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This title is neither descriptive nor neutral. The title in the page itself seems to be: "PSLV-C23 [Successfully] Launches French Earth Observation Satellite[- SPOT 7] and four other co-passenger satellites[ from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota]"

I've put in brackets the parts of the title that I think can be omitted without loss of context. If changing the headline, I imagine adding something like, "Indian Space Organization's PSLV...." to the beginning of that headline is best.

You're right: the submitted title ("Indian Space workhorse PSLV delivers again") was badly editorialized. Submitters: doing that violates the HN guidelines. If it's necessary to change a title (because it's linkbait or misleading), please ensure that the title is accurate and neutral.

In this case the content itself has changed as the satellites were launched, so we've updated the title again.

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