS) engineer.

-1 Operations (Chef/Site-reliability) engineer.

-1 Desktop/mobile Web designer.

Lovely, San Francisco: http://livelovely.com. Looking for smart, relatively senior devs and designers. No remote, but we'll pay relocation expenses if you're not local and we've sponsored two H1Bs so far.

We're the prettiest entrant in a traditionally un-pretty industry: real estate. This is an entrenched industry that is overdue for some innovation, and it's a great opportunity to work on improving the difficult experience of finding a home. Your rent payment is probably the biggest bill you pay every month.

It's a great time to join because we've recently hit an inflection point, especially in SF where it's hard to find an apartment. We're on Lifehacker regularly, featured in last month's WIRED magazine, and 7x7 named us one of the top startups changing the world.

We're just over 20 people right now but we're growing as fast as we can find people. We just signed a lease for our first office by ourselves, a gorgeous 6000sqft building. I run engineering -- ex-YC, Django dev, been in the real estate space most of my life. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions: zain@livelovely.com.

Two questions: 1 Do you support anywhere outside of SF? 2 Do you support someone without a credit score?

I ask because I think the product you have is sorely lacking in many, many areas, and is a great idea! And I ask about the credit score as growing numbers of people are ditching credit cards and other forms of loans in favor of good ol' cash and checks.

Hall https://hall.com/careers San Francisco, CA (local preferred) VISAs OK

Hiring for the following full-time roles:

Sr. Fullstack Engineer

Sr. Rails Engineer, Infrastructure/Backend

Visual Designer


Transforming the way companies communicate.

Why work at Hall?

Work on a product you'll be actively using every day

We use node.js, rails, redis, mongoDB, capistrano, chef and EC2

We're a design & data-driven organization.

Recently raised a $5.5m series-A when the company was just 2 people led by the early investors in Mint.com, Google and Box - Felicis, PivotNorth, Founder Collective and AngelPad.

Located in SOMA, San Francisco near 4th and Bryant. Just a 5 minute walk from Caltrain.

Hall's CEO & founder Brett Hellman joined his first startup at 14, and also spent time building new products at Yahoo & Intuit.

Hall's CTO & co-founder Ron Adams, previous led the engineer team at Yahoo! Sports.


PERKS: Be a part of a world-class team, love what you do and have a huge impact!

Top-of-the-line MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and 27" monitor

Generous equity grants

Weekly company-wide happy hours

Medical insurance with very low co-pay and deductible. HMO, PPO, and HSA options available

Dental coverage

Vision coverage


hi Matt, Hall sounds like a great company to work for.

I am an experienced software developer looking for opportunities in the Bay area. I am currently working at Qualcomm- Modem software division. At this point in my career, I really want to break into the mobile / web development, but it has proven not easy- given that my experience is primarily with firmware / embedded device programming.

I do, however, have a strong foundation in CS fundamentals: algorithms, data structures, good coding practices. I also have a lot of experience in all aspects of the software development life cycle (requirements, design, implementation and testing), having implemented and maintained high-quality software that are deployed on billions of mobile devices around the world.

I have taken initiatives on my own to learn about web and mobile development. Last summer, I took Startup Engineering class on Coursera which taught front-end and back-end technologies, built a website on my own in a month (~10,000 lines of code), earned a place in the final projects rankings, and a distinction for passing the class at 97% grade. I am also signing up for Android programming class on the same platform.

I am an extremely fast learner and am eager to learn whatever necessary, including new languages and technologies, to get the jobs done.

Please let me know if you are interested. You can reach me at 858-405-8831 or hugh.hn@gmail.com

Industry Dive - http://www.industrydive.com/ - Washington, DC

We are a rapidly expanding mobile-focused B2B media startup. We have a staff of writers and editors who provide breaking news and original analysis for executives in industries like Education, Marketing, Energy, and Retail. See http://www.retaildive.com for example.

We're hiring for a number of positions:

- Audience Development Manager

- Digital Media Sales Associate

- Full Time Business Writer/Editor

- Freelance business writers (can be remote)

- Django/Python Developer (job ad not posted yet)

- Design Interns, Devleoper Interns, and Editorial Interns

Most of these are on http://www.industrydive.com/company/jobs/ but feel free to reach out with any questions or if you think you'd be a good addition to the team, but don't see a specific opening. eli-at-industrydive-com

CB Insights - http://www.cbinsights.com - New York, NY (full-time)

VP, Engineering - http://cbinsights.com/jobs/vp-engineering

Director, Online Marketing - http://cbinsights.com/jobs/director-online-marketing

Director of Research, Editor-in-Chief - http://cbinsights.com/jobs/director-research

Several other opportunities here - http://cbinsights.com/jobs

We're a revenue-funded company (aka bootstrapped) doing seven-figure revenues and planning to double our team this year.

Awesome team tackling interesting problems. Our office also has a gong.

PHP/Back end or Front-End Developer INTERN - Washington DC

The agency I work for, Engage (http://enga.ge), is looking for fall developer interns. We do everything from WordPress sites to our own products to custom web and mobile apps, and most of our work relates to politics/issue advocacy. We're particularly passionate about Internet issues (anti-SOPA advocacy was a big pro bono project for us). Right now we're gearing up to launch a new product so it's a pretty exciting time. Check out our portfolio here: http://enga.ge/work/.

Anyway, we are looking for a college student with back or front-end talent (PHP/MySQL or Javascript/HTML/CSS). Must be in the DC area or willing to relocate; foreigners welcome as long as you can secure a visa on your own (usually J-1 or F-1).

Also, note that we treat our interns well and hire them. In fact, one of our current developers used to intern here, as did I. And, management doesn't really care if you have side projects, which is always nice.

To apply, please send me an email directly to michele@engagedc.com with the subject "Developer intern from Hacker News" (I'm the technical project manager). Include your resume, GitHub/portfolio link and a brief description of why you want to work with us. Hope to hear from you!

Leadify - http://leadify.net - Jackson, MS Leadify influences people who aren't looking for you.

Backend Engineer

What you’ll do * Consistently ship high-quality code to production * You’ll implement features for our social messaging application using Ruby (Sinatra framework) - Write custom web services that interact with social platforms like Twitter. We listen and provide recommendations based on trends. Then we deploy and track the effectiveness of our messages. - Design RESTful APIs that allow our web apps to interact with our data * Convert time-consuming manual reports into web services that return data instantly using the ActiveRecord ORM * Build data transformation scripts that allow our different apps to talk to each other

Who we're looking for * A self-starter that can get stuff done with little supervision. We expect you to come up with an initial design, talk it over with our architect and you're good to go. * Strong CS fundamentals, some experience with our stack (Ruby, Sinatra Framework, MySQL, Redis, Perl, Neo4J, JavaScript, Angular.JS) and a desire to learn and master your craft. * An understanding of application performance (Big-O and profiling) and data structures

Bonus * Deep knowledge of Graph Theory; Familiarity with graph databases * Database Skills - 3rd Normal Form is "normal" to you

Interested? Send us an email at jobs@leadify.net

Smarkets, London, Software Engineer, Python, Erlang & Mobile

Smarkets is disrupting the global betting industry by offering a modern betting exchange with significantly lower transaction fees than the competition. We're a well-funded company with a small, agile development team, and our platform has handled over £500 million of bets. Smarkets has been featured in publications such as Wired, The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch and was recently selected as part of the Startups 100.

We're building a reliable, low-latency exchange system to facilitate automated traded strategies, as well as a fast, modern web interface. Our team constantly works on significant, challenging software engineering problems; if you're fed up of writing yet another boring CMS, we might be able to help. The Smarkets platform is written predominantly in Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques and REST. We make extensive use of version control, configuration management and automated testing, which allows us to reliably deploy code to production several times a day.

Our team builds on a modern, open-source software stack which includes Linux, Vagrant, Flask, Eventlet, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Graphite, Chef and Git. For more info: http://info.smarkets.com/about/jobs/

Thread.com (YC S12) - Software engineer who loves product (Python/Django) London, England. https://www.thread.com/jobs

We're a startup trying to reinvent retail so men can dress well without being subject to the horrors of the high street or having to trawl through millions of items online. We do this using a combination of powerful algorithms and human stylists.

You'd be joining a small, highly technical team with a ton of startup experience (the founders have started and sold 2 companies before). You'll be one of the first technical hires and get to build and own huge parts of the product and work on the core algorithms.

One of our ancillary goals is to build one of the best engineering cultures anywhere, and we'd love you to help us do that. We launched in October and user and revenue numbers are scaling extremely quickly. We're backed by a collection of the top investors from London and Silicon Valley as well as Y Combinator.

We're especially interested in people who are interested in founding their own startup one day. We view working at Thread as a founder bootcamp where you'll learn about all parts of starting and growing a startup.

Want to learn more? Check out https://www.thread.com/jobs and you can see some of our code at http://dev.thread.com/


SMSgrupp, Stockholm, Sweden. Android-, iOS- and Backend Developer

Group messaging startup with 10 developers and offices on three continents looking for mobile app and backend developers. Given the small size of our team, you will be a critical part of the company.

Supertext is a new and exciting chat app with a very competitive advantage that no other chat app has: Full integration and relations with the Telecom operators enabling the app to break out of the silos that chat apps are limited to and deliver a hybrid of SMS and regular chat apps.

Supertext is based on SMSgrupp which is a mature SMS-based communcation tool that works on all mobile phones, regardless of model or age. SMSgrupp is rapidly spreading in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

The main quality we’d like to see in a candidate is simply the ability to ship solid, professionally written and maintainable code. And enjoy doing it. If you have apps in the Market, and a proven track record of delivering quality code that stirs a developer’s admiration, that counts for more than any number of impressive degrees.

We look for: Solid knowledge of tools and language Strong understanding of software engineering principles and object-oriented concepts. Pride in writing simple and beautiful code. Product sensibility and understanding of interaction design. A sense of humor and a light heart.

Our new offices are situated near the water in central Stockholm, at Götgatan just beside Slussen. If this piques your interest, drop us a mail at jobs at smsgrupp dot se. We would love to hear from you!

Great product!

Trail of Bits is hiring.

We’re working on many funded research projects focusing on software security, program analysis, compiler construction, trusted computing and network security. We also have a commercial product for automated enterprise security assessment.

We’re looking for enthusiastic hackers, scientists, and engineers to work with us. We have no specific requirements in terms of degrees or years of experience, some of our staff have completed high school, others have graduate degrees. We’d really like to hear from people with strong programming skills in Ruby, C/C++, OCaml, and people with strong reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis skills. If you have experience with systems programming, program analysis (to include dynamic binary instrumentation, symbolic execution, and abstract interpretation), reverse engineering, or application and software security assessment, we’d like to talk to you.

Our primary location is New York City, though remote work is a possibility if the fit is right. Our salaries are competitive, benefits are generous, and our culture is relaxed. In the past, our researchers and engineers have turned their personal projects into funded work. We'd like to do that more, so if you have your own ideas we can help you work on them.

Working at Trail of Bits, you will work closely with some really smart people in the security industry. We also encourage our employees to talk publicly about their work at conferences and on the Internet.

If you are interested and would like to know more, send an e-mail with your resume to dan@trailofbits.com

VideoBlocks - Reston Virginia Full-Time Backend Web Developer

We are looking for multiple backend web developers to help us launch exciting new projects. Our stack is PHP but we love language agnostic Devs who are willing to learn. We prefer NOVA/DC local, but we have remote employees and are open to remote for the right candidate.

Our Dev Wishlist (Not all needed, but the more the better) 2+ years web app dev experience Experience with MVC principals Experience with PHP Experience with Sphynx Experience with Redis Experience with selenium Expwrience with Git Hacker attitude Love of learning

We offer, Competitive salaries Insurance Take when you need it unlimited time off Ping Pong games

If you are interested, email me at matt@videoblocks.com

Video Blocks is a profitable, venture backed technology company, recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as being the fourth fastest growing media company in the United States.

VideoBlocks.com offers a subscription-based service that provides members with unlimited downloads of stock video, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects, special effects, After Effects templates and more.

In 2013, Video Blocks was ranked the 32nd fastest growing technology company in the US/Canada, and the 2nd fastest growing technology company in the DC region by Deloitte for the Fast500, for achieving 7,000% revenue growth over the past 5 years.

Droplet (dropletpay.com) - Ruby on Rails developer (Shoreditch, London)

Droplet is a funded, fast-growing startup working to overhaul payments. We have mobile apps, web apps and a realtime API - most of our platform side code is Ruby and Go, and we are using a handful of other services and technologies.


  - Have experience with Ruby (or other object oriented languages)
  - Have built and deployed Rails applications
  - Love to learn new things
  - Are self-motivated and able to work to your own agenda
  - Think like a hacker
  - Are eligible to work in the UK (an EU citizen)
We offer:

  - Competitive salary (range £30-£40k DOE)
  - Work to your own schedule (we have no fixed working hours)
  - Based at our London office (City Road)
  - Learn new things every day, and work with nice people
  - Big challenges to solve in security, performance, big data, analytics, and lots more
  - We love to work with smart people who learn fast. If that sounds like you (don’t be shy) then get in touch.
To apply:

Send a CV to join@dropletpay.com OR simply solve the following code challenge and get an interview.


Are you still hiring in Birmingham?

We're looking in London for this role, but we'll not turn people away if they're based in a different city. Get in touch anyway!

Watsi – http://watsi.org – San Francisco, CA; FULLTIME, possible VISA

Watsi is a global crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to directly fund healthcare for people around the world.


“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”


We’re a team of developers, designers, doctors, and marketers working at Watsi because we believe that everyone, everywhere deserves access to healthcare. We move fast, take risks, and come to work every day excited about building an organization that matters more than we do.

We’re looking for a full-stack developer (engineer #2) to join our five-person team in San Francisco. The ideal candidate is an experienced, product-focused generalist who wants to use their skills to bring healthcare to the world. Our stack is Rails, Backbone.js, SCSS, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq, Heroku, RSpec, and Jasmine. You don't have to be familiar with our stack, but you do need to learn fast :)

If you’re interested in learning more, please send whatever info you have (linkedin, github, personal site) to jobs@watsi.org.

For more info, check out our recent trip to East Africa - http://exposure.watsi.org/a-dose-of-perspective.

Senior Ruby/Javascript Engineer - SkilledUp Academy

New York, NY

Our Mission

SkilledUp Academy is changing the way that people learn skills online. Over 44% of college graduates work in jobs that don't require a college degree, but employers still can't find quality talent. We introduce the human element into real-world, skills-based online education. Students complete rigorous curriculums created by our partner companies that focus on teaching the skills that employers need. Our industry-based mentors ensure that students receive the support that they need to learn.

Our Story

We were born out of two acquired startups and still retain the culture and practices of a lean / agile startup, but have all the resources and benefits of a public company (our parent company, Apollo Education Group, made over 3.5 billion in revenue last year). We’re a young company looking for people looking to help shape our culture.

Our Team

We’re a diverse team made of:

- A Bonnaroo Guitarist

- The world’s preeminent scholar on Toilet Based Social Networks

- A philosopher king with a sweet spot for ice cream

Our engineers write pristine, well-tested code. We pride ourselves in developer happiness. SkilledUp uses a pull request based workflow, continuous integration. We think Ruby on Rails, Trello, Github, and Heroku are the best tools. We have continuous investment days, where we only focus on learning new skills.

If you are interested in learning more and want to talk to an engineer, send an email to jon@skilledup.com

Conclusive Analytics - Charlotte, NC - Full-time - http://www.conclusiveanalytics.com/

We're a small and growing company looking for people with a passion for big data who love to solve difficult/fun problems for our clients. Here are two job postings:

Data Miner/Data Scientist: http://www.conclusiveanalytics.com/career-opportunities/data...

Database Developer: http://www.conclusiveanalytics.com/career-opportunities/data...

Being a small company, your daily job will not be defined by your job title, and you will get to learn something new every day. We develop in Linux and Windows, HP Vertica and SQL Server, and other languages & platforms like R, SAS, DataFlux, Python, or whatever we think is best at getting the job done. We offer competitive pay & benefits, a pool table, lots of white boards, and a great team of smart and fun coworkers.

Contact hr@conclusiveanalytics.com for more details.

Pittsburgh PA - Full Time / Intern

IBM Watson Group creates products and technologies using Cognitive Computing to solve real problems, from winning Jeopardy to assisting doctors. Watson does this by analyzing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. We are on the cutting edge of technology working to change the world.

Our team within Watson Group works on Watson Explorer, a web application enabling data exploration and visualization. We are looking for senior and junior front-end developers to join us.

How we work:

* Open and collaborative office environment - you will not be stuffed into a cubicle and left alone.

* Software craftsmanship - pairing, Test Driven Development (TDD), small commits in Git, Gerrit code reviews, continuous integration and deployment, daily standups with progress visualization

* Technologies we use - CSS (Sass and Compass), JS, JRuby on Rails, and Java

What you'll do:

* Develop full-stack web applications

* Work with designers and researchers to translate users’ needs into reality

* Influence design and direction of product

Want to come work with us? We're interested in you, too! See all of the positions below:


Tradewave — https://tradewave.net — New York City (NYC)

We're building an algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrencies. You write your trading strategy in Python, backtest it against our historical data, then run it live on any of the major exchanges. All in the browser

Come and experience what it's like to be in on the ground floor at a promising tech startup. We're less than six months old, backed up some of the best investors in the crypto space, and already generating revenue.

More information: https://tradewave.net/jobs/

I use Tradewave! Wish I was in NYC

South Lake Tahoe (Zephyr Cove, NV) Informa Investment Solutions, Inc. is seeking both a senior and a junior developer to join our web applications team at our office on the shores of Lake Tahoe. If you love designing and building modern, responsive web applications that make it easy for business users to run sophisticated investment analysis software, we would like to talk to you. We’re an established company with actual paying customers and we want to make our little corner of the world a better place for our users.

We use standards-based HTML, JavaScript and CSS, along with state of the art technologies – Canvas, SVG, RequireJS, Backbone, Marionette, and LESS – to build cross-browser interfaces and advanced data visualizations. The backend is a mixture of C#, Java, C++ because we believe in using the right tool for the job, and we are regularly evaluating our tools to ensure that. Our development process is agile and we release our web products approximately once a month.

Our offices are a five minute walk from the Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe and Heavenly ski resort is a fifteen minute drive from the office. As a developer you’ll also get your own private office and even though we mostly develop on Windows, all our developers have Mac hardware. We prefer to hire generalists who are as curious and excited about technology as we are. All of us enjoy learning new technologies and tools; we have a small team and each developer should be able to work on every aspect of the system.

Please note: this is a full-time, on-site position. We would prefer you to work in our Zephyr Cove office, but we also have offices in White Plains, NY or Nashville, TN that you could work out of. If you're interested, please email matt.motherway -at- informais.com (and put “Hacker News” in the subject). Thanks.

London: Farringdon. On-site only.

Timetric (https://timetric.com) is looking for AI/ML engineers to help us build great data products.

We're a motivated team, small, but growing rapidly. We use git, code reviews and a one-click deploy/rollback system so that we can rapidly iterate and ship code without constantly breaking everything.

We're backed by a solid sales team who know how to get users for our products (and pay the bills!)

We want smart, interesting people with a passion for making usable systems.


You need to have:

    Python experience.
    Numerical/scientific/mathematical background.
    Understanding of AI/ML techniques
    Comfortable working in a Linux environment.
    Used to working with git (or mercurial).
And it would be really great if you also had some of:

    Django experience.
    Understanding of HTML/CSS (especially recent standards development).
    Modern javaScript experience.
    Data visualization experience
and if you've published or contributed to any open-source software, then tell us about it!

Email us at jobs@timetric.com

Palo Alto, CA


- Team: 10 engineers from MIT, Berkeley, CMU, Google/Google Research, Facebook, Y Combinator, Microsoft Research, Palantir, Jane Street, IBM Research, Yahoo! Research, ...

- Investors: Red Point, a16z, SHV, Social Capital, ...

- Customers: Box, Jive, Microsoft, Tableau, Zendesk, AdRoll, Nitro, and many more

- Product: machine learning applications for non-technical users to help their businesses more effectively win and retain customers

- Looking for: strong engineers excited to join an early-stage startup to help grow & shape the company


- Build on and extend our sophisticated model training pipeline that uses data extracted from the web and other sources

- Build beautiful visualizations to communicate results and frontends to allow non-technical users to build complex models

- Develop and operate secure, scalable cloud infrastructure to manage and process customers' large, confidential datasets

- Create and shape the processes used to guide the engineering team to work together effectively


- BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Math or related fields

- Depth in software engineering, algorithms, and general analytical problem-solving

- Familiarity with Python preferred


- https://www.infer.com

- hiring+hn@infer.com

Aclima - http://www.aclima.io - San Francisco, CA


* Full-time Backend Engineer

* Full-time Frontend Engineer

* Full-time UI/UX Designer

* Full-time DevOps Engineer


Aclima is an early-stage company based in San Francisco that designs and deploys distributed, large-scale sensor networks to empower people with actionable environmental quality data. Our end-to-end solutions collect, process and analyze real-time streaming data from thousands of sensors, enabling a level of environmental awareness that has never been possible before. We believe our technologies can redefine the way we imagine and manage our buildings, communities, and cities, helping us improve our collective well-being.

We are looking for passionate engineers to help build and scale our platform. We have no required list of skills or years of experience. Instead, we’re looking for engineers who are smart and get things done. Our engineering culture values rapid iteration, continuous improvement, and as much automation as is sensible. We work in a relaxed, purpose-driven atmosphere with flexible hours and competitive perks.

If you’re up for the challenge, contact us: jobs@aclima.io

Octopart - New York, NY - http://octopart.com/jobs


* Full time Backend Engineer focusing on electronic component data

* Full time Frontend Engineer

* Full time UI/UX Designer

* Full time Entry Level Sales Account Executive


At Octopart, we're opening up the world of electronic component data through our search engine, http://octopart.com and our API, http://octopart.com/api

We're connecting hardware hackers to the information they need to design the next generation of hardware devices.

We're building the most intuitive, fast and beautiful interface for searching for electronic parts.

We're compiling the most extensive database on electronic components by combining data from tons of different sources.

We're in NYC, we're a team of 11, we're ex-physicists and electrical engineers, and we've been profitable since 2010.

We're from the W07 YC batch. We write a lot of Python and JavaScript.

If you're a software hacker who wants to build amazing tools for hardware hackers, get in touch with us at jobs@octopart.com.

MindTribe - San Francisco, CA

We're looking for:

Senior Electrical - http://www.mindtribe.com/jobs/electrical-engineer-senior

Senior Mechanical - http://www.mindtribe.com/jobs/mechanical-engineer-senior

Senior Firmware - http://www.mindtribe.com/jobs/firmware-engineer-senior

Technician - http://www.mindtribe.com/jobs/technician

We're a tight-knit team of engineers developing hardware products for clients. Our specialty is consumer electronics and connected devices. Our past projects include the Tesla Roadster, Square Reader and Stand, and the recently-launched Adobe Ink and Slide (http://www.adobe.com/products/ink-and-slide.html).

Crutchfield, Charlottesville, VA; http://www.crutchfield.com

Front End Web Developer / Designer

Crutchfield is looking for a talented software developer who doesn’t fear javascript and new web technologies, and who is very enthusiastic at the idea of bringing e-commerce to the next level. We like to think of the proper candidate as 85% front-end mechanic, 15% designer.

* You will be involved in all phases of the software’s development and will be responsible for planning features, designing its components, programming and more * You will design the software and architecture, and requirements to build Crutchfields' next generation of ecommerce solutions * Develop using mainly JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, Angular and Bootstrap Skills & Requirements * Deep knowledge of JavaScript / jQuery, HTML 5 & CSS 3 * Knowledge of Angular and/or Ember is an asset * Experience with a server side framework (.NET, PHP, Rails, etc.) is desired * Keen understanding of responsive front-end frameworks, cross-browser user interfaces / browser limitations, modern web technologies, web security, SEO & more * Experienced building and scaling consumer oriented web applications * Attention to details and strong commitment to quality * Experienced with modern software development principles and processes, frameworks, and version control systems * Have previously built web applications from A to Z a plus * Experienced with eCommerce a big plus

We offer our employees a competitive benefits package, a wellness program, a challenging work environment and a relaxed dress code.

Please apply here: https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit2/?id=9691891&t=1

Stripe! We're hiring engineers in San Francisco and remotely within US timezones. REMOTE and H1B welcome.

We're increasing online commerce by making payments (and building an online business generally) way easier.

See [1] for an overview of the challenges we're working on, or check out [2] for a description of our interview process. Apply by following the instructions on our jobs page [3] (please indicate that you saw this post).

Also feel free to ping me at amber@stripe.com if you're thinking about applying but have any questions!

[1] http://www.quora.com/Stripe-company/What-engineering-problem... [2] http://www.quora.com/Stripe-company/What-is-the-engineering-... [3] https://stripe.com/jobs

How about London?

(Sorry about the late reply!)

Not generally, but we'd definitely be willing to take a look if you want to send something in! (:

Devops - Chicago, Illinois - GetSet

We're an EdTech Startup that's building an engagement platform that hopes to improve retention rates in post-secondary, non-traditional learners. Basically, if you're an adult and you want to improve your life through education, we're here to try to help you succeed. We've been around since October 2012 and have a team of nine people.

Our Product team consists of a VP of Product, three programmers, and a User Experience person. The remaining team members are a Community Manager, a Relationship Manager, our CEO, and our VP of Sales.


* Linux admin, shell scripting, etc.

* Some configuration management tool (Docker, Chef, Puppet, etc.)

* Server config/management (nginx, haproxy, openssl, etc.)

* Tuning JVM and/or ruby apps (ideally, both)

* Networking, TCP/IP tuning, etc.

* Deployment (continuous, or something close to it)

* Some working knowledge of one or more programming languages (ideally, one we use - JavaScript, Clojure, Ruby)

* Automation of lots of the above

* Experience working closely and frequently with programmers, as you'll be sitting in the bullpen with us

* Interest in writing production code while at the same time not seeing Devops as just a stepping stone to full-time production coder

* Plays well with others

* Experience transitioning away from Heroku

We're a small, cool-headed team who like our relatively well-defined roles. Culture fit is extremely important for us at our current size so "plays well with others" is probably the most important bullet point.

Contact jobs@getset.com

NoRedInk in San Francisco (or remote).

Full stack rails engineers wanted to make sure that grammer is taught good. Every one's revolutioneyesing educaton but while some student's cant even right the write words.

Then there was NoRedInk.

NoRedInk helps students quickly improve their grammar and writing skills.

We've got a small, technically excellent engineering team. We extensively use react in production.

I work here because I get to learn about my practice (as well as my failing grammar skills) every day. I work here because I care about education. I work here because existing online tools for teaching grammar and writing are pathetic. Join us as engineer #4, and improve how grammar is taught.


p.s. Other people think we're awesome, too: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alextaub/2013/12/19/noredink-is-...

AvantCredit (Chicago) is hiring senior data scientists, data engineers, and data dev ops. We offer competitive salaries and a flexible work environment.


We have gone from 0 to 150 employees in a little under fifteen months and have raised more money last quarter than all other Chicago startups in the same period last year combined. (http://bit.ly/1hp2cx4)

Our stack is Ruby on Rails and R deployed on Heroku and AWS, respectively, and we do not mess around. All of our R packages are documented, tested, and vignetted. We have continuous deployment and integration (yes, on the data science side!), and all of our classifiers are automatically backtested and validated.

We're trying to give https://github.com/hadley a run for his money. Sound interesting? Email robk@avantcredit.com

I don't understand the hadley reference? Who is that? Are you guys a microlending company?

He is well known in the R community as he contributed many of the well known and often used packages such as ggplot2, plyr and reshape

We have a 'Who is Hiring' thread over at DataTau (http://www.datatau.com/item?id=3398). Feel free to crosspost there.

Stuph (https://angel.co/stuph, https://stuph.co) is building its founding team! We are a stealth startup creating a consumer product fueled by data mining and information extraction. We are well funded and backed by top VCs. Our office is located in San Francisco.

Our founder is an ex-googler who created Google Trends. Our team consists of graduates of MIT, Berkeley, Cornell, and top international universities. Between us we have worked at Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Amazon, and won a Kaggle competition. We love math, algorithms and machine learning.

Do you like functional programming? We're using Clojure for our backend and ClojureScript for our frontend. Knowing either isn't a requirement, but be excited to learn!

We are looking for:

- Experienced backend engineer/techlead with excellent system design and architecture skills

- Engineering & design interns for the fall of 2014.

Contact: artem@stuph.co

Oration - Foster City, CA (local, no-remote, relocation)

Oration uses big data and predictive analytics to connect consumers covered by employer-sponsored healthcare with the best deals on their healthcare needs. The only thing that makes our members even more excited than the prices is the convenience. We've transformed the arcane world of healthcare shopping into a simple, few click process. Consumers find great deals with our application and we take care of dealing with the healthcare system. It's healthcare shopping made simple - like the rest of the internet.

We’re searching for a seasoned front end engineer to help lead our front end dev efforts. Come join us in building awesome user experiences for both web and mobile that scale and evolve gracefully. Our small, dedicated group of designers and engineers (there's 8 of us) care equally about good visual design, technical design and having a good time.

Email me at techjobs@oration.com if interested or with any questions.

CloudFlare (http://cloudflare.com/) is hiring in San Francisco and London.

Lots of opportunities for software developers, customer support, network operations and SRE.

Full list of positions here: https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team

Sift Science - San Francisco, CA. Full-time. Sift Science (http://siftscience.com) uses large-scale machine learning to fight online fraud. It's a problem that cost U.S. merchants > $10B last year, and 70% of it is organized crime. Attacks have rapidly evolved in breadth and depth, but current rule-based systems don't scale. We're looking for engineers of all flavors -- distributed systems, web development, data visualization, and of course, machine learning. We're a tight-knit team that likes board games, yummy food, and solving challenging technical problems. Check out https://siftscience.com/jobs We're also looking for account managers, integration engineers, and sales folks. Ping us at jobs+hn@siftscience.com or feel free to e-mail me directly at evie@siftscience.com :)

Jello Labs - New York City - http://jellolabs.com/jobs

=== Senior Engineer === (fulltime, onsite)

=== Lead iOS Engineer === (fulltime, onsite)

If you want to write Go full time, come join us!

We're a pre-launch, funded startup, about a year old. We already have an amazing team with engineers from Google, Foursquare, Ebay, Chartbeat, Medium etc.- http://jellolabs.com/team

We're moving and growing quickly and are looking to add smart, experienced engineers interested in e-commerce to our core team. We love GoLang, AngularJS, and ObjectiveC. We do code reviews and care deeply about moving fast while maintaing reliable systems. We use Asana, Hipchat, Google Apps and Trello. Every dev gets a Mac Book Pro, large monitors and Aeron chairs.

Our office is a hybrid of engineers and our brand team, which is made up of some of the best people in fashion and e-commerce. We're a tight knit bunch, just moved into an awesome office in SoHo.

We take our work and our culture seriously. Our goal is to create a happy, productive workplace! We keep a stocked fridge, bring in breakfast 3 times a week, lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We play boardgames, have a kickball team, enjoy a good karaoke outing from time to time. Our two puppies, Fred & Gizmo, keep us on our toes.

We offer full benefits, unlimited vacation time and a competitive salary. Plus our team is the best in New York!

If you're interested, email vivi@shopspring.com, and check us out:



SPORTS195 - Full Time - http://www.sports195.com

New York, NY * Austin, TX * Remote

  ====== What we do ======
Empower and Unite the World through Sports.

Sport is a universal language. SPORTS195 connects the entire global sports ecosystem on one platform, uniting the world around a shared and universal passion. Our massive platform continuously grows through our partners building their networks. With one of the world's largest sports content database, SPORTS195's hub of two-way content feeds the entire sports ecosystem.

  ====== What we want ======
* Front End - NodeJS, BackboneJS, SASS, Strong web app experience

* QA Automation - Selenium, JAVA or Ruby

* SysOps - AWS, Chef, Puppet, Bash/Shell scripting

  ====== Perks ======
* Flexible vacation

* Remote and work-from-home

* Flexible hours

* Conference and travel budgets

* Stocked kitchen with snacks and beverages

* Kickball team!

* Health/Vision/Dental/Life/401K

* Great offices in NYC and Austin, TX

  ====== Apply ======
Sai Wong

VP of Development


Redwood City, CA - INTERN, VISA

No remote, but we do offer relocation and visa sponsorship.

Summary: We’re profitable, very open as a company, and supportive, and we need more engineers. EdTech.

Full description: Course Hero, the leading platform for crowd-sourced educational materials, is looking for a software engineer who can hit the ground running. Our team releases code every day to millions of people, so we're looking for someone who can take on challenges, build new features, and iterate quickly. Each engineer has a role in building Course Hero's architecture and will have the opportunity to touch all parts of the stack. Our projects are big -- terabytes of data and customers around the world -- but our team is small, so you’ll see projects from start to finish, working closely with product managers and designers to ensure successful results.

Our company culture is very open, flat, and transparent. We succeed and learn together. Our office is very comfortable, has a lot of natural light, and great amenities like a gym and walking trails onsite. We’ve tried hard to make this a pleasant and inspiring place to do creative work.

Most importantly, we seek to hire individuals whose personality, integrity and passion for our business make our team better as a whole. We’re growing fast, profitable (yes, it’s true!), and looking for another core team member to push us toward the future.

Our stack is LAMP (PHP/Symfony) + jQuery and AngularJS, but we’re open to people with all kinds of experience. iOS would be a nice bonus.

More info: http://www.coursehero.com/jobs/ - Company video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ig5g4xp9tE

Please email: jobs@coursehero.com (and put “Hacker News” in the subject)

Lyve Minds is a young energetic startup, having just successfully shipped our v1 product (which is already gaining great reviews on Amazon). We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Cupertino California.

We are an AWS shop practicing DevOps techniques supporting iOS, Android, PC and Mac clients. We are looking for a engineers who want to be part of an exciting well-funded startup experience, including international growth.

This is an opportunity to work alongside Apple and Netflix veterans deploying and managing the most modern highly scalable Cassandra-based infrastructure capable of handling petabytes of precious consumer data (life memories) that is changing the world for our users.

More details at https://www.mylyve.com/careers

For Service Engineering positions please reach out to John Adelus at jadelus@lyveminds.com.

For Client Software positions please reach out to Ain McKendrick at ain@lyveminds.com.

Software Developer - San Francisco

Cloud Metrics at Rackspace - http://blueflood.io

### Who we are

* We are the Cloud Metrics team at Rackspace.

* We run a metrics-as-a-service API.

* We created the Blueflood (http://blueflood.io) open-source metrics engine and API.

* We make it easy for developers to store and scale their metrics.

### Software Engineer

* Making Blueflood core a world-class metrics backend

* Scaling and tuning Cassandra clusters.

### Infrastructure Engineer

* Working on the Blueflood infrastructure focusing on our large and growing Cassandra cluster running on top of Rackspace's OpenStack cloud.

* Optimizing Blueflood's deployment, continuous integration and testing processes.

### Read more here

* Job Posting Link: https://uscareers-rackspace.icims.com/jobs/10173/software-de...

* To apply just shoot us an email: hiring@blueflood.io

Anaheim, CA (Orange County/OC) and Boulder/Denver, CO (full-time)

SendGrid http://www.sendgrid.com


We've revolutionized the cloud-based transactional email space by efficiently powering the infrastructure for tens of thousands of companies that rely on us to send millions of emails every day (13B+ monthly). We have been growing really fast since launching in 2009, and we want you to be part of the awesome company we are building.


All Jobs - http://sendgrid.com/careers.html

Software Engineers (All Kinds!)

Software Engineers in Test

DevOps Engineer

Project Managers


We've recently made the transition to Go (check us out if you're interested in learning), Python, MySql,Linux, Agile (We are technology agnostic - doesn't matter what you currently code in)


If you don't see what you're looking for here, reach out to us. We're always looking for talented, happy, hungry, honest, and humble people.

-Socrate- soc@sendgrid.com

Knewton - fulltime in NYC.

Knewton is on a mission to personalize education for students around the world. Education companies worldwide use the Knewton infrastructure platform to power course materials that dynamically adapt to each student’s unique needs.

At Knewton, we use small, cross-functional teams to solve difficult challenges with real-world implications. Teams comprise a range of technical, mathematical, educational, and design specialists unified by a passion for improving education.

Knewton was founded in 2008 and has offices in New York City and London. Investments top $105M from well-known angel investors plus Accel, Bessemer, First Round Capital, Firstmark, Founders Fund, GSV, and Atomico.

Apply online or email me at DR@Knewton.com


Vessel - Video Focused Venture Backed By Benchmark, Greylock and Bezos Expeditions (San Francisco, CA - Full-time No Remote)


We’re still in stealth but we've been busy building a service whose mission is to delight consumers and content creators alike.

Our founders, former founding CEO and CTO of Hulu, Jason Kilar and Richard Tom, have assembled a unique and talented team, with strong experience building and innovating at places like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. As a team, we are unusually passionate about the intersection of media and technology; we see an opportunity to improve media, particularly next generation video

We’re looking for strong full stack developers who love to code in a variety of languages and frameworks (Python, CoffeeScript, Node.js, React to name a few). If this sounds like you, please email: careers@vessel.com


Hi, we're DailyBurn a fitness and nutrition company based in Midtown Manhattan. We'd like you to come join our multi-discipline engineering team to build software on a wide array of platforms and technologies.

We really are a fitness company, we have our own well equipped gym in the office and offer a gym membership budget for all employees. Everyday we get messages from users sharing the changes they've made in their lives not every company can say the same. If fitness is an area of interest for you this is a great place to get involved in changing peoples lives.

As a member of our Engineering team you'll get:

* Yearly conference and travel budget

* Your pick of development hardware

* Access to all the corporate benefits of IAC

Our team is currently made up of 10 developers with a team of 2 working on iOS and the rest of our team focused on web and platform development.

The DailyBurn engineering team offers the chance to work on a wide range of different technologies. Our main web platform is built using Ruby on Rails, but we also work with node.js and golang on our backend systems. We have client applications built for many of the major mobile and TV platforms (using Javascript, Objective-C, Java and more) and you as a part of the team will have the opportunity to get involved in many of these different platforms.

If you are an experienced developer comfortable with web or front end technologies of any kind but especially if you are skilled with JS, Ruby, Rails, Node or Golang we have a place for you here.

Specifically we are looking for:

Front End/Senior Front End developer - JS applications (we work on web, smart tv's, game consoles all with JS)

Android - become our primary Android developer and lead all of the Android efforts for our product

Reach out to me directly: paul@dailyburn.com

Numerate Inc, San Bruno, CA (25 mins from San Francisco)

Senior Infrastructure Engineer - Distributed Systems


--- Who we are ---

Numerate is a group of cutting-edge scientists and engineers trying to solve very difficult problems at the interface of medicinal chemistry, data science, machine learning and cloud-scale analytics. We have developed a computational platform that can predict how a potential drug will behave in the lab and the body. We use this platform to process large spaces of chemistry while searching for therapies for some of the world’s most important diseases, such as, obesity, heart failure, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s disease. Our platform makes the drug development process cheaper, faster, and results in higher success rates than traditional approaches.

--- Our Stack ---

Our stack consists of a proprietary distributed computational platform, Numatix, which in-turn consists of cloud management, job management, job execution engine and custom dataflow language layers. We generally run this on top of Amazon Web Services, where we often scale the system to more than 10,000 cores. We are working to scale it to over 100,000 cores. On top of Numatix we run a number of custom libraries and services, such as machine learning, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, mathematics, etc. At the very top of our stack sits a number of user-facing tools, including web-based GUIs, NIX command line tools, and custom plugins for third party data analysis and chemistry tools. All of the layers use various storage types (MySQL, S3, Couchbase, custom built). The code base is written in Java, Scala, Python, and some C++. All of these layers are being actively developed and improved.

Join us, and code for more than just clicks!

For more information see https://github.com/Numerate/hiring or shoot us an email to eng_job@numerate.com

Palantir Technologies - Palo Alto, CA - http://www.palantir.com. The Internal Tools team at Palantir owns continuous integration, artifact & dependency management, build tools, source code management, and much more. We use a combination of open-source software (e.g. Gerrit, Jenkins, Ivy, Gradle), third-party enterprise software (e.g. Atlassian Bamboo and Stash), and in-house magic to develop robust and scalable systems.

For more info or to apply: http://www.palantir.com/careers/OpenPosDetail?id=a0m80000002...

Do you have any questions? Drop me an email at jscalisi@palantir.com

Declara - Boise Idaho, Palo Alto California

We are transforming learning, because learning is discovery.

We're engineers and scientists with a focus on learning science, NLP, automation, creative problem solving, and open source. We use AngularJS, ElasticSearch, Postgres and Python and we analyze everything. We're a Data company and proud of it!

If you're a Postgres DBA, we need you!

Take a look at our press: https://www.declara.com/news/

Take a look at our jobs: https://www.declara.com/about/careers/

Your interested and think you can help? send us an email: careers@declara.com

Monetate - Conshohocken, PA (Philly suburbs) [REMOTE or ONSITE] - Will help with relocation to Philadelphia; also remote (Americas timezones preferred, must speak English)

Monetate helps digital marketers make their content more relevant. We turn data into action on our clients' sites by doing real-time data analysis and DOM manipulation to put the right experience in front of their users. We’re looking for engineers who want to do highly visible work on great brands and solve tough problems with great coworkers. What we're looking for:

* People who like to ship - we're focused on building and shipping great products - if you like to see your work in production quickly you'll see it here. We ship often (every two weeks), and iterate.

* People who like hard challenges - we have great problems across our products - huge data sets, UX, 3rd party Javascript, high volume / low latency APIs - we have no shortage of fun problems to work on.

* Problem solvers who like to code - we take things apart, figure out how they work, then build software to solve our users' problems.

About us:

* Founded in 2008

* Open source - Google Closure, Python, AngularJS, Pandas, Redis, Hadoop, Mahout, Solr and Lucene - we're open source across our stack

* Respect - it's our core value. We have a great team and we work well together. Our vacation policy is the same as Netflix (we don't have one). Our technical project teams are self-organizing and have full authority over (as well as responsibility for) the problems they work on.

* Market rate salaries

* Funded by First Round Capital and OpenView

We've hired great people from HN before, and we're looking for people not positions. We have people who have joined the team with no background in our primary languages and people from non-traditional backgrounds.

Check out our blog at http://engineering.monetate.com/ Send me a message if you have questions or want to apply: karl at monetate dot com

Crowdtap - crowdtap.com

Location: NYC (Houston & Braodway)

We're looking for someone who has experience in dev and/or ops, willingness to learn is the most important factor.

We're a decently sized startup with ~70 people and growing. We were #3 of the best places to work according to Crain's: http://www.crainsnewyork.com/article/20131208/SMALLBIZ/31208....

To apply: http://crowdtap.theresumator.com/apply/6Mt0co/DevOps-Enginee...

Cloud Monitoring at Rackspace - San Francisco https://monitoring.api.rackspacecloud.com/

We're the product Cloudkick grew into after being acquired. We love to collaborate with peers and make things for people who make things. We want to build the monitoring tools we've always wanted. Come join us and write code every day in Node.js, Java, C, and Lua.

More info: https://uscareers-rackspace.icims.com/jobs/10925/software-de...

NGP VAN - Washington, DC - Engineering Director, Team Lead, Senior Developer, DevOps Engineer

NGP VAN (https://coderwall.com/team/ngp-van) is the world’s leading political technology firm, providing campaign and organizing technology to Democrats, progressives, and non-partisan organizations. We offer an integrated platform that combines the best fundraising, compliance, organizing, and new media products available.

We are a rapidly growing company that built the voter contact and volunteer management tools used by Obama for America. Nearly every State Democratic Party in the country distributes our VoteBuilder tools to Democrats up and down the ticket, and we provide industry-leading organizing tools for labor unions, environmental groups, pro-choice advocates, civil rights activists, and international political parties across the world. Our fundraising and compliance software is used by the vast majority of Democratic candidates from the Presidential level on down, and our fast-growing new media platform has recently become the most-used platform by Democratic campaigns as well.

We have a several spots open in DC - most of them (management and devops) are focused on our public facing products that run on a combination of node, angular, mongo, dynamo, drupal, and a touch of ruby now, with a senior developer spot for our asp.net mvc, ef, and angular stack.

The positions offers competitive compensation and a strong benefits package. NGP VAN prides itself on being a progressive workplace; we have a fun and inclusive company culture, including blowing off steam on a softball field, drinking in the office on Fridays while watching team demo videos, shooting at each other during Friday Fragfest, enjoying periodic company retreats to warm places with beaches (including Jamaica or Dominican Republic this November), and casual Friday every day.

Coderwall: https://coderwall.com/team/ngp-van Company Site: http://ngpvan.com

Hit me up at dmiller at ngpvan dot com for more info or to apply.

CFPB, Remote or D.C. - Back-end, Front-End, Designers and UX

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is hiring technology specialists to join the team for a 2 year term.

The fellowship is a unique opportunity for developers and designers to join a government agency and help it develop new tools for the public.

Regarding tech you will use a combination of Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Clojure and other tools so polyglots are welcome.

To apply find the position that best suits you here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/jobs/technology-innovation-fe...

Skai, Inc. - Arlington, VA (Washington, DC)

Hiring Talented and Ambitious Developers for the future of Big Data

About Skai:

Originally funded out of the MIT computer science community, Skai is a fast-growing technology company. With over 1,000 pages of intellectual property behind our core technology, we are disrupting the data integration market by delivering a cloud platform for the next generation of big data. Skai is working with some of the largest Fortune 500’s. Although we can’t go into any more detail in this space, we’d love to tell you more once you’ve applied!

Senior Back-End Developer

Join our engineering team as we tackle the challenges of distributed data and computation. As part of the platform development team, you’ll participate actively in all phases of the development process: architecture, design and implementation. If you’re interested in graphs, distributed data structures, functional programming paradigms, reactive computation, and distributed systems – or if you’re curious how those things come together to form a powerful model for integrating and transforming data at scale – we’d love to talk to you!

Skills & Requirements: 

Need to have:  -- Java proficiency -- Excellent communication skills -- Basic experience with the Hadoop ecosystem -- B.S. in computer science or equivalent experience

Nice to have: -- HBase proficiency -- Hadoop MapReduce proficiency -- Distributed systems experience -- Scala proficiency -- NoSQL -- Experience using Spark or other tools in Berkeley Data Analytics stack -- Experience with Akka actor framework

We want our developers to be happy and productive, and we don’t hesitate to buy whatever software or hardware tools are needed to make that happen. We also like to relax with board games and ping pong on Friday afternoons. We offer competitive compensation, including stock options.

You can check out our website at http://skai.net/ (...it's currently undergoing a complete overhaul).

If any or all of this sounds like the kind of work you want to do with the team you want to be a part of, then reach out to us at careers@skai.net

HubSpot - http://www.hubspot.com - Cambridge/Boston, MA

We create software that helps businesses with their online marketing. The company is several hundred employees and nearing a hundred in engineering. Things are organized in small teams and you get to have a big impact. We were also named the #2 place in Massachusetts to work.

On the backend, we use Java (modern Java with DropWizard, Guice, and the like) and Python (Django). We love using JSON to get things done. For storage, there's HBase, Hadoop (for MapReduce jobs), MySQL, ZooKeeper, Redis, and Memcached. We do great monitoring and deploy hundreds of times a day. We use CI and have automated deployment. Don't expect your code to languish in git (we have GitHub Enterprise) for long.

On the front end, we use Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, and jQuery.

We're also looking for iOS and Android engineers.

Work schedule seems flexible (most engineers work 10-6), you get great equipment (like a Retina MacBook Pro and Thunderbolt display), and you get to make a meaningful difference in the product. There's free drinks (including beer), snacks, etc.

It's a great place to be and hope you come join us! We have lots of positions open.

Software Engineer: http://jobvite.com/m?3UQdwgwe

JavaScript: http://jobvite.com/m?3iQdwgwC

Infrastructure Automation and Tooling: http://jobvite.com/m?3wRdwgwR

Mobile, iOS, Android, JS: http://jobvite.com/m?3XRdwgwi

Core Data (Hadoop, HBase): http://jobvite.com/m?34Rdwgwp

Reliability: http://jobvite.com/m?3HSdwgw3

Technical Lead: http://jobvite.com/m?3zSdwgwV

Scribd (YC '06), San Francisco - VISA, FULL-TIME, and INTERN are all welcome

Scribd ("Netflix for eBooks", top 100 website, 50 people) is hiring talented hackers of all kinds to help us build the library of the 21st century.

We've hired EIGHT full-time people and TONS of interns from these "Who is Hiring" threads ... it really works!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript (well, we use Coffeescript)

* iOS OR Android (we're a top 10 eBook app with more reviews than Wikipedia, with a tiny mobile team)

* Machine Learning / data mining / recommendations - think Netflix prize, but for books!

* Product manager and design (UI or UX) roles too

* Internships: junior standing or above for all areas of engineering. We hire several interns every summer and year-round.

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience.

We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a rock climbing wall!). Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire, and we love hiring people with entrepreneur and startup ambitions. We are also always looking for international people interested in moving to the US and can help you secure a visa.

You can read more about our "Netflix for Books" service here http://wrd.cm/1dJquzz or check out our tech blog at http://coding.scribd.com

More info is at http://www.scribd.com/jobs, but as a HN user, feel free to apply directly by emailing me at jared at scribd.com.

New Classrooms - New York, NY

Software Developers at New Classrooms work at the intersection of technology and education. Building and improving on groundbreaking technology, our Software Developers play a critical role supporting the development of new models for personalized education. We are seeking a Junior .NET Developer to produce, maintain, and evolve personalized learning algorithms.


Kumu Networks - Santa Clara, CA - http://kumunetworks.com/

Kumu Networks is revolutionizing the way wireless systems are built using an innovative full-duplex wireless design that its co-founders developed in their research at Stanford. Wireless full-duplex allows a radio to transmit and receive signals at the same time and on the same frequency channel. Kumu's patent pending full-duplex technology changes the basic assumptions on which current wireless radios are built, allowing for improved performance and reduced complexity across a variety of wireless devices and markets.

We're looking for well-rounded systems programmers with an embedded systems, C, Linux, and networking background. Fluency in Python and Git workflows are big pluses. In addition, we're looking for software engineers with a background in cellular stacks, and algorithms scientists with a background in optimization. See more information on open positions here: http://www.jobscore.com/jobs/kumunetworks. Apply on jobscore or email resumes and/or questions to jobs@kumunetworks.com. Please mention Hacker News!

This is a well-funded technology startup with a small team, a highly cross-disciplinary environment, and a very concrete mission. Help us change the future of wireless!

Sensor Tower (SF) (Designer, Engineer, Customer Happiness) (Intern) https://sensortower.com Do you play Clash of Clans? Candy Crush? Ever wonder how to get your app on top of the app store?

We at Sensor Tower (AngelPad) help mobile apps increase their downloads and rocket to the top of the app store. We have over 26k customers tracking over 500k apps and used by companies such as Yahoo, Skype, Zynga, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, and Supercell. We're a small + high caliber team located in the heart of San Francisco and backed by Rembrandt Ventures, Merus Capital, and BDMI. We're built using Ruby + Rails, MongoDB + Mongoid, Redis, Coffeescript, Knockout.js, d3.js, AWS. We reverse engineer apps and internal APIs, write our own gems, and use natural language processing to parse through millions of app reviews for our customers.

What we offer: A chance to revolutionize how information is delivered to mobile marketers and app developers. Competitive salary and significant (enormous) equity in well-funded, high-growth company. Free lunch, daily. Unlimited vacation and holidays. Top-notch healthcare, vision, & dental coverage. Unlimited Gym membership. An incredible team of fun, bright coworkers. We're looking for smart, motivated individuals for full time positions. Ping us at oliver (at) sensortower dot com.

Eyegroove - San Francisco, CA (http://eyegroove.com/#jobs)

From the team that brought you some of the most innovative music apps including Björk: Biophilia and the Beck produced Philip Glass:REWORK_ App (http://snibbestudio.com). We are now focused completely on Eyegroove, a social platform for user-created music video. We plan to do for music video what Instagram did for photos.

Our app released 2 months ago, and is in a soft-launch phase tuning the MVP experience before we go big. We have a small team of six with amazing talents and extremely good relations with one another. The work is rich and rewarding, immediately seeing the results with our community. You should have some combination of abilities in creating iOS interfaces for new features (UIKit); graphics (OpenGL, GLSL), video, effects, and audio work; to contributing to interaction design and company strategy.

Read more about our company and launch here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/05/prweb11817423.htm

Apply via jobs [at] eyegroove.com or on Angellist: https://angel.co/jobs?tab=profile&startup_id=319523

Bitmatica - San Francisco, CA - On-Site - Full Time - Junior iOS Developer

We're a small web and mobile development agency thats created dozens of successful applications for our clients. Given our explosive growth, we’re looking to hire a second freelance Junior iOS engineer. Your first project awaits you and will be full-time on-site in San Francisco’s Financial District.

Why join our team? + You'll learn and work alongside our experienced engineers + You'll gain experience with dozens of technologies across multiple products + We have a designer on staff who provides beautiful, fully-spec'd UI/UX + Our projects are all clearly spec'd + You'll build multiple (not just one) applications for the most innovative companies in tech + Our culture is highly democratic; you are the lead on your projects

We're looking someone who: + Has 1+ years of experience building/shipping iOS apps via Objective-C/Cocoa + Has solid communication skills - our clients often have minimal technical skills + Loves to learn and asks questions + Is self-motivated and takes action (the first 25 applicants are guaranteed a response!) + Bonus: Has experience with full stack web development including Ruby or JavaScript

If this sounds good, email me at Munjal at bitmatica.com with the subject "hire me!" and include information about yourself! Compensation will be experience based.

SPINS LLC - http://www.spins.com Chicago and Schaumburg, IL Software Engineers, Designers, and QA Engineers wanted!

We are looking for a variety of software engineers, designers, and QA engineers to fill out our engineering team. SPINS is the leading provider of analytics, reporting, and insights for the natural, organic, and specialty products industry. We deliver analytics to naturally-focused retailers and manufacturers, based on point-of-sale data, transactional data, and other sources.

Technologies we're using include Java, Hadoop/Pig, DB2/MySQL/PostgreSQL, REST, and AngularJS. We use agile development, git, and maven.

Reasons I love working here:

- SPINS is about 100 people, but still like a startup in some ways. There's a great team and good resources, but everyone is friendly, casual, flexible on hours and which office you work from. There's free snacks, biweekly masseuse, that sort of thing.

- We are at the intersection of two awesome growth industries: big data analytics, and natural foods/products.

- We are spinning up some cool tech projects: Moving all our processing to Hadoop, new responsive webapps, and mobile later this year.

You can see some postings at http://spins.atsondemand.com/, or feel free to ping me at snoto@spins.com if you're interested in any engineering role.

OneHealth - Solana Beach, CA (San Diego area)

The company I work for as an iOS engineer, OneHealth is a behavioral modification platform that increases outcome-driven wellness and reduces the cost of health care by combining clinical principles, social technologies and game mechanics to extend the reach and benefits of professional medical and clinical care. We are revolutionizing the health care industry so we can help saves lives every day. OneHealth Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2008, is backed by a leading industry Venture Capital firm, and is located in Solana Beach, CA. This is an opportunity to join a small company making a big impact. We have an engaging corporate culture that combines high standards, professional discipline and an enjoyable team-oriented environment. Competitive benefits package including health, dental and vision insurance, 401K and Equity Incentive plan. Our offices are located one mile from the beach and we offer a free weekly yoga class and surfing meet ups. (www.OneHealth.com)

Senior Software Engineer (http://jobvite.com/m?3WsLugwo)

Android Software Engineer (http://jobvite.com/m?3OrLugwf)

Lead Test Automation Engineer (http://jobvite.com/m?3WIewgw9)

Engineering Intern (http://jobvite.com/m?3wKewgwL)

Senior Software Engineers - TrueVault - SoMa, SF https://www.truevault.com/ -------------------------------------------------

TrueVault is an off-premise, secure data store that developers use to make their applications immediately secure and HIPAA compliant. TrueVault stores healthcare data from mobile health apps, wearable devices, and even genomic research so that our customers don’t need to spend their precious time worrying about security, performance, and scalability. More than just a database as a service, TrueVault’s proprietary technology allows us to secure our customers' data better than anyone else can (hint: think encryption and global scale slice distribution).

Our mission is to provide the simplest, most secure way for web apps, mobile apps, and even wearable devices to store sensitive data. Simple and secure access and storage of people’s most personal and private information is a huge challenge. That's why we are looking for incredible people (like you perhaps?) to join us.

We are also hiring a Client Library Engineer and an Engineering Lead. TrueVault is in a great location and offers great compensation, benefits, and extra perks to employees. If you are interested in speaking about who we are and our job opportunities, please reach out to me at sierra@truevault.com or apply at: https://jobs.lever.co/truevault

Be sure to let us know that you heard about the opening through HN!

San Francisco, CA: Active Mind Technology / GAME GOLF -- http://www.gamegolf.com/jobs

Do you love golf? Do you want a job in tech where you can live and breathe golf every day -- to create easier and better ways to track your stats, to compete with your friends, to analyze your game, and to connect every golfer and golf fan on the planet? If so, then Active Mind Technology is the place for you.

We are a lean and scrappy group of software and hardware folks, revolutionizing the way sports are played and analyzed with next-generation wearable products, starting with golf. We launched our first product GAME GOLF at the PGA Show, with support from PGA players (Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, Jim Furyk), Apple retail stores, the PGA and Golf Channel, and a few of the largest sporting goods stores.

We’re looking for experienced engineers, (front-end, back-end, iOS, Android), as well as data scientists, product managers, designers, and an RTOS expert for our wearable tech. Our platform is built on Java, PostgreSQL, PHP, and AngularJS. This is a small team so be prepared to hit the ground running!

We are hiring ASAP for full-time in San Francisco only. Our office is on Townsend near the Caltrain. Please contact jobs@gameyourgame.com with inquiries. We’re also on AngelList and Facebook if you want to find out more.

Ruby Developer | Charlie (an early-stage, funded startup) | Chicago, IL

We're looking for a developer who's sort of a bad-ass. Can you think up mind-blowing solutions to complex, hairy problems? Do you get excited by things like graph databases and machine learning? We want someone who can move fast, think creatively, and deliver quality/tested code. Is this you? Have at least a couple years of professional experience writing code. Take a small risk and join us in building a growth business.

Who are we? Before any meeting, Charlie automatically researches people before you see them. Researching people is a complex problem: we sift through, analyze, and manipulate data into powerful insights (i.e. what are they passionate about, what do you have in common?). CNBC called us “One of the world’s most promising new companies” and SXSW selected us as an Accelerator Finalist.

We’ve built Charlie to research people at massive scale, using the latest Ruby on Rails stack with MongoDB, Redis, Sidekiq, and hosted in an elastic cloud farm. We write code with agility and have a tight process where anyone on the team can deploy to production at any time, without approval. We thoroughly test our code, though we’re not strict TDD. We're a small dev that loves to code, and constantly pushes, and learns from each other.

This is your opportunity to join an early-stage company that’s making moves.

Interested? Find out more here: https://charlieapp.com/jobs

Transcriptic: Full-stack developer (emphasis on frontend)

Menlo Park, CA

Transcriptic is "Amazon Web Services" for the life sciences. Rather than carry out wet-lab experiments by hand, researchers can code up (or visually configure) their experimental protocols and then run them in Transcriptic's central, highly automated 'biocenter' in an on-demand way. Customers have no upfront capital costs and pay for only what they use. Life science research today is incredibly slow, error-prone, monotonous, and expensive with researchers spending many hours a day every day just moving small volumes of liquids from one place to another. We're building a long-term company to completely change the way life science research and development is done.

We're looking for a highly talented full-stack web developer. On top of our robotic work cells is a slew of internal services as well as a Rails app that acts as our lab information management system and customer-facing UI. Challenges range from building rich, interactive interfaces for composing protocols to presenting analytical data generated by the lab back to the user. We use d3, Backbone, and some CoffeeScript today, but you'd be free to choose your own tools and libraries.

We're a rapidly growing startup (you'd be #18), but well funded ($6M) and have customers at places like Harvard, Caltech, UCSF, and Stanford. You'd be able to work on interesting science and hard technology in a small, all technical team with lots of freedom and resources.

A biology background is preferred but not strictly necessary for outstanding people.

Recent coverage:

- http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/18/5216738/inside-transcript...

- http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/18/aws-for-life-science-with-4...

team at transcriptic.com


This sounds like it could be a really good fit for me. My undergraduate degree is in biology, I've got an MS is bioinformatics and I'm currently working on my PhD while being a full-time director/lead developer of the IT group in a division of biomedical informatics at a academic health center.

I wasn't actively seeking out employment, but I think I'll apply for this. Thanks!

HHMI Janelia Farm, Ashburn, VA. http://janelia.org

What we do: connectomics, or large-scale neural circuit reconstruction with electron microscopy, computer vision and machine learning.

What you will do: design and implement high-accuracy high-performance software for automatic reconstruction of neural circuits. We aim at (semi)automating what is now a slow, manual task.

Who will you work with:

  Tom Kazimiers - https://github.com/tomka
  Jan Funke - https://github.com/funkey
  Albert Cardona - https://github.com/acardona
  Stephan Saalfeld - https://github.com/axtimwalde
  Stephan Gerhard - https://github.com/unidesigner
Who you are:

  You know python, C++, and are comfortable with postgres and javascript.
  You are familiar with computer vision and image processing in general.
  You have developed using version control some open source projects
    that we can look at to evaluate your skills.
  A plus if you have used already django and djcelery, and are comfortable
    using remote machines and clusters.
We offer excellent benefits.

Contact: install CATMAID and submit a pull request with a fix. https://github.com/acardona/CATMAID/issues

Shift – Software Engineer – San Francisco – full time – VISA welcome

Shift is building a new way to buy and sell cars. The founding team includes the co-founder of Taxi Magic; an experienced Google and Dropbox engineer; and a long-time Google Product Manager.

We are looking for engineers who have a strong product sense and are passionate about both technology and user experience. This includes full-stack, front-end, back-end, and mobile engineers. Join our team, come in at the ground level, and shape a product that has great potential to transform a huge market!

Our tech stack is HTML5, iOS, Android, Go, App Engine, and AWS.

Cars are the largest retail vertical in the US – consumers buy almost 50 million new and used cars every year, totaling $1 trillion in value. Yet technology has barely touched the market. Americans buy cars in the same, burdensome ways they did decades ago. Selling a car means either letting the dealer collect a huge margin in a trade-in, or significant hassle selling to a private party. Our goal is to create a delightful experience for every person buying and selling a car, similar to Tesla’s customer service.

Shift is extremely well-funded (with a seed round as large as many A rounds), has strong partnerships with key strategic players across the value chain of the car buying process, and has done dozens of sales in San Francisco. We are lean and hypotheses-driven, led by engineering and design. We work hard together, have fun together, and strive to ensure a healthy and respectful culture.


Eventstagram (http://eventstagr.am/) - Full time, London UK - Project Manager

Eventstagram builds real-time Instagram and Twitter slideshows for events of all sizes. We work with a number of notable clients including Ferrari, Nike, Microsoft and The O2 Arena; we're based in one of the most exciting workspaces in London.

We're looking for an experienced, organised project manager to help focus our development team's efforts, keep the clients up-to-date and help plan our long-term development.


- Holding daily development meetings, preferably using agile project management, - Managing the task workflow by scheduling in developers and designers to projects, - Account management, - Managing bugs by creating a system for finding, reporting, filtering, reproducing, prioritising and writing up bugs, - Managing feature requests by assessing, scheduling and checking they meet expectations, - Product Management, scoping out new features through an understanding of the market; competition, product positioning and usability.

If interested, you can read more on our blog or drop us an email at info@eventstagr.am


Software Engineer at Roundtown (http://roundtown.com) -- Cambridge, MA

Roundtown is a 6-person startup. We've built a Web site (http://roundtown.com) that lists events (concerts, plays, movies, sports games, everything else) happening everywhere. We just launched in May - check it out! Our site is still an early beta, and we want to add many more features as we grow our user base this year. Our goal is nothing less than to become the top destination online for finding out what's going on anywhere.

We are looking to add a couple of software engineers to our team. You should be a proficient programmer who's enthusiastic about joining a fast-moving startup environment. We're using Scala, Play, Slick, Postgres, Angular and Bootstrap. You should already know at least some of these technologies, or be able to learn them very quickly. Knowledge of machine learning would be a big plus as well.

We're in a cool co-working space right near Central Square. Unlike some startups, we can offer you a real salary plus early-stage stock options in our venture.

By the way, some things we'll be working on in the near future include:

- Mobile apps for iOS and Android - Social event sharing - Crawling the Web to find more events than we have today - Automatic event categorization - Personalized event recommendations - Lots more polish and glitter

Sound like a fit? Yeehaw - send your resume to jobs@roundtown.com .

Software Engineer at Zoomforth.com -- San Francisco, CA - Full Time, Local

We're building technology to make it easy for non-technical people to make multimedia-enhanced business messaging. There are lots of people whose impact is much greater with the ability to build messaging that includes photos and video, for sales, recruiting, or leadership, and we're striving to build the best product we can in that space.

We've got our foot in the door at several enterprise companies, and have closed a few larger deals. Our product is evolving -- there's a lot still to be imagined and built, in addition to the clear stepping stones to bigger sales with new enterprise clients.

We're looking to bring on our first engineering hire. We use Python+Pyramids as our framework, with a great deal of javascript including backbone.js and jQuery. Our persistence layer includes mysql and elastic search on top of AWS.

We're hiring experienced developers at either full-stack or front-end positions. We are passionate about making good software, and bringing an experience to our users that they love. If you think you can help us build that, apply via email at engineering+hn(at)zoomforth(dot)com Check us out at https://zoomforth.com/about.

What can we offer?

A competitive salary, full medical coverage, a flexible environment where we actually care about not burning people out, and a commitment from us to help you reach the top of your game, whatever that means for you.

* Stylect (http://stylectapp.com) *

We're hiring a Fulltime Python Developer in London (REMOTE is okay).

We're a small, fun team that's trying to change how people shop on mobile. We're backed by a top VC in London and were featured by Apple as a 'best new app' in over a hundred countries and are getting some incredible traction. Our team has previously worked for Rocket Internet, Dafiti, Techstars and Pixelmator. We've got strong domain expertise in the area and believe that there's a massive opportunity in the space.

You'll be working on core projects on day 1 and once you're familiar with the source, expect to be leading key projects. You'll be challenged constantly as we keep pushing the boundaries of what a 'simple' app can do (algorithms, image analysis etc..).

We're also quite open about our numbers and our plans, so please drop us a line (hadi@stylectapp.com) and lets chat. Coffee is on us :).

P.S: We're willing to be flexible for STRONG candidates because our biggest priority is to build an amazing team.

Pivotal Labs has spent the last two years building a Product Management practice, and we're looking for people that want to focus on the craft of shaping a product. I run the practice and am committed to bringing a Lean focus to two decades of amazing Agile development.

Palo Alto - http://pivotallabs.com/pl_job/product-manager-12/

Boulder - http://pivotallabs.com/pl_job/product-manager-10/

Chicago - http://pivotallabs.com/pl_job/product-manager-9/

San Francisco - http://pivotallabs.com/pl_job/product-manager/

London - http://pivotallabs.com/pl_job/product-manager-3/

Toronto - http://pivotallabs.com/pl_job/product-manager-11/

New York - http://pivotallabs.com/pl_job/product-manager-2/

San Francisco and Toronto, Fulltime

We're PagerDuty, changing the way people interact with machines that have gone wrong. Everyone you know uses us, and now we're expanding into the rest of the world. There are over a dozen positions we're looking for right now.

If you read HN, you might want to be:

* Our data warehouse engineer ( http://pduty.me/1iRhj3a ) or work on our Business Systems ( http://pduty.me/V7Vstc ) If you want a front row seat to how a successful startup grows.

* Our team in Toronto is possibly the best Scala shop in Canada: http://pduty.me/1lOHgQf

* We're hiring web developers ( http://pduty.me/1sUtuAm )

* And we recently opened an evangelist role ( http://pduty.me/1rcO8Kh ) which is all kinds of exciting.

We pay well, you get to work with good people, on problems that matter. And if you live in SF, we're very easy to get to (much of the office bikes to work). I'm dave@pagerduty.com if you have any questions.

For all other jobs, visit: http://pduty.me/jobshnjune

Kivo (YC S13) - London

We're building Github for documents and have started by creating the best way to store, share and get feedback on presentations. We're a team of three based in Soho, London. You'll be technical hire #2 and have a huge amount of responsibility and ownership of the product. We're looking for an excellent front-end developer. You love Javascript, but are comfortable picking up other languages, and obsess over building the best possible user experience. Customer feedback is our guiding light so working closely with users in shaping Kivo should excite you.

Our back end is Scala / Play and we're in the process of moving to Angular, so bonus points for experience with that.

Equity grants will be well above market for first hires and salary will be competitive. We want new partners, not just employees, so we are looking for people who are as driven to succeed as we are.

We're hiring for people who want to help lead the team as we continue to grow, so you should be excited to shape the development culture of a fast growing start-up.

We also know there's more to life than work. You get gym membership for gyms across London and an extremely sociable team to work with. We love poker, eating out, tennis, and nights at the pub.

If this sounds exciting, ping us (leo@kivo.com) and we'd love to buy you lunch and have a chat.

Potato are hiring project managers, Django developers, frontend developers and UX designers in London UK, Bristol UK, and Mountain View California. Freelance & fulltime.

We're is a 75-person developer-lead agency based in London, UK with offices in Bristol, Sydney & San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients include Google, PayPal, Skype, a number of startups and other agencies such as BBH & Mother.



San Francisco, CA


Node.js | Backbone | Angular | D3 | MySQL

  * Full Stack Engineer
  * Machine Learning
  * Frontend Engineer

At DataHero, we’re building a beautiful data analysis and visualization platform that anyone can use to understand their business data.

Can you explain a join to your sales manager? Can you instead build a system where she can combine her Salesforce and Stripe data without learning a line of SQL?

Our system uses recommendation algorithms, an intuitive user experience, and all the dirty engineering grit to give non-engineers superhuman analysis skills.


  - build high-concurrency single page HTML5 webapps
  - don’t mind that Node.js hasn’t yet reached 1.0 
    (and have built many an escalator through the 9 levels of callback hell)
  - believe design is just as important as engineering
  - want to work for a top venture backed startup with monthly recurring revenue
  - want to contribute to our beer preference datasets with our 
    small close-knit team: 
If you’re a software hacker or data nerd who wants to lead the next data revolution, get in touch with us at jobs@datahero.com.

ZocDoc – Soho, NYC

Engineering Manager and Principal Software Engineer:

At ZocDoc we are working on real products that are improving people’s lives (at 5 million users a month)! We need an Engineering Manager who knows how to strike the right balance between upfront planning and iterative development. When you join a team, you make good engineers great and great engineers even better. You have the technical experience necessary to help your team members with tough challenges and you're not afraid to dive in and write code with the rest of the team. You prefer data-driven decision making and are always chasing the opportunity where you can make the most impact. Finally, you have a history of setting ambitious goals and then crushing them.

We also need a Principal Engineer to drive our elite dev team toward an even brighter future. This role is for a highly experienced engineer with a tireless devotion to good system design across the entire stack. From data storage/retrieval/manipulation to consumer APIs and client template renderers, you’ll care deeply about all of it and push us toward perfection.

We offer:

+ Awesome team of extremely smart devs

+ Ability to help build a product that customers love

+ 100% healthcare, unlimited vacation, catered lunch everyday, and we will do visa transfers/sponsor

Learn more about us at http://engineering.zocdoc.com/ or apply at http://www.zocdoc.com/careers

Nod Labs - http://hellonod.com - Mountain View CA - Full Time, Interns, no remote work.

We believe our technology will fundamentally change how we interact with computers and our environment. We have built the first and only pixel accurate gestural control device, and we are just getting started. Imagine walking into a living room turning the lights down, adjusting the thermostat and searching for your favorite show on your TV with just subtle movements of your finger.

Yourself: Self starter and mostly importantly a finisher - pick something up and deliver without supervision. You will be a manager with a team size of one - you. You will need to pick the next problem on the way to achieve our goals and solve it. You could be working on our custom OS twiddling GPIOs or you could be hacking on the backend or polishing off our iOS app. You will need to hold a lot of complexity in your head and have solid CS fundamentals. For what we do, Google may not have all the answers to your questions, github may not have any such sample code and Stackoverflow may have a vaguely related question with no replies, but you will be responsible for solving the problem.

Team: ex-(Apple, Facebook, Google, Jawbone, Lab126, NASA, Samsung). Approximately 1/3rd of the team are PhDs (or PhDs on “pause”) in various fields (Math, Physics, CS) from MIT, Stanford, CMU etc.

Along with incredibly smart engineers we are also looking for a world class Product Manager who can work with the incredibly smart engineers while also being laser sharp focused on execution.

Drop us an email at stdin@nod-labs.com

Rinse - San Francisco, CA https://www.rinse.com

Although the domain isn't sexy at first glance, Laundry and Dry Cleaning really are problems that would benefit from today's technical prowess. Modernizing laundry has real environmental benefits to water usage, not to mention the convenience factor of a delivery service. As humanity becomes more and more urban and less and less likely to have space for a personal washer and dryer, demand for efficient laundry service is growing.

Rinse needs to tackle interesting technical challenges as well. Of course, the routing problem as popularized by the Traveling Salesman Problem (except with multiple, load-balanced agents) is a challenge, but since we are also taking photos of the clothes we process, there are interesting data mining, machine learning, and image processing applications as well. This is in addition to the joys of rapidly scaling an operational system, while continually optimizing a consumer-facing product.

We're looking for skilled developers of all types to join us, including Web Developers and Full-Stack Developers. Since we haven't taken any VC yet, this is a chance to earn a significant equity stake (while still earning a competitive salary).

We're a Python - Django - Heroku - AWS - Postgres - Backbone.js - Sass - HAML - HTML5 shop currently, but since we're small, there are opportunities to steer us technically as well.

More information at https://www.rinse.com/careers/ or just contact us at jobs@rinse.com

REDI Technologies (http://www.redi.com)


Locations :: New York, NY and Dallas (Frisco), Texas

Background :: Our mission is to “make trading better”. REDI is a startup (10 months old) dedicated to taking an already successful trading platform to the next level. As a tech company that operates in the financial trading industry, we have a very different perspective and approach. Our next-generation platform is focused on building a community for the buy-side, sell-side, and technology providers, bridging the Wall Street and the FinTech startup spaces. We take a highly open and collaborative approach to building our technology (everything from C++, Java, .NET, Ruby, Angular, NodeJS, Chef, PostgreSQL, etc). We need individuals with a passion for technology, and an unparalleled drive to deliver world-class software across the desktop, web, and mobile contexts. Financial knowledge is not required, but a strong engineering mindset and razor-sharp problem solving skills are a must.

Roles (FULL-TIME, H1B, VISA supported) :: - Software Engineers

  - DevOps Engineers

  - Test Engineers

  - Product Managers

We'd love to hear from you. Send any inquiries or resumes to: jobs@redi.com

- Josh (CTO)

Acquia is hiring for a variety of DevOps roles - Boston, MA

Acquia Cloud is a platform as a service tuned to run some of the largest websites on the planet. Although we're focused on Drupal (essentially the largest open source project in the world) on the cloud team we utilize a variety of languages and operate a polyglot PaaS engineered for enterprise needs.

We're one of Amazon's largest customers and run over 8000 AWS instances. Do you want to not just do DevOps but instead join a team devoted to DevOps at massive scale? If so let me know!

Acquia, itself, was named the fastest growing private company in America last year.

We have openings for junior and senior DevOps engineers, distributed systems engineers, systems administrators, low-level developers (C modules, Kernel engineers, etc.) and more.

We utilize a variety of languages and technology, including: Ruby, Puppet, MySQL, Cassandra, Python, Go and more!

Let me know if you want to work on exciting DevOps project at ludicrous scale such as:

  * Architecting highly scalable and resilient PaaS services using technologies such as Docker
  * Developing a monitoring infrastructure in Sensu to monitor 10s of thousands of hosts
  * Building next-generation Virtual Private Cloud network security features to power some of the most secure websites on the planet
  * Scaling a platform health feature to millions of datapoints using Graphite and Cassandra
Take a peek at http://bit.ly/acquiajobs or write me at andrew[dot]kenney[at]acquia[dot]com

Andrew didn't ask, but I thought I'd just add my 2 cents:

I've been at Acquia for a few years and it's a fun place to be. Running a system on such a large scale is one of the coolest things I've done in my career so far and there is something new and interesting happening every day.

Something that is appealing (at least to me), is that the team is running a very "professional" process. All of the commits are code reviewed and have passing tests, the colleagues are all great and impressively capable engineers. Everybody is excited about adding things like code metrics, good refactorings and helpful tooling (travis ci, ...). Even though it's a somewhat "streamlined" process, there is still enough time to fix those annoying little things (Upgrading the Ruby version we use, restructure our puppet manifests for logical consistency, ...).

It's a great place to learn and work in a team that actually lives the whole DevOps idea.

Andrew (syrneus) is an Engineer and understands the problems that business requirements can have with the current way we're doing things.

Ok, enough now before the marketing department tries to get me to write a blog post ;)

SmartBIM (http://www.smartbim.com) Atlanta, GA REMOTE

About SmartBIM: We are creating innovative new tools that let architects, engineers, designers, owners, and contractors to tap into the full potential of building information modeling (BIM) and we need bright, energetic people to contribute in a team environment to deliver best in class BIM content creation, management, distribution and discovery capabilities.

The job:

-You will be the in-house indexing expert

-You will create and enhance the next generation of our index services. These services are written in C# on top of Elasticsearch and are used by our internal and public facing applications to view and manipulate data.

-You will drive future iterations of the index and take us to where we need to be in regards to index services functionality and index structure and content.

About the technical side:

-We use git, write tests, do regular code reviews, do sprints, have daily standups, and value our time off.

-We have a mix of systems, written in a variety of languages.

-We are building the next version of our infrastructure in C#.

About you: -You have significant Elasticsearch, Lucene, or Solr experience. This won't be your first large index project.

-You are a senior level Java or C# programmer who will enjoy programming in C# on a day-to-day basis.

-You thrive working in a collaborative environment.

Please contact myles.henderson@smartbim.com.

Vurb - San Francisco, CA - http://vurb.com

We just won TechCrunch Disrupt NYC - http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/05/vurb/

Vurb is working on reinventing search, browsing, and sharing - by creating an intelligent layer over the Internet that helps you get things done in one place. Rather than opening lots of windows/tabs or hopping from mobile app to mobile app, we're building a platform that brings everything together.

We do this by connecting the services we use in a contextual way, through data technologies (search, machine learning, big data, etc.) and original thinking around UI/UX.

We're funded by Max Levchin, Drew Houston (Dropbox), Naval Ravikant (AngelList), CrunchFund, and many others. This is a hard problem, but it has the potential to change the behavior of how we do things on the Internet (and make it fun!)

Full-time opportunities in San Francisco (3+ yrs experience, interview on-site)

* Search / Data Scientist / Data Engineer - search, classification, ranking, ML, recommendation systems, NLP, graph dbs, data crawling/processing. Search experience strongly desired.

* Full-stack Engineer - experience in JavaScript and async programming (e.g., node.js) preferable

* Android Engineer

* Lead Designer - visual design, interaction design, and experience design - please include your portfolio or Dribbble when applying

jobs@vurb.com | angel.co/vurb

curious !! why did you decide to move to SF

Patreon. The crowdfunding site for ongoing projects. San Francisco, CA.

Software Engineers: Full-stack, Mobile, DevOps

Yesterday we were featured in SFGate with pictures of the apartment we were working out of but, as of today, we have a beautiful new office on 9th Street, South of Mission.

A vibrant community of artists and musicians are already using the site and it continues to grow. We just closed our Series A round. We're in that moment of transition where the site has stopped being a project written by two enthusiastic roommates and becomes a real company. This means that there's a huge amount of work to do on every level of the stack. The existing site is written in PHP, but we've already started adding Node.js services to do the heavy-lifting for new features. As our third full-time engineer, you'd help us figure out the technology stack we use as we grow.

More information at http://www.patreon.com/jobs . Also, check out the talk our founder Jack Conte gave at XOXO Festival about the vision for the company at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9NjntTUJ1Q

and feel free to email me directly, jesse@

Contextly, San Francisco, CA; http://contextly.com

Our mission is to help publishers thrive in the age of drive-by readers, with tools that are good for readers, writers and publishers. Broadly speaking that means figuring out how to get good stories to the right readers.

We do this with content recommendations that don't suck and have no misleading content. Our recommendation technology marries editorial curation to machine learning. We're a small team, but we've got great clients and we're growing.

We are looking to hire our first two local engineers:

* Infrastructure Engineer * Front-End/Web Developer

Here is what we think would make a good match:

As an infrastruture engineer, here are some skills that will likely lead to a good match:

* Python * Experience with AWS * Experience with both relational dbs and key-value stores * Experience with application/service monitoring/logging * CDNs/Caching/Memcache/Redis * Demonstrated ability to build systems using these skills

As a designer/web developer, here are some skills that will likely lead to a good match:

* API use/design * Javascript * Mobile web experience * Familiarity with publishing systems

Please tell us about yourself in a cover letter.

All serious inquiries will get a response.

Austin TX, AcademicWorks, Senior Ruby Engineer / Systems Architect

We are looking for someone to help us scale, automate, and maintain our SaaS application that is used by some of the largest and most prestigious universities and foundations. We operate a heavily sharded environment and process millions of scholarship applications for our customers. If you love working on interesting problems while knowing that your work is actually helping students pay for school, we'd love to talk to you.

We are a close-knit, pragmatic group. We have fun solving hard problems by tackling them as a team, relying on open communication, and a consistent willingness to pitch in. As a member of our team, you will be given ownership over key projects and entrusted to lead them through to completion. The contributions you make will have a real impact, and will be recognized by both our customers and other team members.

Examples of the work you might do are: * Writing and assisting with the design of new core features for both existing and new products; * Optimizing application and system components for performance and reliability; * Creating tools to automate the scaling of certain components of our AWS-backed infrastructure; and * Instrumenting our application and systems to capture performance and business metrics.

Our technology stack includes: * AWS EC2, Route53, S3, and ElastiCache * Ruby/Rails * Cassandra * Elasticsearch * Postgres * Chef * Redis

If these types of problems and technologies interest you, please contact us at careers@academicworks.com . Experience in one or more of the technologies mentioned is preferred. Passion (and a basic understanding of Linux) is required.

Trulia - San Francisco - Full Time

Trulia's real estate search platform serves 50 million unique visitors every month. With an at-scale web experience, category leading apps in both the Play and iOS App stores, and teams working on behavioral search models, home estimates, commute times, and computer vision, we're doing a lot of cool things and have a constant need for mobile and web engineers. I've worked at Trulia for about 2 years. Employees are taken care of. Engineers have a voice. A successful IPO and healthy balance sheet give us the ability to take on ambitious projects. It's just really a great place to work.

- Competitive comp and equity - Great benefits, including gym reimbursement and free healthcare - Fantastic location in downtown San Francisco, close to Bart, Caltrain, the Transbay Terminal, etc. - Kegs (plural) and a rooftop patio - Quarterly hack-weeks where meetings are prohibited and engineers work on whatever delights them. (More than a few of these projects get on the roadmap and SHIP)

Check out our Jobs page at http://www.trulia.com/jobs and apply. Or reach out to me, shane at trulia dot com.

StackSocial / Venice, CA / Senior Ruby Developers www.stacksocial.com

WE ARE HIRING - www.stacksocial.com/careers

What we are looking for: We are looking for Mid-Level and Senior Ruby Engineers to join the StackSocial team. You'll be part of a small, but growing team, working hard to build a first-of-its-kind native commerce platform.

Who we are: StackSocial was founded in 2011 and is headquartered steps from the sand in Venice Beach, CA. We’re both a native commerce platform that distributes relevant products to our partner network of top tier publishers, and we’re a marketplace for people to discover, share, and buy innovative apps, gadgets, and online tools across the world.

Check us out!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StackSocial Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/StackSocial Awesome Venice Office: http://blog.stacksocial.com/stacksocial-new-digs/

If you want to get in on an early stage, profitable startup and join an amazing team, send your resume to careers@stacksocial.com.

San Francisco, CA Mixpanel (YCS09; http://mixpanel.com) is the most advanced advanced analytics platform ever for web & mobile applications.

Mixpanel is profitable, with thousands of customers and millions in monthly revenue.


Our engineering culture:

  * We do very thorough, line-by-line code reviews using GitHub pull requests. This keeps our code quality high and helps us learn.
  * We try to have two people work together on every project (collaborating, not pairing). It's more fun and it results in better code.
  * We practice rapid iteration. If it's better than live, we ship. We also build things so they can go live (whitelisted) long before launch day.
  * We write tests for things that are mission-critical, prone to failure, or cause paranoia. Think billing and datastore code, not Django views.
  * We care about learning. Right now we're reading through Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment.
  * We currently have 9 vim users, 2 IntelliJ, and 1 emacs holdout.

We have two types of engineering positions available - systems and product. Both of these positions require you to be able to work in San Francisco, CA.

Systems engineers build and scale our infrastructure, and write mostly C, C++, and Python. We are working on a number of new products right now with serious infrastructure challenges and we need more people with great depth to help us solve them. This position requires at least 4 years of experience.

Responsibilities of this role include:

  * Working on our custom datastore (written from the ground up in C)
  * Scaling the data processing pipeline (currently handling > 50K requests per second)
  * Building notification delivery infrastructure (currently sending > 100M emails & push notifications per month)
  * General improvements to performance, reliability, and security
  * Work with the rest of the engineering team to design, build, deploy, and maintain systems
If you're interested in a more full-stack role, check out the Product engineer position: http://boards.greenhouse.io/mixpanel/jobs/7910


The engineering team is still small (12), and there's a lot of interesting stuff to do. Happy to talk details.

If you're interested, drop me a line - tim@mixpanel.com.

Any chance for a REM0TE from Europe for an experienced C++ engineer?

We are unfortunately only hiring for our SF office, no remote (and US work authorization is required).

Are you guys open to hiring interns?

ITU - San Jose, CA

International Technological University is looking for software engineers and DBAs to help us build educational software that handles all the day to day processes that run a university.

ITU is an accredited, non-profit educational institution that offers masters and doctorates degrees for CS and software engineering. We have a close knit, rapidly growing technical team that's focused on building better educational software to help our university grow.

Current work culture is focused on sustainability, stability, and career growth. We make a serious effort at training up current employees and providing mentorship, in addition to giving employees access to free classes at ITU for whatever topics they are interested in.

Detailed job descriptions are available on the ITU website (http://itu.edu/index.php/about-itu/working-at-itu/).

If you're interested in working at ITU as a software developer or DBA, feel free to reach out to me at dwilson@itu.edu with any questions or more information about these positions. I work on the software team here and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


We’re looking for a Product Manager who will help define and build the product roadmap and define the customer experience as we move to internationalize our core study guides, flashcards and tutoring platform.

You’ll own this product and work closely with a dedicated engineering and design team, you’ll collaborate with our other Product team members, and you’ll share product roadmap, expectation and results with our Executive team and board.

Here are a few things we’d love to see in a strong candidate: * 3+ years of professional experience in a Product Manager role in a consumer facing software company, with extra bonus points for educational technology or e-commerce experience.

* A BA or BS degree, or relevant skills and equivalent work experience. MBA a plus!

* You can demonstrate success in delivering products and services in a high growth environment, and you have a track record of successful international product expansion in both strategy and execution.

* You can demonstrate effective, clear communication to lead a team and drive product as a major influencer across the company.

APPLY VIA: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/743

BOSTON Full-time Xamarin is hiring Release Engineer http://xamarin.com/jobs/oV5xYfwf

Come join the team in the Boston office! Xamarin is redefining cross-platform mobile development by unifying fully native app development for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows in a single C#-based platform!

Email me (paula@xamarin.com) if you have questions!

Senior Android Developer

Omada Health (omadahealth.com) is a design-led digital health company that’s looking to re-imagine how the world tackles chronic disease. We’re looking for an experienced Android developer to join our engineering team. You should have been around the block a couple times building out and maintaining Android applications with multiple services. Right now our API is built in Ruby on Rails — you should be ready to take on these technologies and more as we build out our products. We’re creating mobile products to enhance user experience and are looking for developers interested in owning features across multiple platforms

If you're ready to guide technical decision making and work hands-on with some of the best engineers in the health industry, this gig is for you. We value agile, test-driven development and constant collaboration. Our team practices pair programming full time, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn techniques from everyone as well as sharing your skills.


Experience launching an Android app on the Play store

2+ years of experience maintaining an Android app

Exposure to TDD and automated testing

Experience leading a technical team

Meticulous attention to quality

Interest in healthcare or social entrepreneurship


Competitive salary and stock options

Medical, dental, and vision insurance

401k plan

Very flexible vacation policy

Discounts on personal Apple purchases

Satisfaction from making a real-world, positive impact

Rent the Runway - New York, NY (VISA candidates welcome!)

Rent the Runway is building the first online rental platform for retail goods. We're a disruptive e-commerce business that believes democratizing luxury products in the US is just the first step of a broader vision to drive aspirational experiences for tens of millions of users across the globe. We're more than "Netflix for dresses"—we're Cinderella Experience as a Service. Find out more about the challenging product-oriented problems we face across the boundaries of e-commerce, mobile, analytics and shipping/fulfillment here: http://blog.tech.renttherunway.com/

We are hiring front-end, back-end, DevOps, and mobile (iOS) engineers. Our stack:

* Service-oriented architecture with Java 7 (soon to be 8!) and DropWizard: Modern Java is a thing and we've got the proof!

* Ruby and Sinatra for lightweight, scalable web applications.

* JavaScript and Backbone for a front end that's becoming faster and more awesome to work on every day.

Job postings: http://www.renttherunway.com/careers

Urban Airship is hiring full time senior software engineers in San Francisco and Portland.

We're looking for people to join our back end team (which is primarily Java, hbase, cassandra, high volume RPC services), and our web team (JavaScript, python/django, d3, etc...)

Our San Francisco location is a small, engineering and operations-focused office in SOMA. We have the feel of a much smaller company, but we operate at a scale of billions of events per day. If working on APIs that get called 40,000 times per second, all day, every day sounds interesting, you might like us.

Doing interesting things with a firehose of kafka events is also something we also do a lot of.

We support open source software and believe in good tooling (we just released a new project yesterday -- https://github.com/urbanairship/tessera; full disclosure - that was my project for our internal Hack Week recently, and we're now monitoring our metrics in production with it), and minimizing the obstacles to getting stuff done. We also believe in work/life balance, as well has having room for people to work on their side projects; most of our monitoring stack started as side projects!

In our backend stack, experience with Java, netty, protobufs, kafka, hbase, high volume TCP/IP messaging in general, designing and building REST APIs, postgres, postgis, cassandra, geolocation technology, automated testing and deployment are all valuable.

You can check out the official listings at http://urbanairship.com/careers, or send me a note at alpern@urbanairship.com

US - Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA

Fitbit is hiring full-time software and hardware engineers.

I've been a Principal Software Engineer at Fitbit since November (previously Senior Software Engineer at Google) and Fitbit is an awesome place to work. The company culture is fantastic. The people are great to work with. The Boston office feels like a startup because it's so small and new, yet we're well-funded and secure. Everywhere I go people tell me they love our product or know someone who loves it and talks about it.

Boston Software Engineers: http://jobvite.com/m?35Rglgwi

San Francisco Software Engineers: http://jobvite.com/m?3XSglgwb

San Francisco Hardware Engineers: http://jobvite.com/m?3kVhlgwC

If you're really good but none of those positions seems to exactly fit you, apply anyway. New projects are emerging with big data, new products, and other ideas. Feel free to reply with general-interest questions. Personal inquiries can be emailed to me, blewis at the obvious domain.

In Site Engineering, we're using jQuery, underscore, Handlebars, Backbone, Stylus, Buster, Selenium, requirejs, and Highcharts on the front end, with new technologies introduced as needed. We're only using node as part of the build system for now. The back end is tomcat with a lot of Spring and Hibernate in front of mysql.

Some big data projects I'm aware of also use Python. Beyond that, check job listings to know what tools might be used.

New York City, FULL TIME

Company Overview: Kitchensurfing is a company that allows you to hire a chef to come cook in your home for you and your friends. We allow chefs in our marketplace the unique combination of direct access to the people they feed, a chance for extra income, and brand equity for themselves all while doing the thing that they truly love.

Software Engineer at Kitchensurfing

Job Title & Summary: Software Engineer

Key Responsibilities: Engineers at Kitchensurfing are responsible for discussing requirements and making estimations with our designers and product owners, pairing with other engineers to develop user facing functionality and the backend that supports it, then monitoring releases to production and responding to feedback on the work we have delivered.

Department & Supervisor: Reporting to our Director of Engineering as a member of our Product team.

Skills & Qualifications: 3 years of experience as a Software Engineer Skills we seek out: Test driven development, pairing, refactoring, agile, extreme programming, object oriented programming Experience with the technologies we use every day is important to us: Rails, SQL, HTTP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Type of Employment: Full-time

If interested, please email your resume to brian@kitchensurfing.com

Windsor Circle http://www.windsorcircle.com/ - Durham NC

Front End Developer & Python Developer


We're hiring developers on the front end and backend to join our funded startup to help us build and expand our market leading Retention Automation Platform.

Backend Developers will have an opportunity to work with Python, the pyramid web framework, and and many of the leading ecommerce and marketing platforms in the world.

Front End Developers will be able to work in JavaScript with Backbone, jQuery and Marionette.JS to build out our rapidly growing web application.

This is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor with salary and stock options while working with cutting edge technology. Telecommuting is available 1-2 days/wk with the rest of your time spent in our awesome downtown Durham office.

More info here:



MeetMe - New Hope, PA (near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - http://www.meetme.com

See all public openings here: http://jobvite.com/m?3Je6egw2

About Us: MeetMe is the leading social network for meeting new people in the US with over 1 million DAU. We've been around since 2005 as myYearbook, rebranding in 2012 as MeetMe. We've launched other apps such as Choosy, Charm, and Unsaid in the past few months, and are looking to continue adding more standalone apps in the future.

We use a wide variety of languages, generally using what makes sense. C, PHP, Python, JavaScript and Node.js, and native iOS and Android development are the most common.

MeetMe is a fun place to work. We hold a yearly developer retreat, as well as regular company-wide hackathons. We have a book club, board game club, and we even have a game room. While we aren't a new company in the time scale of the internet, we still know how to have fun. We just get the benefit of not having to kill ourselves working 12 hour days. =) This means you'll enjoy actually going home on time! We have many openings, both technical and non-technical. Here is a list of positions we are usually always looking for.

* Senior Web Developer

* Senior Android Developer

* Software iOS Developer

* Network Engineer

You can apply directly here: http://jobvite.com/m?3Je6egw2

Or you can contact me at jlotito@meetme.com. I'm a developer, so feel free to ask specific developer-type questions

TechAccelerator - SoCal or Remote - Contract / Full Time (Interns welcome) - http://www.techaccelerator.com

At TechAccelerator we’ve built a next generation platform that disrupts how Enterprise Technology products are sold. Rethinking the ‘Sales Cycle’ by taking a new approach at the way presentation are given. Our tight team of passionate builders are creating interactive, real-time, demo environments that engage and educate users as it walks them through setting up, configuring and using complex Enterprise Technologies. Let's face it, with social media, smart phones, instagram and technology like vines, we consume information much differently today then we did even 5 years ago. It's about time someone used this to their advantage.

Our clients range from Publicly Traded Manufactuers to some of Silicon Valley's hotest startups.

We're looking for people who like to solve complex problems using simple but elegant solutions.


* Graphic Designer

* Front End Developer

* Full Stack Rails Engineer

* DevOps Engineer

* Cloud Architect

* Solution Architect


Vienna, Austria - full time front-end enthusiast

(local in Vienna, the city with the best quality of life in the world http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/austria/972...)

We, nextSociety Inc want to help people find and connect to the subset of their social network contacts that is actually relevant to them.

To achieve this we need people that like hard challenges, want to work with cutting edge natural language processing and machine learning tools, and know that to deliver value to the customer even the loftiest algorithms have to be glued together with solid software craftsmanship.

We are a Java shop with the frontend written in Backbone for fast prototyping, but strongly believe that real programming talent is not language bound.

We have an office in the center of Vienna in walking distance to innumerable bars and pubs, regular happy hours and regularly host guest start ups to cooperate and learn from each other.

If you are interested or know someone who is, shoot me (ben@nextsociety.com) a mail, recruiters shouldn't bother.

London, UK - Permanent, full time, on-site. Lumi - https://lumi.do

Join Lumi and help us change the way the world discovers content. Brought to you by the people who started Last.fm.

Lumi allows you to anonymously and securely record the pages you visit to let Lumi know what you’re interested in. It finds popular webpages among all users and makes suggestions of pages that will interest you.

We're looking for fine folk to work on

* Our frontend

* Backend services and middleware

* Android/iOS apps

* Our Recommendation Engine, both developers and data scientists

We are also looking for * A Product Lead

* A Design Lead

Our stack is mostly Python backed by Cassandra, Elastic Search and Postgres. We'd like you to know a bit of everything and a lot of something.

Reasons to be interested in Lumi

* Founders with recognised pedigree

* A small but extremely strong engineering team

* With funding imminent, about to grow rapidly - a great time to join

* A really cool product that /could/ go onto take over the world :-)

* Genuinely hard and interesting machine learning/data retrieval problems.

Either launch a CV at jobs@lumi.do, or get in touch personally if you'd like to chat first. https://lumi.do/about/jobs

Entelo - San Francisco (SOMA), CA - Full-time - http://www.entelo.com/

Entelo is a new and better way to recruit. The Entelo platform leverages big data, predictive analytics and social signals to help recruiting organizations find, qualify and engage with in-­demand talent.

Entelo Search gives unprecedented access to rich profiles of over 20 million candidates, each filled with data from social sites such as Github, Dribbble, Quora, Twitter, and more. Entelo Sonar finds candidates for you by analyzing over 70 variables to tell you when a candidate is ready to change jobs.

We are helping to give companies like Facebook, Box, AT&T, ESPN and Salesforce a competitive advantage in building great teams.

Tech Stack: Ruby, Scala, Rails, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Elasticsearch

We are currently looking for engineering, sales, marketing and customer success professionals to join our team. Please see our careers page for more info https://www.entelo.com/careers

I'm the founder and you can email me directly at jon at entelo dot com

Doctor On Demand - http://www.doctorondemand.com/ San Francisco (SoMa), CA

We have current openings for full-stack and front-end engineers (particularly with experience building single-page applications), as well as customer support and marketing positions.

Doctor On Demand is a recently launched startup in the mobile health space. Our app allows users to connect to a real, US-licensed doctors for immediate consultation via video chat. We prevent unnecessary in-person doctor visits while helping doctors make extra money. We have strategic relationships that provide massive advantages in reaching millions of US consumers.

We've raised venture capital from top-tier investors including Andreessen / Horowitz, Google Ventures, Venrock, Shasta and some fantastic angels. Our founders also have an excellent track record of building great companies.

Working at Doctor On Demand is a unique opportunity to join an incredibly well positioned start-up that is driving meaningful social good: we provide better access to primary care for all Americans.

Would you consider Remote for the perfect candidate?

Yes - too late to edit, but remote is an option for an excellent candidate.

Quixey - Mountain View, CA + Tel Aviv, Israel


We're a well-funded, ~100-person startup making app search that doesn't suck. Our goal is to index the state and functionality of apps as well as Google indexes the web, and then present app functionality directly to users in search results. We currently provide iOS and Android app search that soundly beats Google Play and iTunes in blind tests.

We have a variety of projects in Python (most of our web-facing stuff, mid-tier services, and our search API), Java (our relevance engine and other computationally intensive code) and Clojure (our app content pipeline.)

We're basically hiring most good generalist software engineers, or engineers with domain knowledge relevant to any of our work (e.g. analytics, scraping, semantic web, machine learning, search, web development, Android development and internals.) Email me at mquander@quixey.com for details or a referral.

We also host the South Bay Less Wrong meetups on Tuesday evenings, so stop by the office and check it out!

Digital Marketing and Web Designer Wanted - LONDON/ESSEX, UK

Bold Content is looking for a digital marketing enthusiast to join the team.

If you have a passion for digital marketing and want to get stuck in to use the knowledge and experience you’ve gained in previous employment or training then we can offer you a challenging and rewarding position.

You will be asked to design and build websites (mostly in Wordpress) to promote our services and our client’s.

Content management will also be a large part of the role as you will be managing and maintaining an online library that organizes video content for our clients. In addition to managing content on their websites you will be also responsible for cataloging a wide range of internationally produced video so strong organizational skills are a must.

If you have an interest and talent in content marketing and how to use and promote interactive, short-form, narrative content then you’ll fit right in.

Job Requirements • Great written English • Eye for detail and design • Experience utilizing Google Analytics and web search optimization • Practical knowledge of keyword research, content optimization and SEO is essential. • In-depth knowledge of inbound digital marketing is essential. • Self starter with strong time management skills • Strong communication skills and client orientated attitude

Salary is £18,000 pro rata for a six-month contract with the potential to be made permanent thereafter.

Our office is located in Buckhurst Hill, on the Central Line, NE of London.

Please reply to lauren@boldcontent.tv with CV, covering letter explaining your suitability for the position and please include links to online portfolios, blogs or webpages that showcase your work.

£18k (in London!), to do digital marketing and SEO? Potential to be made permanent later? Is this a joke? I'm not sure HN is the avenue for this type of job.

Allahabad, India INTERN

Khitchdee is a dish made from rice and lentils, common man's food popular throughout India. It's cooked in one pot and easy to digest. It's one of the first foods given to infants and to people who have an upset stomach.

Khitchdee the term therefore connotes a mix-up.

Our company Khitchdee explores the mix-up of music and computing gadget technology. We build software apps to help produce music. We produce our own music using these apps. We also build technology with elements from the practice of music specially timing elements. For example we explore comm protocols that use rhythm to enhance info exchange. We're building a coding tool based on this work.

We look for an intern who's into music, at least plays one instrument confidently and has had a technical education so can design and write code along with us. This an expenses only internship. We don't pay a stipend like other people. At the end of this two month trial period, we may choose to offer you a full time job. We're looking for brilliance, we'll make it worth it.

Send email to rohit@khitchdee.com

VictorOps - Boulder, CO

We're looking for a mid to senior-level front-end web developer to work on our devops alerting platform and www (wordpress) site. Should have experience with JavaScript app development using Backbone or similar, jQuery, strong understanding of the DOM, AJAX, and RESTful APIs. We also make use of SCSS, websockets, and Lo-Dash on the front-end, as well as Git for version control.

Bonus points for: * OOCSS, SMACSS * Front-end optimization techniques * Mobile web dev * An interest in usability and the overall experience

We're offering: * A competitive salary, generous benefits, and equity * The opportunity to work on issues that have a direct impact on our success * The chance to join a fun and hard-working team, with room to grow * A collaborative, open work environment at our new office in the heart of downtown Boulder * New hardware of your choice, free snacks, and beer on tap


Citymapper (London, UK) - Help build the world's most loved urban navigation app!


We're looking for great people first and foremost, but especially the following roles:

- Lead DevOps engineer (Python, AWS, Salt)

You will be responsible for our platform in the cloud.

This isn’t a “systems administrator” role. You will shape the tool chain, deliver features, and ensure that the moving parts of our system can communicate.

Experience with Python and AWS required.

- Experienced Android and iOS developers

We’re reimagining mobile UIs for finding the best ways to get around cities. We’re looking for mobile developers who both care deeply about the “little big details” of mobile interfaces, and who know the grotty implementation details required to make things work across a range of device types.

If you’re looking for a project that improves people’s lives on a daily basis, if you want to craft elegant and fun UIs out of the tangled thicket of transportation options, or if you have a passion for public transportation, get in touch!

If you’re interested, please contact me at emil@citymapper.com

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. No remote work – must be willing to work at our Amsterdam office.

Silk [1] is looking for Front-end Developers and Javascript/TypeScript and Haskell Engineers. We're building a product that makes it easy for people to create sites with information that is easy to query, visualize and share. On a deeper level, our vision is to bring the semantic web to the masses and build an amazing company around that.

We're working on many interesting and challenging problems, with a custom-built Haskell graph-database on the back-end and a cutting-edge Functional Reactive client-side framework in Javascript on the front-end [2]. Silk is well-funded by top-tier VCs (NEA and Atomico) and we're located in the city center of Amsterdam.

For more info & open positions: https://jobs.silk.co/

[1] https://www.silk.co/ [2] See http://engineering.silk.co/ for examples.

Silent Circle - SoCal would be cool, but we're spread from California to Greece, so (REMOTE) location is not critical for the right person.

We're looking for a web frontend developer with strong UI/UX skills and experience developing usable, attractive, and responsive interfaces. We're not overly concerned with the frameworks or libraries you've used, but hopefully you've been around the block enough times to have solid opinions about a couple.

If you're looking for interesting challenges, we have many of them... Delivering high quality products that solve real world problems for our users, while keeping their privacy and security our primary concern, can make for surprisingly competing interests at time. We're a very distributed team, which has many advantages, but also presents a number of challenges; it's pretty critical that you are comfortable working independently.

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me or StavrosK (We're josh and stavros at silentcircle.com, respectively).

London, England - Full Time - Local

Brand Networks (http://bn.co/) is hiring full stack engineers for our London office, working on real time bidding, analytics and front end web applications. Graduates welcome.


    * BS or MS degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field. 
      Or related experience.
    * Good understanding of web technologies HTML, CSS, Javascript, HTTP, JSON, REST
    * Can demonstrate that you're a great programmer in at least one of 
      Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Clojure, Haskell, F#, Kotlin, Scala, Java
      or Ruby
    * Would like to work with TypeScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, Python, Ansible and AWS
    * Good understanding of a Unix based operating system
    * Some experience of databases and at least one web application framework
If you love programming and would like an interesting job with a steep learning curve and a wide variety of challenges, please get in touch. You can email me personally at jmc@bn.co.

PromptWorks - Philadelphia. Local only. Relocation assistance provided.

We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship.

Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web applications, APIs, products and services.

We take pride in the consistency with which we successfully turn ideas into MVPs, manual processes into automated ones, and frustrating online experiences into pleasurable customer interactions.

We employ agile practices, including writing automated tests, pair programming, automating builds, continuously deploying, tracking our velocity, and developing in short iterations.

We specialize in open-source, dynamic languages like Ruby and JavaScript, but we are excited about future work with languages like Clojure, Erlang, Go & Objective C.

We have a few positions open:

* Software engineer

* Senior software engineer

* Operations engineer (aka DevOps)


Job page and how to apply is here: https://jobs.github.com/positions/d8f94048-ea66-11e3-82b6-db...

Helsinki, Finland - full time, part time, VISA

Omniata - http://www.omniata.com - Founded by a team of former Digital Chocolate and EA data leads, Omniata integrates analytics, CRM, CMS and A/B testing platforms into one solution. The company is well funded & headquartered in SF. The bulk of R&D will be done in the Helsinki office which at the moment only has a handful of people, so this is a great opportunity to get in early and grow with the company.

Some of the open positions include:

- JS developer: jQuery, Angular, data visualization experience a plus

- API integration engineer: Node.js, Python or Ruby

- Devops engineer: AWS, Ruby, Puppet/Chef

- Data analyst

There are other positions available as well (including in the SF office & more senior positions), so if you're at all interested in this space and Helsinki as a place to live and work (rated one of the top 5 cities in the world for quality of living by Monocle a few years in a row), drop a one line email with a link to your LinkedIn or GitHub profile to jobs.europe@omniata.com

I tried to send you an email to jobs.europe@omniata.com, but this address doesn't work - "We're writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (jobs.europe) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group"

Weird, worked for me; will fix. In the meantime please forward your email to jobs@helsinkijs.org - thanks!

I'm reposting this from the June "Who is hiring?" thread:

Zumper - Soma, San Francisco, CA - https://www.zumper.com

Lead Front-End Web Developer

Zumper is a next generation apartment rental platform that recently raised a $6.5 million Series A led by Kleiner Perkins.

We’re growing very quickly (numbers are 4x three months ago) and we're looking for a lead front-end engineer to help accelerate this growth in our traction and product.

Who We’re Hiring

An experienced Javascript-focused frontend developer with a strong portfolio and experience using client-side MVC frameworks. You’ll work across Zumper’s Tenant and Professional web apps, so you should be self-motivated and excited about taking on a big challenge.

Desired Skills & Experience

> Deep experience with development of Javascript-based dynamic web apps

> Exposure to client-side MVC frameworks (AngularJS experience a plus!)

> Strong HTML and CSS skills

> Passionate about great design and user experience

> Independent and a fast learner

> Able to communicate openly within a close-knit team

Apply - please email your resume or GH profile to jobs@zumper.com - we’re excited to hear from you!

FutureAdvisor is a robo-advisor that automates portfolio management and helps people balance their investments for free. You could say that sounds boring, but dealing with peoples' life savings is about life and death.

We have more than 150,000 users, we just raised $15.5 million, and we need people to help us make FutureAdvisor better. In particular, we need software engineers and product people. CNNMoney named us one of the top five financial web apps last year.

We care about code, we care about design, and we care about our customers. We believe portfolio management can help save the American middle class.

We're looking for:

+ An engineering manager + iOS/Android developers + Front-end developers + Infrastructure engineers + Designers!!

If you know someone we should talk to, or if you are that someone, please contact us at jobs@futureadvisor.com. You can see more details about the positions here: https://www.futureadvisor.com/jobs. We are based in San Francisco and hiring for here.

Keplar Agency - Amsterdam, Netherlands - INTERN - Full time or Freelance

Keplar Agency is looking for a fulltime or freelance Ruby on Rails developer and/or trainee. We make a lot of sites for large events such as “A State of Trance 2014”, “Amsterdam Music Festival”, “I Am Hardwell”, etc. We also make sites and apps (iOS and Android) for other companies.

We work with modern tools common to the Ruby community and never stop looking forward to improve our workshop. We're small team now, but we’re expanding to take on new projects and also setup our own apps.

For more information take a look at: http://keplaragency.com/jobs/ruby_developer and http://keplaragency.com/jobs/ruby_traineeship. And you can contact us at jobs@keplar.nl

Let me know if you’re interested in either position. You can also contact me if you want to know more! (jobs@keplar.nl, mention Tom)

REMOTE, relocation to Germany possible if desired.

Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, is looking for JavaScript and C++ developers.


Senior JavaScript developer

We are looking for a senior developer with a solid understanding of computer science and a focus on web technologies, in particular JavaScript.



C++ developer

We're looking for someone who can help bring Adblock Plus to mobile devices and other resource constrained environments.



We're in the middle of changing the world of online advertising for the better, and there's lots of work to do. We're also experimenting with new, supplementary ways of content monetisation.

What we do is disruptive and controversial, and we've had our share of bad press in the past. Much of it FUD, but there's also legitimate criticism we need to address. We do this by being as open as we can possibly be, which is what we ought to do anyway. Mozilla is pretty close to what we want Eyeo to be.

Apply at jobs@eyeo.com if you're up for all this, we'd love to hear from you. Please include a list of notable open source projects you are contributing to or have contributed to. We're an open source project, so that'd be a very big plus.


We’re looking for a capable, curious and smart Senior Android Engineer to join our team. You’re a tinkerer and an aesthete, and you like to write code that gives mobile and wearable devices magic abilities. You have a passion for building great products that are robust and enjoyable, and you’re interested in stretching the boundaries of what’s possible on wearable hardware.

As one of our early senior team members, you’ll work directly with our co-founders team to develop software for wearable devices -- from our product suite to core framework components -- and help us ensure optimal performance for our clients. We’re growing, and we’d be thrilled for you to grow your career with us, be it into a team lead, manager, or architect.


APPLY VIA: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/757

Spectrum (http://spectrumedusolutions.com) - Poughkeepsie, NY


Looking for:

- Front-end web developer

- Back-end developer (python ideally)

- DevOps (AWS)

Spectrum's 20 year tenure has seen a massive evolution in the way we can work with and support our Higher Education clients with an ever-increasing suite of customer-focused solutions. From print to digital to mobile to personal, we have the passion and the experience to transform the Higher Education marketing space. Clients come to Spectrum for a complete experience. We offer the most extensive and effective higher ed marketing platform with embedded CRM technologies on the market, and our team is solely focused on developing solutions that translate directly into success. By blending extensive experience in admissions strategy, print and digital design, interface development, client profiling and above all cutting-edge marketing software, we can promise a complete 360° experience when you work with Spectrum.

Coinbase, San Francisco, CA

Hi - I'm Ryan, I'm with Security @ Coinbase. We're trying to make BTC easy to use.


We're building out our security and engineering teams. We are based out of San Francisco, and have remote engineering options. We're a company that cares deeply about our security engineers and how they improve our security every day, and we are looking for more.

We're looking for engineers to build new security features for Coinbase, secure our customers, employees, products and infrastructure from all sorts of threats. We're doing a lot of building, and looking for builders. Today, we're a Rails+AWS shop, with mobile apps and lots more technology being built on the backend. We're also building a culture and a company, so you should care about that stuff too.

We're looking for software engineers, systems engineers, and security engineers... or whatever combination you might be. You should have no problem thinking like a bad guy and be up to date on building defensively. You shouldn't be afraid of an incident and you shouldn't be afraid of getting your hands dirty on new technology.

We've setup some fun tests (On HackerRank) to make sure everyone has a fair shake for an interview (Resumes can only tell us so much anyway) Choose one or more that suits your skillset, have fun, and hope we can talk soon.

App Security Engineer (Written) http://istest.co/prodsec1 App Security Engineer (Coding) http://istest.co/prodsec3 Security Engineering (Written) http://istest.co/infosec1

London, UK

Fully funded PhD Studentship in Space Debris Environment Modelling using Spatio-Temporal Analysis

University College London


Although largely unrecognised by the general population, the world has never been more reliant on access to space. However, continued use of the space environment over the last 60 years has polluted the orbits around the Earth with debris. Currently only a small fraction of space debris is tracked. Failure to capture this data more accurately, and model its behaviour, could result in us losing access to space entirely if a space debris cascade event is allowed to occur.

The aim of this PhD project is to describe the current space debris environment using cutting edge astrodynamics methods and model its evolution over time using machine learning techniques and spatio-temporal data analysis. The Space Geodesy and Navigation Laboratory (SGNL) has become a world leader in accurately modelling the many forces acting on spacecraft in orbit. Our models are currently employed by both NASA and ESA to supply data to support scientific environmental monitoring missions (JASON-1, SENTINEL). SpaceTimeLab have a wealth of experience in the analysis, modelling, simulation and visualisation of large spatio-temporal datasets, with applications in transportation, crime and disaster response. This is an exciting opportunity to build on these models and develop novel techniques to gain new insights into the behaviour of the space debris environment.

Skills you will learn include design, development and testing of algorithms, software and database development, experimental design and implementation, data analysis and both technical and interpersonal communication. You will also have the opportunity to build a network of contacts within both the astrodynamics and spatio-temporal data analysis communities.

This project is a collaboration between UCL’s Space Geodesy and Navigation Laboratory and SpaceTimeLab and will be supervised by Dr Stuart Grey and Dr James Haworth.

Eligibility: Applications are invited from UK and EU members, residing in UK.

Application Procedure: Applicants should send a covering letter and CV to s.grey@ucl.ac.uk

Start Date: The post will be available from September 2014

Duration: 4 Years

Funding: The scholarship covers UCL registration fees and provides a stipend of £15,726 per annum tax free. Travel expenses and research equipment will also be paid for.

Funding Body:EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)

Sourcegraph is hiring programmers.

We are a team of 4 in San Francisco building a better way to search and explore code. Sourcegraph indexes 100,000s of open source libraries. It lets you browse fully linked code, see live usage examples of how other projects and people are using a given function, and quickly find documentation. Check it out for yourself at https://sourcegraph.com.

We're looking for programmers who are passionate about open source and who can jump into any part of our codebase and make a strong contribution to our product.

As a member of our team, you will engage with users, design and implement new functionality (front-end, back-end, language analysis), help drive product direction, contribute to open-source libraries, and evangelize our product and mission.

Come help us improve the state of our own craft and make code more accessible and open. Shoot us an email at hiring@sourcegraph.com with your resume and background.

HOPSTER - LONDON/UK - http://bit.ly/gethopster

Always looking for good people, particularly developers (Python/GAE), growth people, creatives (animators/voice actors/producers - contract/partnerships)

If you're excited about the idea of making TV better for kids (better = more educational, interactive, engaging), get in touch: marie@hopster.tv.

Kids in the UK watch 6bn hours of TV every year. At Hopster, we’re trying to make that time better. Our first product is a beautiful iPad app for kids aged 2-6, which combines gorgeous TV shows with contextual learning games - and we plan to go much further. Launched in December, we have had great reviews from parents so far plus thousands and thousands of MAUs. Oh, and we have paying customers.

We're a funded London-based start-up, launched in late 2013. Our team includes people from a range of backgrounds (from start-ups to non-profits and corporates), all with a solid track record of developing and delivering innovative and successful products to consumer audiences.

   ** OUR STACK(S) **
TECH Front-end: Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery Back-end: Python, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Endpoints & Storage iOS App: Cocos2d-x, C++, Objective-C

MARKETING WordPress, Localytics/Google Analytics, Mailchimp/Mandrill, Google Experiments/Unbounce/Optimizely, Buffer, SocialBro/Sprout, SensorTower/AppAnnie

TEAM Trello, bitbucket, Google Docs, Google Hangouts, Friday curry sessions, climbing wall & go kart track in the same building

As usual, always looking for good people. The team is broadly split into development, product, marketing/growth and creative (and creative actually means creative, incl. animation, characters, voice acting etc.!).

If you're excited about the idea of making TV better for kids (better = more educational, interactive, engaging), get in touch: marie@hopster.tv.


PS: thanks, speek, for the inspiration on making headers more obvious ;-)

Thumbtack - San Francisco (H1-B and interns welcome)

Thumbtack helps people accomplish personal projects central to their lives. Thumbtack can help you remodel your kitchen, get photographs taken at your wedding, or teach your daughter how to play the piano. We are a two-sided marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in these service industries. We work hard to empower small business owners nationwide to grow their businesses.

Thumbtack's core values are 1) help locally, scale globally, 2) obsess over our customers, and 3) improve relentlessly. We look for people who have raw talent and drive, work well with others, are motivated to improve, and are personable and intellectually curious.

Our engineering team is a lean 12 people, and supports the larger Thumbtack team of 500. We work in a beautiful office in SoMa, eat family-style meals cooked by our in-house chefs, study CS theory together, read and debate literature at book club, brew beer, and provide annual stipends for self-improvement. We offer competitive salary and equity along with great health insurance and a flexible vacation policy.

We're hiring software engineers with the following kinds of expertise:

  * Statistics
  * Data science
  * Front-end
  * Back-end
  * Site reliability / DevOps
  * Analytics and big data
  * Android
  * iOS



Please contact alex @ thumbtack for more information.

One of our offices: Shanghai, China

We build products at the intersection of technology around data. Lots of data visualization, big data and infrastructure.

We work with large organizations on challenging problems (the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN) OR on our own products (mostly developer tools, things like http://devo.ps or http://octokan.com).

We are a multicultural team with French, American, British, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Finnish colleagues. We are about to settle a third office in Berlin and are looking at remote hiring in Spain and Seoul.

We work a lot with Javascript (node.js, AngularJS), Python, occasionally Go and Erlang. Lots of single page apps, APIs and infrastructure automation.

We are looking for full-time or interns:

- Developers; front-end (HTML5 + Compass + AngularJS), backend (node.js, Python), ops (Python, Go).

- Designers; you have design chops, understand technology (HTML/CSS...) and do more than nice pictures (content strategy, color theory, ...).

- Strategist; you can quickly immerse yourself in a new field of knowledge, have a knack for data and are quick at recognizing patterns. You are a jack-of-all-trades that can think a solution and get it shipped, either alone or with a team.

- Marketing; you have what it takes to grow a brand or product online and understand how to leverage online and offline tools to get there.

- Business Development; if you are in Washington DC, Berlin or Paris, understand enough of our space and would like to help us grow our services, shoot us an email.

Drop me a line at job@wiredcraft.com, or go to http://wiredcraft.com/careers.html

Ideal Candidate - http://www.idealcandidate.com

Location: Downtown Toronto. No remote.

We are currently looking for a front end designer/developer who can help us build the next generation of recruiting applications.

We are looking for someone with solid front end skills who also has some experience with UI/UX design. Our front end uses Angular.js so experience there is advantageous though not required. We are looking to recruit at a mid to senior level for this role.

Ideal Candidate is a small friendly team led by experienced entrepreneurs. Here you will get to experience some extremely cutting edge technology such as machine learning, vector math, large scale databases and external systems integration. As a front end developer you will have priority input into the design and feel of our application. We believe strongly that the appearance of our application is a key to our success.

Email your resume to careers@idealcandidate.com

If interested, please visit our LI career page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/yp/careers?trk=top_nav_care... or contact Winston Bonnheim at wbonnheim@yp.com.

YP is North America's largest local search, media and advertising company. We are a cutting-edge new media company with tremendous growth that empowers creative, innovative and entrepreneurial individuals. We offer the resources of a well-established, high-profile company plus the excitement and growth potential of a dynamic start-up.

Also, we rank among the top 50 digital media companies in the world and are owners of the 31st largest website (YP.com) and a top 40 mobile app (YPmobile).


Director of Product Management Sr Software Engineer, Ruby / Sinatra Sr Software Engineer, Ruby / Sinatra Software Engineer (Mobile Web) Dr of Data Science Analytics Manager- Yield Management Director of Product Management Director of Engineering, BE Product Manager, Billing/CRM Director of Platform Data Services Sr Manager, Product Development, Print Researcher Visual Designer Sr DBE Sr Software Engineer, Ruby Sr Software Engineer, QA Data Scientist Data Scientist Inventory Modeling Manager, Yield Management Dr of Product Management Director of Product Management Senior Product Manager Director of Product Management Senior Engineer (Java/Hadoop) HR Manager, Tech Software Engineer Software Engineer, Java Sr Software Engineer, Java Sr Software Engineer (Austin) Sr Software Engineer (Austin)

If interested, please visit our LI career page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/yp/careers?trk=top_nav_care... or contact Winston Bonnheim at wbonnheim@yp.com.

The Victory Solution/Realtech - Cincinnati, Ohio (REMOTE OK)

Realtech provides solutions to help loan officers and mortgage companies foster great relationships with Real estate agents so that the mortgage companies can grow their purchase business. We do this by offering a suite of tools that the Real Estate professionals can use at no cost or a trivial monthly cost (under $7) that will help them market their listings in today's digital age.

We're growing, cash flow positive, and bootstrapped.

I have the following positions open:

Junior Developer (Python/PHP)

Junior System Administrator (Linux/AWS)

UI/UX Developer

Relaxed atmosphere. Catered lunch every day. Membership to a hacker/maker space, 100% covered health/dental/vision for you, and we pay 85% of your family's coverage. Choice of Mac or PC.

Please send a resume to ian@thevictorysolution.com, and let me know that you noticed my posting on HN. You can also find me on freenode as iwilson if you'd like to chat about the position or the company.

MedTech Exchange - Atlanta, GA

We are a new company who is looking to eliminate the inefficiencies in implant surgeries. Help us make medicine better.

  We are looking for a talented front-end developer with experience in:

    * Bootstrap

    * jQuery

    * Less/CSS/Object-Oriented CSS

    * HTML5

    * Responsive design

    * Understanding of UX principles and best practices

    * Angular.js

    * Single-page Application Development/Design

  We are also looking for a back-end or full-stack developer with experience in:

    * Play Framework (Java/Scala)

    * MySQL

    * REST

    * Object-Oriented Development/Design

    * RabbitMQ (or other message queueing technologies)
    * Automated Testing

    * Linux Administration
Join us and have the opportunity to design and implement the look and feel of software than can disrupt the medical industry. Interested? hiring@medtechexchange.com

Liftoff - Menlo Park, CA - Visa transfers OK

We are building a sustainable engine of growth for mobile app companies, by solving the problem of connecting users with the mobile apps that they will actually value. We're tackling this by leveraging programmatic advertising and state-of-the-art machine learning.

Why join us?

- We are solving the toughest problem facing every mobile app today: effective user growth.

- We are building a technology-centric company that can solve tech challenges previously considered insurmountable.

- We optimize for sustainable developer productivity by hiring for smarts and adaptability and using the right tools for each job (e.g. Clojure, Go, Ansible, Vowpal Wabbit, AWS).

- We have the nimbleness, transparency and personal impact of an early-stage 11-person startup, combined with the funding, revenue and long-term thinking of a later-stage one.

We are hiring generalist engineers (ML experience is a plus), Data Scientists and marketing. Email me at careers@liftoff.io if you are interested in talking.

Push Science (http://pushsci.com) Toronto, ON, Canada (Happy Canada Day!)

Open Positions: - Ruby on Rails API Developer (local or remote contract) - Front-end Angular JS Developer (local or remote contract) - DevOps Expert (contract) - UX Designer (local contract)

Communication services and the Service Providers play an important role on our daily lives. But the fact is most of us hate dealing with our telco service provider. We think that’s crazy and needs to change.

Starting with the retail store touch point, Push Science is empowering front line agents to deliver exceptional customer experience using mobile software tools for sales and customer care. Our patented technologies allow agents to connect with customers and provide service in brand new ways.

We think that dealing with your telco (or any other service provider) should be a pleasure and delight. We’re looking for passionate designers and engineers that can make this possible.

Our technology: Cloud based backend running on Ruby on Rails, Rails 4, Active Model Serializers, Postgres. Frontend Angular JS, Cordova. We develop and maintain a RESTful JSON API that powers our application at multiple touch-points. Developing new systems for real-time asynchronous communication. Writing libraries to integrate with external systems.

We use an agile scrum process with 2-week sprints. Our team of 10 people includes designers, engineers, business development, and a stellar batch of telco advisors. Our office is located on King and Bathurst in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment and fashion district.

You can reach us at careers@pushsci.com Push Science job board: http://pushscience.theresumator.com/apply Push Science website: http://pushsci.com

Ginsberg - Edinburgh, Scotland, Full Time Head of User Acquisition, Project Ginsberg

We’re looking to complete our team by hiring a Head of User Acquisition to drive and execute our strategy around building a world-class mental wellbeing service for the Scottish population.

Key tasks are the planning and execution of our public beta launch plan and driving users to a number of smaller products that might be part of our product suite. Your ultimate success criteria is the number of relevant users that arrive at and activate our services.

We’re a data driven project: part of your responsibility is to identify and quantify the most appropriate acquisitions channels for reaching our target users.

Very competitive pay. Get in touch through kate at project-ginsberg.com see: https://www.project-ginsberg.com/blog/were-hiring-looking-fo...


  Company: Creative Market (Acquired: Autodesk)
  Location: Pier 9 Workshop, San Francisco, CA
  Job Type: Full Time
  Relocation: Relocation benefits and visa sponsorship  available

Founded by three YC alums, Creative Market is building the world's marketplace for design content.

We're proud to be a part of Autodesk's 27,000 square foot Pier 9 workshop, surrounded by makers and artists ( Take a tour of our workshop: http://goo.gl/6gLhMf ).

Our small engineering team of four is looking for passionate full stack web engineers to help us build, ship and iterate on new and existing features.

Engineering Culture/Style:

• Agile approach, democratic environment, hands off management style

• We like to work on what makes us the most happy; you get to help decide what projects you work on

• We're big on automation and love building growth features

• You own end-to-end what you build

Under the hood stuff:

• LAMP stack (PHP), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (JQuery, Backbone, require.js)

• Clean Git flow for version control

• Daily code pushes

• No Q/A manager (that's you)

If you're interested in starting a conversation, please email: Tyler@creativemarket.com


Apply here: https://creativemarket.com/jobs

Take a tour of our workshop: http://goo.gl/6gLhMf

Check out our community: www.creativemarket.com

Remote or one of our offices: San Francisco, CA - Shanghai, China

We build products at the intersection of technology around data. Lots of data visualization, big data and infrastructure.

We work with large organizations on challenging problems (the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN) OR on our own products (mostly developer tools, things like http://devo.ps or http://octokan.com).

We are a multicultural team with French, American, British, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Finnish colleagues. We are about to settle a third office in Berlin and are looking at remote hiring in Spain and Seoul.

We work a lot with Javascript (node.js, AngularJS), Python, occasionally Go and Erlang. Lots of single page apps, APIs and infrastructure automation.

We are looking for full-time or interns:

- Developers; front-end (HTML5 + Compass + AngularJS), backend (node.js, Python), ops (Python, Go).

- Designers; you have design chops, understand technology (HTML/CSS...) and do more than nice pictures (content strategy, color theory, ...).

- Strategist; you can quickly immerse yourself in a new field of knowledge, have a knack for data and are quick at recognizing patterns. You are a jack-of-all-trades that can think a solution and get it shipped, either alone or with a team.

- Marketing; you have what it takes to grow a brand or product online and understand how to leverage online and offline tools to get there.

- Business Development; if you are in Washington DC, Berlin or Paris, understand enough of our space and would like to help us grow our services, shoot us an email.

Drop me a line at job@wiredcraft.com, or go to http://wiredcraft.com/careers.html

Conspire - http://goconspire.com/jobs - Boulder, CO

Conspire is a Techstars company founded in 2012.

We analyze email data to give users detailed analytics on their email network and to understand the strength of connections between people. With this understanding, we maintain an always-up-to-date, weighted network of connections without any work on the part of users. When a user needs to reach a person or company, Conspire finds the strongest path of connections in the user's extended network.

UX Engineer (https://www.goconspire.com/jobs#ux)

Full Stack Engineer (https://www.goconspire.com/jobs#fullstack)

Marketing Lead (https://www.goconspire.com/jobs#marketing)

For Goodness Sake, LLC (Local preferred, Remote considered)

Seeking: Front End Developer & Full Stack Engineer

Technologies: Angular, Foundation, Spring MVC, on AWS

We're an early stage funded startup in stealth mode and we're building an experiential mobile web app to help break through the stigma, shame and misconceptions around sex. It’s what The Joy of Sex could have been if it had today's leading edge tech behind it. No generation thinks they’re repressed – it’s only in hindsight that we see how taboos in previous generations were keeping individuals and couples from living fully. We feel it’s our duty to future generations to move the conversation forward, even if doing so ruffles some feathers.

For more details: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/57608/full-stack-devel...

Come join our team! Email me directly at joel@fgsake.org.


You said 'local preferred', but neglect to mention where you are. It's SF, for anyone else wondering.

Branch Metrics, Palo Alto, CA. We are an early-stage VC-backed startup which helps apps grow their user base organically through a mobile referral SDK. We're working right now on building a dashboard to view analytics data from our system.

Our stack:

    - Servers in Node.js, backed by Postgres
    - Deployment on AWS with Ansible
    - iOS SDK in Objective-C and Android SDK in Java
Our team: 2 coders, 1 sales/operations, 1 sales/design

What we're looking for:

    - HTML/CSS knowledge with an eye for design
    - advanced JavaScript skill
    - self-directed, good communicator
    - full-time employee willing to work out of our Palo Alto office
What you get:

    - competitive salary + equity
    - the opportunity to come in as employee #1 and take ownership of a critical part of our infrastructure
If you're interested, I'd love to talk - dmitri@branchmetrics.io.

Couchbase is hiring for technical positions across the board http://www.couchbase.com/careers

Specifically I'm tracking mobile database engineer and developer advocate roles, but there's a lot more opportunity than that. Remote is an option for all our positions.

Jetsetter - New York, NY

Jetsetter, A TripAdvisor company, is the world’s leading luxury travel site, providing insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacations.

We’re looking for a Senior Scala Engineer who takes pride in their code and is a team-player. We believe in a development process that's agile, but not dogmatic. People who succeed here tend to have little tolerance for unnecessary process and impediments, but also appreciate having sufficient checks and balances in place to keep things under control.


* 5+ years of full stack web development experience

* 2+ years of production Scala development experience

* Strong knowledge of Akka, Spray, Slick libraries is a plus

* Knowledge of object oriented software development practices

Email to careers@jetsetter.com or apply here: https://tripadvisor.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?...

Pascal Metrics, Washington DC (Georgetown)

We're a healthcare startup focused on improving patient safety in hospitals.

Our software platform enables clients to detect, track, and analyze patient safety issues across hospital systems.

Open positions:

* UI Engineer - Front-end developer with knowledge of CSS, HTML5, Javascript for our SaaS platform. Knowledge of MVC frameworks and CSS organization desired.

* Java Engineer - Core Java developer to help build out our SaaS platform. Experience with play! framework, dropwizard, event processing, distributed systems a plus.

Check us out at http://www.pascalmetrics.com

Full job listing:


If you're interested in getting involved with healthcare, improving work culture, and tackling hard technical challenges, please feel free to reach out to me directly to chat in detail.

theo at pascalmetrics.com

Backend or frontend developer at moviepilot.com — Berlin, Germany — Full time

We make a webpage called moviepilot.com using chaplin.js, backbone.js, node.js, express.js, puppet, nginx, varnish, rails, mysql, elasticsearch, rabbitmq, neo4j and couchDB.

We’re looking for a backend and a frontend developer who enjoys using this stack, loves movies, doesn’t mind our coffee eccentric team members and is an all-round nice person. We’re a bunch of developer girls and guys from Brazil, Germany, Greece, Poland, Russia and UK, and we often sit in our beautiful Berlin office with golden walls (seriously) directly at U-Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg.

A bit more about moviepilot:

Moviepilot is the fastest growing movie fan community in the world. We have a core readership of 14 million fans and an audience of over 27 million spread across 13 Facebook pages. We're creating the world's best place for fans to talk about movies.

Interested? Get in touch! giorgos@moviepilot.com

Bolt (https://bolt.co) - Potrero Hill, SF, CA

We're building the world's next great communications carrier entirely in the cloud. We don't know how to erect towers or lay fiber, but we do know how to write software people actually want to use.

We're starting by building out a full set of mobile apps to replace for your carrier's voice and SMS service and letting you port your number in. There's a lot to build, which is why we need you.

We're hiring for all engineering roles including Android, iOS and Devops. We have a particular need for engineers who know SIP/XMPP+jingle or who have built real-time communications services before. Super-mega extra credit goes to anyone who understands WebRTC internals, and I don't mean the JavaScript API.

Send me an email at andrew@bolt.co with a little info about yourself and some links to work you've done.

Clever (YC S12) is hiring full-stack engineers to hack education

Steve Jobs described education as one of the final frontiers still untouched by modern technology. Clever (YC S12 - https://clever.com) is building the data platform needed for great software to make its way into the classroom. Just like Stripe has made it simple for developers to build payment processing into their apps, Clever has made it easy for developers to build applications for schools using student data.

We're a small, highly technical team with deep experience in education. In under two years, 1 in 7 schools in America has begun using our APIs, meaning that Clever moves data for eight million students every day.

Our newest project is essentially Facebook Connect for education: one identity to tie together all of a student’s learning applications into a cohesive experience. We’re making that happen with our Instant Login service, which allows students to log in once and immediately get access to all their apps: https://www.edsurge.com/n/2014-05-14-no-more-passwords-cleve...

And while we have all the startup perks (a beautiful loft office in SoMa, free lunch, unlimited Amazon credits for learning..) – hands down the best part of the job are the calls and emails from schools describing how much Clever helps them.

As an education company, we’re all about learning personally too – it’s practically a prerequisite to work here. In the past few weeks we’ve done tech talks on things like exoplanets, set theory, and kitesurfing. (We also love a good round of bughouse chess – just ask Magnus Carlsen http://screencast.com/t/xD7umWfo)

We’re looking for full-stack engineers who can hack in Node, Go, and Python (or are willing to learn), but more importantly, we’re looking for people who share our passion for improving education. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.


At Clever, we want to work with the best people - applicants of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome to come improve education with us. We're committed to making our office a safe and comfortable environment for all employees.

Arachnys - Engineering and DevOps - London, UK

We make a search platform for companies carrying out due diligence on their counterparties in emerging and developing markets. Our SaaS platform is used by some of the world's biggest and most prestigious banks and consulting firms to help them manage their counterparty risk. We have just hit breakeven, with strong growth, and are looking to invest to grow our engineering capability.

Our stack is a huge range of fun open-source technologies, including Hadoop, ElasticSearch, PhantomJS and Django. We mainly write in Python but are starting to use other languages, especially go, for key services.

We're looking for engineers and devops types to join our growing London-based team. Competitive salary, flexible working, usual startup stuff available.

Please email founders@arachnys.com if you're interested, no need for a CV if you can show us an impressive GitHub (or equivalent) profile.

Huffington Post - NYC

Scala, Angular, Software Engineer(Data)

Huffington Post is becoming a global media platform. With editions in 12 countries now, HuffPost is rebuilding and expanding its platform on a massive scale.

We are looking for strong FE and BE engineers, ideally with either Scala or AngularJS experience or with a strong background in building Data backed platforms, who like working on and building massively scalable and concurrent systems.

The Huffington Post has spent 2014 focusing on rebuilding and re-platforming its technology stack to prepare for its continual global growth (leveraging mostly Play2, Akka, Angular). A whole new set of APIs, new publishing platforms and an entirely new Realtime Data infrastructure are part of what we are working on.

If interested, apply here http://boards.greenhouse.io/thehuffingtonpost#.U7K78I1dW1H

Riot Games - Full-time in Los Angeles / St. Louis / Points elsewhere globally

Riot Games, developer and publisher of League of Legends, is looking for highly accomplished engineers passionate about the technology that excites and engages millions of players globally. Our opportunities run the gamut of Game Development, Big Data, eSports, Merchandise, Live Service Development and Corporate IT Systems. With 27 million players daily, we face cutting edge technical challenges at scale. Consequently, we’re an engineering organization that values “T-shaped” engineers. We are expected to make pragmatic decisions about the best tool for the job, thus a broad exposure to many languages and tools is vital.

Excited to improve the game engine behind today’s largest PC game? Interested in crafting the future of infrastructure as a service? Curious about the role of open source in the video game industry? Thrilled to participate in and cultivate a global engineering organization? We are. If this sounds like you, check out the careers section on the Riot Games website or apply directly:


Ok, corporate speak aside, League of Legends offers a pretty amazing and rare intersection of core video gaming and cutting edge, large scale, interesting tech problems. For those of us engineers who are gamers in our heart, this is a chance to work on something you’re truly passionate about. I feel quite lucky to work at Riot and am excited to have other other gamers join us in building games by players and for players. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up directly on Twitter or LinkedIn.

https://twitter.com/jaaronfarr https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaaronfarr

KarmicLabs: Payment Cards as a Service - fulltime SF

We're building a SaaS service that lets small businesses issue configurable expense/purchasing cards to their employees. Cardholders can use our mobile app to handle receipt capture and expense reporting during transactions (instead of at the end of the month) or request approval for budget changes and large purchases. By issuing the cards ourselves (over the existing payment networks) we can get significantly more data and expose more control parameters than we could by linking to existing cards.

We recently raised our first round and are looking to make our second and third fulltime engineering hires. We've got interesting problems involving security, authentication, fraud detection, and user interfaces.

Stack includes: Python3, AWS, Ansible, AngularJS, SCSS, Redis, and PostgreSQL.

Email (compressed with zlib): eJxLzijKLNauyslMcshOLMrNTM5JTCrWS87PBQB/Mwm8

Indiegogo - San Francisco, CA - Full Time Software Engineer (mobile & web)


Indiegogo empowers people around the world to fund what matters to them. As the largest global crowdfunding platform, campaigns have launched from every country around the world with millions of dollars being distributed every week due to contributions made by the Indiegogo community. At its core, Indiegogo is the equal opportunity platform dedicated to democratizing the way people raise funds for any project – creative, entrepreneurial or cause-related. The company was launched in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles and New York.

We are looking to grow our engineering team with engineers of all sorts web (rails/angular), iOS, Android and generalists are encouraged to apply.

Apply here: http://jobvite.com/m?3wDewgwE

Downtown San Francisco Full Time

Full Stack Developer at Academia.edu

To apply just send us an email: ashley@academia.edu Company:

* Our mission is to build a new system for scientists to share their results and broadcast their work

* We have over 10 million users and they are extremely important to us!

* Our investors include Khosla Ventures, Spark Capital and True Ventures


* We move quickly, everyone is in charge of their own projects but also very collaborative

* We get catered lunches from zerocater and lunch usually ends with a round of foosball

* We're a diverse group with backgrounds in philosophy, biology, music and art.


* We are a Rails shop (you don't need to know Rails though, just how to tackle difficult technical challenges)

* Peer Review: We are revisiting peer review with a novel product built from the ground up that will allow layers of discussion on top of a single document and we are building this using Rails and Backbone

* Recommendation Engine: Lots of machine learning to parse science papers and figure out what people want to read. Pretty cool stuff.

* Servers, Speed, Security and Storage (Postgres / Dynamo / Elasticsearch / Redis): Speed and stability are really important to us because areas in the world with slower internet connections tend to be where researchers can benefit the most from open access to research

About you:

- You have a curious mind and enjoy tackling hard technical problems

- You work best when given a lot of autonomy

- You want to have a huge impact on a product that is making a positive impact on the world

Please send ashley@academia.edu an email if you would like to apply or if you have any questions.

Nokia/HERE (Formerly Navteq) — Chicago

As an organization, we have a long history with map data. Now we’re looking at interesting ways to use it to change driving. Cars of the future (and present) have onboard computers, tons of sensors, and internet connections over the cell network. If you could hook that up to our map data, you could do some really cool things.

To see what we’re up to, check out http://360.here.com/tag/connected-driving/

We’re looking for strong Java developers and strong testers to make this happen. We’re building on AWS, so experience there is a plus.

The things I’ve enjoyed most since starting here a few months ago:

- Interesting problem space

- Interesting tech stack

- I get to wear sandals to work

- Team running group that goes for a run together every Wednesday morning before lunch

- Company gym

- Quickly-growing team

- Good medical insurance coverage

Interested? Questions? Email me at roman.zabicki@here.com I'd love to talk to you.

RelateIQ- Palo Alto, CA www.relateiq.com

We're working on relationship intelligence and are looking for a number of different engineers to join the team. We're pretty open on backgrounds and previous experience but would really like to find people who can add knowledge to our team in areas of Distributed Systems, Analytics, Security, and Android.

Our current stack is mostly Java with Cassandra, Mongo, and Postgres. We work a lot with Hadoop, Kafka and Storm. Our front end is mostly Angular, and we are heavily invested in Docker for our infrastructure.

We're located in downtown Palo Alto. We're about 75 people, with about half working in Eng and Product.

If you're interested in hearing about some of the projects were currently working on, please email alexl@relateiq.com or message me here. We’re open to relocating people and working with visa sponsorships, but we do want people onsite with us.

Contentful - https://www.contentful.com - Berlin, Germany (VISA)

We are hiring for several full time positions:

1. Android Developer - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/7793

2. Dev Ops - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/8221

3. JavaScript Developer - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/2980

4. Ruby / Rails Developer - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/2954

5. Elasticsearch / Lucene Engineer - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/2957

XpExtend is looking to contract someone (remote or local) for helping us build our new startup http://www.xpextend.com/. We're an early-stage startup who has angel funding and are keeping the 300-500 million Windows XP users up-to-date with security and performance updates.

Our company consists of individuals who have worked for critical private industry and governments, providing zero-day fixes with only raw x86/64 to work with.

Our current website runs on Web2py with Nginx and MySQL. Our client/server software is written in C and C++ (Qt). I'm looking for a talented individual/team who can do frontend and backend web development in a very small team environment with lots of autonomy and trust.

If you want to join a company doing something way out of the ordinary, please contact us at jobs@xpextend.com.

Boston, MA - full time, internship, exploring possible remote

Web Programmer, Developer, Hacker


Smarterer - http://smarterer.com/

Make a difference. Change the world. Have fun. Do something important.

Smarterer gives people unprecedented understanding of what they know and what their teams and organizations know.

We are looking for creative web programmers, developers and hackers to join our product team. Ideally you are a versatile technologist who loves to build web products, especially (but not exclusively) if you have Python experience. Our stack is primarily Python, SqlAlchemy, Backbone and CoffeeScript.

Smarterer is doing something unique and important. We're approaching a point where traditional university credentialing isn't enough. Skills are changing too quickly and what makes someone effective in a role or job is evolving. New roles appear daily that no (or few) traditional universities have courses for. People are acquiring more and more skills through non-traditional means. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to close the "skills gap".

How do you show what you know?

Smarterer has created an innovative, machine learning, crowd-sourced testing system that will disrupt how people think about skills. Don’t let our name fool you, while our system is fun, our unique, patent-pending, technology is also deeply rooted in scientific modern testing theory.

Smarterer is enabling a revolution: in how the enterprise manages their teams and talent, in the changing job marketplace, and in the way people measure their own skills and share that knowledge.

We're funded by Google Ventures, True Ventures, Re-think education, Boston Seed as well as some amazing angel investors.

Interested? Contact me at mikepk@smarterer.com

Palantir Technologies - Information Security Engineers Wanted! Locations - Palo Alto (CA), McLean (VA) and NY

Palantir's Information Security team is growing and we are on the hunt for the following expertise: IR Lead (with a strong forensics foundation). Location - Palo Alto, CA only Forward Deployed Security Engineers (InfoSec experts who would love to work on client facing projects) - Location(s) - Palo Alto, NY or DC InfoSec Engineers (who love to build solutions and have strong scripting and/or programming backgrounds, but a sincere passion for security related projects). Locations - Palo Alto, CA preferred. NY and DC are possibilities.

If interested in learning more, I would love to have you introduce yourself to me. Please email me at lbohland@palantir.com To apply online or to review our openings in more detail, please visit - www.palantir.com/careers

Coursera - Mountain View CA, Full Time

Our team is working hard to empower people through education. If you are looking for an amazing team of smart and fun people on a great mission, come talk to us. We are looking for software engineers (mobile, product, infrastructure, devops), engineering leaders, data scientists, designers, ux researchers, product managers, communication managers, and more.



https://tech.coursera.org/ [Tech Blog]

https://www.coursera.org/about/people [Meet the Team!]

https://medium.com/engineering-leadership/c91989eca3fb [Culture at Coursera]

Lyft - https://www.lyft.com/jobs - San Francisco, CA

With the tap of a button, passengers in need of a ride are instantly connected to nearby drivers. We currently operate in cities all across the country, and with your help, we’ll take Lyft worldwide! If growth excites you, this is the place to be! We're looking for:

  - Software Engineers
  - Android Engineers
  - iOS Engineers
  - DevOps Engineers
  - Data Architects
  - Schema Designers
  - Data Analysts
  - Product Managers
  - Product Designers
Stack: AWS, MongoDB, PHP, Python, Go, AngularJS Interested? kiana a/t lyft d/o/t com. Open to coffee/tea or whatever to discuss. Incredible team, top medical & dental, open vacation policy, catered lunches, snacks, dogs, equipment, Lyft credits, etc. -----

Next Big Sound - http://nextbigsound.com

Looking for backend engineers, who love data.

At Next Big Sound, you get to pick what you work on, whom you worth with, and where you work.

We've open-sourced our "policies": http://github.com/nextbigsoundinc/The-Way-We-Work

A bit about the way we work: http://making.nextbigsound.com/post/88680367993/iterating-on...

Our stack: http://highscalability.com/blog/2014/1/28/how-next-big-sound...

Timehop - http://timehop.com - New York, NY

We're looking for backend engineers, devops, and designers. You can read more here: http://timehop.com/joinus

We write a ton of Golang and Ruby to support our recent amazing growth (see: http://j.mp/TimehopGrowthGraph).

Timehop is building the place online to connect with friends around the past. Whereas Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram focus on the real time, Timehop focuses on anniversaries and bringing meaning and relevancy to old content. We have MILLIONS of users opening the app every day and signing up a user ~every second

We recently became consistently a top 50 US iPhone app, surpassing Tumblr, Yelp, Foursquare and GroupMe in daily downloads.

Object Partners - http://www.objectpartners.com/ - Minneapolis, MN / Omaha, NE (full time)

Object Partners, Inc is an IT consulting firm specializing in Enterprise application development services since 1996. Our success is based on a model of full-time employees and a strategic focus on the JEE technology stack including Groovy/Grails, and open source technologies - as well as iOS. Our consultants have, on average, 12+ years of experience in software development utilizing mature, repeatable development processes.

Our services include project outsourcing, co-development, staff augmentation, and technology and process mentoring. OPI helps companies of all sizes build and deploy applications that are scalable, reliable, and can be easily extended and maintained.

Grails Developer - https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ObjectPartnersInc/72810421-j...

Java Developer - https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ObjectPartnersInc/72810421-j...

Mobile Developer - https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ObjectPartnersInc/72810417-m...

Senior Java/Grails Developer (Omaha, NE) - https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ObjectPartnersInc/77393077-s...

Awesome Benefits

  - Free Healthcare
  - Profit sharing
  - Paid OT
  - PTO + sick time
  - You work with the best
  - Small company vibe
  - Company lake home and condo
Send an email to ehren.seim@objectpartners.com if you are interested.

CHEWSE - San Francisco, CA - Full Time

We're Chewse, and we're bringing taste to office lunches. We believe good food is a powerful force for uniting people, and we want to wield it to build stronger communities everywhere.

We are a young startup and a small, passionate team that's hungry to tackle really big problems. We're located in a work loft in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood. We have a kitchen. (And we like to use it.)

We're hiring for two positions:

FULL-STACK ENGINEER: https://www.chewse.com/jobs/full-stack-engineer/

JAVASCRIPT ENGINEER: https://www.chewse.com/jobs/javascript-engineer/

If you're passionate about good food and good people, reach out — I'm eager to hear from you!

HackerRank - Palo Alto, CA & Bangalore, India


We are building a platform where programmers hone their skills and companies use it to streamline their recruiting process. This leads to better skill level overall and a meritocratic + faster recruiting process. This effectively is building a time machine.


We've an active and growing community of hackers (500k+), signed up some of the top tech companies like facebook, amazon, vmware, bloomberg, square, etc. as our customers; raised our series-b funding recently from top tier investors, 60+ people in our team and making millions of dollars/quarter growing >100% every quarter.


We're flattening the world. Come join us. We're hiring for all roles (https://www.hackerrank.com/careers)

Location: Singapore (PR, citizen or VISA) or REMOTE

Zalora is (still) hiring Haskellers, DevOps engineers and data scientists. We sell clothing online in 7 Asian countries, are almost three years old and raised several hundred million dollars.

We don't save the world, but we have millions of happy customers. There's interesting challenges that come from trying to rewrite a codebase in a purely functional style and from coping with operations in countries speaking different languages, selling a hundred thousand distinct SKUs. Singapore's a nice, warm place with low taxes, cheap cost of living and a highly functional first world government and infrastructure, but if you want to stay in your farm in Sweden and work remotely, that's also OK.

Apply via http://jobs.zalora.com/

AppNeta - Boston, MA and Providence, RI

It's getting harder and harder for developers to deliver a consistent experience to their users. That's why we're working on making the internet faster for everyone. This isn't a job for just anyone — we're looking for people who are passionate about performance of all kinds. If you're passionate about technology, performance, and transforming how people write applications on the web, get in touch with us.

We're hiring, fueled by growth, for a number of positions:

* Python/JavaScript hackers to work on our D3-based visualization frontend

* Technical Product Manager (if you're a web dev who's looking to get into product, this is the role for you)

* UX/Design leader

More information: http://dev.appneta.com/jobs/

Or just shoot us a resume: devjobs@appneta.com

Vista Higher Learning - Boston, MA



Web Application Developer

Interested in foreign languages, online education, or distance learning? Come help us change the way people learn foreign languages! Vista Higher Learning is a profitable, growing business with a terrific location in downtown Boston. We provide a small company feel without the instability of a startup, and as an engineer in our technology development department you'll have the opportunity to make an immediate and significant impact on our products. We have ambitious plans for the next few years, including extensive development for mobile platforms, and we're expanding our development team to keep up with the company's growth.

We'd love it if you have:

- Development experience with Ruby/Python/Java/Javascript

- Experience building scalable, rich web applications

- Strong OO skills

- Test-driven development experience

- A working style that thrives in a highly collaborative environment

- Experience building REST-based APIs and services

- A GitHub account (or code that you can share with us)

If you don't meet all those requirements, no problem—drop us a line anyway. If you are a good match for our team, we can look at providing in-house and external training to help you get up to speed. If you’re interested in learning more please send your résumé to: hr@vistahigherlearning.com.


We're a tight-knit team that pairs frequently and writes test-driven AngularJS and Rails code. We're looking for mid- and senior-level developers to work with us in our office at 500 Boylston in Back Bay.

Feel free to send me questions, but please send all cover letters and resumes to hr@vistahigherlearning.com.

Amazon Web Services (Amazon EC2), Seattle, WA

We are spinning up a new team inside Amazon EC2 that is building out a set of components and services with a firm eye on how we believe computing in the cloud will evolve over the next several years. For this team, I am looking for smart, pragmatic developers and principal engineers who have built, operated and scaled distributed systems, and know how to design and implement APIs that will be used by 100s of 1000s of customers. If you are into Linux, even better. I am also looking for dev managers who know how to deliver high quality services and run a fast growing team that will ship fast and often. We are a small team, but will be growing quickly over the next several months. If you would like to find out more, please contact me at deesingh [AT] amazon DAWT com.

Six to Start - London, UK - Senior iOS Developer/Senior Android Developer


We're the indie game developers behind the world's bestselling smartphone fitness game, Zombies, Run!, which has over 900,000 players. We've also created the NHS' first smartphone game, The Walk, which was Editor's Choice on the App Store in the US and UK in December. The games we make literally improve people's lives!

We are looking for a senior iOS developer with experience in creating innovative iOS apps or games. Our games combine innovative real-world gameplay with captivating stories and design. We want to find someone who can help us improve our existing games and develop new games that are just as revolutionary and innovative as Zombies, Run!


* Developing new features for our existing games, and maintaining them to take advantage of new OS-level features (we're currently targeting iOS7 for all our apps)

* Developing and designing new apps and games

* Working with our web developer to ensure good communication with our online services

* Working with our Android developers (currently, all of our games are available on both platforms)


* At least two years of experience developing iOS applications.

* An enthusiasm for quickly learning and applying new and emerging technologies.

* An interest in games and game design, and a tenacious approach to problem-solving.

We're a small, bootstrapped, profitable company that makes people's lives better. Position is full-time and based in London.

See more info at http://www.sixtostart.com/onetoread/2013/senior-ios-develope.... and email us at hello at sixtostart dot com.

Livingly Media - San Carlos, California (30 miles south of San Francisco)


We will help cover relocation costs if you want to come to the Bay Area. We are open to H1B.

We are hiring junior and senior full stack engineers.

Day to day we work with Python/Django, MySQL, iOS, JS, CSS, HTML, Sphinx, among others. All positions are on-site and full time.

We are a tech driven media company with large traffic and a very small, tight-knit team. Our 3 websites receive 40 million unique viewers a month and we currently have 5 engineers.

You will ship a lot of code, you will build a lot of new features, and a lot of people will use what you build! That is not recruiter BS; I am an engineer on the team. If you love to build stuff and you can program, you will enjoy this.

Feel free to email me personally at cleve@livingly.com! Let me know you're from Hacker News!

No freelancers or firms, please.

Shuddle - iOS Developer, San Francisco CA http://shuddle.us

What we do:

At Shuddle we are building a safe and reliable ride sharing service with trusted drivers for busy families. Join this venture backed startup and help bring the next generation of transportation to the masses.

We embrace agile development and do weekly stand-ups as well as scrum sprints. We are test driven, be prepared to learn quickly, iterate fast, and focus on solving hard problems.

About the Job:

We engineer our systems in an SOA manner, be ready to own a major working component of our platform. We are looking for well-rounded and dedicated developers to join the team. You'll work closely with the founding team to help us define our mobile applications.


- Technical leadership and hands on development and implementation of features

- Provide estimates on development cycles, works iteratively on weekly scrum sprints

- Work very closely with designers to help define and implement UI features from the ground up

- Work with team members on server-side integration

- Understands and implements experiments (A/B tests)


- A strong passion for software development

- Expert Knowledge of Cocoa, Objective-C and Xcode

- Understands asynchronous communication

- Has worked closely with other teams especially server-side engineers and designers

- Strong understanding of geo location services and background services

- Expert Knowledge of Object Oriented concepts

- Experience with Apple Approval & Distribution Process, Ad Hoc & Enterprise Distribution

- Understanding of WebRTC data channels and video (this is a bonus)

Email resume or links to: jp@shuddle.us

  _____  _
 |  __ \(_)
 | |  | |_ ___  __ _ _   _ ___
 | |  | | / __|/ _` | | | / __|
 | |__| | \__ \ (_| | |_| \__ \
 |_____/|_|___/\__, |\__,_|___/
                  | |
Disqus is hiring! You know, for all the things. ops, dev ops, dev, iOS, python, data stuff, javascript, design, product, startup stuff.

We are focused on tapping the data in our vast commenting network to make an awesome consumer destination. Come help us out. You can see the pre-release version here: https://disqus.com/home/

We are super laid back, have a lot of fun, and ship code that hits over a billion uniques a month.

job specifics are here > http://grnh.se/vj71bo

Smartsheet - Bellevue, WA

Smartsheet.com is an enterprise-ready cloud app for work management and collaboration used by more than 40,000 businesses in over 160 countries. Smartsheet recently won Seattle Business Magazine's Best Midsize Company to Work For award. http://seattlebusinessmag.com/article/100-best-companies-wor...

We have several open technical positions, including Senior and Lead Software Engineers, Systems Engineer, Mobile (Android) developers, and QA Engineer. Smartsheet.com is built with a variety of technologies including Java, JavaScript, MySQL, RabbitMQ, and Redis.

See: http://www.smartsheet.com/careers

Prometheus Research, New Haven, CT ; https://prometheusresearch.com

* Sr. Dev Ops Engineer (New Haven, Chicago, or U.S. Remote) *

Prometheus is building out our hosting infrastructure for customized OSS RexDB deployments. You'll be joining two competent systems folk, and a delightful product manager. We use reStructuredText and Sphinx for documentation, Python for scripting, Ansible for automation, and, soon Docker for application releases. We're also moving from Apache to nginx with the help of customized lua scripts.

We're really interested in someone who has broad technical knowledge yet groks networks and security. To collaborate remotely with our staff and clients, you need to be an accomplished writer with solid task management skills. We're a custom development shop, with clients of varied technical skill levels; since our system group is often the primary contact for technical issues, you'll have to fearlessly tackle all sorts of challenges... both technical and political.

Unfortunately, since access to Protected Health Information is required, we're only hiring in the U.S. for this position.

* Sr. Application Developer (New Haven, or Worldwide Remote) *

Our clients have all sorts of medical informatics challenges. Prometheus is also looking for someone to help build out our open source RexDB software (http://rexdb.org) and deliver customized applications using it.

The backend is written in Python using PostgreSQL, and we're busy updating our client code to use Facebook's React toolkit. We're especially looking for someone who loves analytics, and wishes to improve HTSQL (http://htsql.org) with data processing and graphing features. For more information, you could browse the code base at http://bitbucket.org/rexdb/ and https://github.com/prometheusresearch

Of course, it's great if you could join our core team in New Haven, CT. Since most of our company is remote, you will need to work independently, and, love to write succinct analysis and usage documentation.

Thanks in advance for dropping us a note at hn-201407@prometheusresearch.com - Clark

London, UK - Intern or Junior Developer - Laravel PHP

We are a web development company with a few SaaS apps. We need someone to join our team and work on Laravel 4 projects. This includes new and existing products, so you would be involved in the full development life-cycle.

Experience You don't need any formal work experience or training, but you must have knowledge in the following areas: - Laravel 4 - MySQL - HTML5 and CSS

Some experience of the following would be preferred (but not essential): - Jquery - Git version control

We're based in London and we are looking for someone on site. UK/EU candidates only please.

We are looking for someone to start immediately.

We have a very relaxed working environment (want to come to work in shorts, no problem!), flexible working hours (work when you want) and a super friendly team.

Send any questions to jon[at]accountsportal[dot]com

Google - Mountain View, CA or REMOTE Cloud Platform Solutions Architects


Are you a person who likes defining and designing products that solve real problems? Do you have experience in product management in the enterprise software space, particularly in the area of cloud computing? Do you want to come up with innovative solutions to problems that affect some of the largest companies and industries globally? Do you want to join one of the fastest growing groups within Google and make a huge difference? If you answered "yes" to all these questions, let’s talk.


URL: https://www.google.com/about/careers/search#!t=jo&jid=384650...

Podio - https://podio.com - Copenhagen, Denmark (REMOTE possible, international OK)

Millions of people all over the world are trapped using archaic tools and unfriendly software to get their work done. We want to change that.

We're hiring for multiple positions (https://jobs.podio.com), but specifically we're looking for a

* Site Reliability Engineer

When things go right, you'll play a crucial role in the rapid development and deployment of features. And when things go wrong, you'll help us recover and build even safer services.


VCE is hiring unicorn jockeys globally: http://UnicornJockey.com

VCE is a privately held company, formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel, in order to accelerates the adoption of converged infrastructure.

Mediafly is hiring passionate backend, frontend, and QA engineers in Chicago to grow our team. We have pioneered Mobile Apps as a Service for some of the largest F500 customers in the world, and are looking to grow our team to match our incredible revenue growth.

Backend engineer: http://www.mediafly.com/careers/back-end-engineer/

Frontend engineer: http://www.mediafly.com/careers/front-end-engineer/

QA engineer: http://www.mediafly.com/careers/qa-engineer/

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Fitbit - San Francisco, CA - https://www.fitbit.com/jobs

We're hiring in a lot of areas, but I'm focused on Site Operations, where I'm the principal engineer.

Our application stack is based mostly in Java, however most of our operations automation is developed in Python. The major components we use daily are Ubuntu/Linux, MySQL, Redis, Neo4j, Solr, logstash, Kibana, Graphite, collectd, StatsD, Nagios, Tomcat, Fabric, Jenkins, Git, JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Cassandra, Puppet, HAProxy, Nginx and Ansible. We leverage mostly externally hosted bare metal servers, with some virtualization thrown into the mix.

Feel free to contact me (Fitbit email in my profile) with any questions you have.

Monroe MI - Full time - Onsite preferred, remote possible.

Senior Linux Administrator

We're looking for a highly skilled Linux Admin. We perform 24x7 system monitoring and maintenance for a wide variety of clients -- ranging from single server customers, to 100's of systems at multiple locations.

We have recently launched http://MNX.io a 100% SSD cloud hosting solutions and are highly interested if you have OnApp, or Openstack experience.

Send me an email nick at mnx io and introducing yourself, including why you think this position would be a good fit for you. If you have a resume available, please include it.

More detail available at http://www.mnxsolutions.com/jobs

Scribie.com - Bangalore, India

Position: Head of Marketing, full time.

We are an Mturk like system dedicated for audio/video transcription where you can get high quality transcripts of your interviews, meetings, dictations, lectures, podcasts etc. We have a four stage process where the initial work is done by our freelance certified transcribers, which is then QA'ed by our in-house team. We have achieved a good product-market fit and are poised for high growth.

The primary job responsibility is to drive revenue growth. We are looking to grow faster than our historical growth rate of 50% y-o-y. The aim is to dominate the market we're in and take the pole position. We are looking for someone up to this challenge.

If interested, please drop me a note at rajiv@scribie.com.

Bleacher Report, San Francisco - http://bleacherreport.com

We are a sports media site that is revolutionizing journalism. We are the 2nd largest sports site (right behind ESPN) and a top 30 web site, reaching 80 million unique users per month. We love technology, we love to learn, and we love to have fun.

We are primarily a Ruby shop, but as we implement a service oriented architecture, we use increasingly diverse technologies. These technologies include Rails, Node.js, Redis, PostgreSQL, Backbone, Marionette, Docker, DynamoDB, Elastic MapReduce, Redshift, and more.

See our listings at http://eng.bleacherreport.com/jobs

www.Tanda.co - Brisbane, Australia.

We automate paper timesheets. And the many many benefits that come with that - we spend a lot of our time playing with real time data (using Firebase more recently) to help customers visualise ways of improving their businesses.

You might like working here if:

- You love data, and finding good ways of presenting and learning from very specific data sets - You want to work in a fast growing, bootstrapped, profitable team - You're keen on our tech stack - described in our formal job posting, http://m.seek.com.au/job/26755531 - You're in Brisbane or able to come here - You love accounting (hah! but seriously)

Get in touch on alex@tanda.co or via Seek!

Coinbase - San Francisco, CA (REMOTE, INTERN, VISA) http://www.coinbase.com

We're looking for full-stack engineers, two executive assistants, compliance investigators, sales and BD, recruiting staff, as well as other roles.

Check out http://www.coinbase.com/careers for a list of the roles and to apply.

Coinbase is a platform that facilitates the easy conduct of the digital currency Bitcoin for consumers and merchants. This includes the buying and selling of Bitcoin, secure storage of Bitcoin in the cloud, and a suite of merchant tools.

We've raised over $30M from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures and grown from 8 to 33 full time employees this year.

Here are some of the things we're building: - Storing hundreds of millions of dollars of people's money securely, with the best hackers in the world probing your systems daily - Integrating fiat money connections into dozens of different countries and providers, the KYC checks that come with this, error handling, race conditions and arbitrage people use to try to abuse it - Building wallets across many platforms, mobile, web, sms, etc, dealing with offline/online situations, different devices, and cultural UI differences around money - Using cryptography in novel ways both offline and online, such as our cold storage solution which makes use of key splitting - Our own custom bitcoin client, which transmits binary data across a distributed system to 100+ peers at any given time, and runs across 15 different servers to accommodate over 1M users now on the platform and will need to scale to 20M users in the next year or two, and implement each new BIP protocol as it is adopted.

If you're an engineer and want to get a head start in the application process, check out our test here: http://istest.co/coinbasecodetest

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at jobs@coinbase.com.

Slickdeals - Las Vegas, NV

Slickdeals is the nation’s largest and most trusted community sharing deals, coupons and product reviews with over 8 million unique visitors per month. We’ve been around since 1999!


Mobile Product Manager (full-time, no remote, relocation)


The community and site are rapidly expanding and Slickdeals is looking for a Mobile Product Manager to build and grow our mobile platform. Currently, we’ve got over a million downloads of our apps, across Android and iOS devices in a little over a year.

- Owning the mobile products for Slickdeals across multiple devices

- Forward thinking product planning and product design that delivers a cohesive experience across mobile and web

- Developing a comprehensive mobile product roadmap to deliver on business goals

- Working with internal stakeholders and customers to answer questions, gather insights, and bring new features and offers to production

- Managing the product development process from design, development, integration and testing


Web Developer (full-time, no remote, relocation)


- Designing, developing, testing, and debugging web applications for the Slickdeals website.

- Integrating new solutions into our existing platforms using either custom code or APIs.

- Optimizing and maintaining existing code/applications.

- Maintaining thorough documentation of all programs and procedures.

- Participating in code review and design.

Wingify - http://wingify.com/ -- Delhi, India

^^^ Look at our About Us page to know what sort of a company are we ^^^

We make Visual Website Optimizer. VWO is an intuitive platform for websites to increase online sales and conversions by enabling marketers to constantly test and tweak the marketing funnel and run personalized one-to-one campaigns in minutes

We're hiring for following full time positions in Delhi:

- Software Engineer (mobile)

- Software Engineer (systems)

- Software Engineer (frontend)

- Software Engineer (backend)

- Product Managers

We're also looking to close senior executive level positions for engineering and product teams.

To apply, http://wingify.com/careers or send your CV to careers@wingify.com

Memset Hosting Ltd - http://www.memset.com/ - Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey (UK) - Permanent

If you're an experienced Python developer willing to solve interesting problems and you're not afraid of releasing high impact code every day, then we'd like to hear from you.

Required: fluency in Python, familiarity with Subversion or any other SCM, web front-end development experience with Django and happy to work on your own without excessive supervision.

We're also looking for DevOps and system administrators.

Further details about us and the open positions: http://www.memset.com/careers/

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